DabiTen is the slash ship between Dabi and Geten from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Although the two are commanders for the Violet Regiment they've shown little interaction between each other after the fight between the League of Villains and Meta Liberation Army.

Before Alliance

Geten was given the role to handle Dabi by the grand commander of the Meta Liberation Army, Re-Destro as he knew Geten was the only one capable to handle Dabi's troublesome meta ability (quirk).

As the League of Villains strolls into Deika City they're ambushed by members of the Meta Liberation Army and are separated in order to deal with the members. As the league is having their own battles Geten tries to crush Dabi with two huge ice gauntlets but fails as Dabi avoids the attack. Confused, Geten asked why Dabi didn't use his meta ability as of yet since Geten believes there is something wrong with it, however Dabi ignores Geten's comment about his quirk and knows that he has an advantage since fire melts ice he thought.

The two begin their battle as Dabi attacks Geten with his flames sending his opponent falling to the ground, but luckily Geten multiples ice from nearby buildings that contain ice to save himself from hitting the ground. They both continue their brawl and Geten adds on that he has been training all his life to have such a powerful meta ability and skipped school to continue his training, Geten claims he has been training far than any pro hero and Dabi comments that's just a sad life. Geten comments back saying that Dabi's fire is very weak to deal with his ice as Geten is able to control all ice, even the temperature.

The fight continues until Gigantomachia enters Deika City and Geten flees from his fight with Dabi in order to protect the grand commander from Gigantomachia with his ice but is instead sent flying along with his Ice. Later both Dabi and Geten (as well seven others) are proclaimed to be nine lieutenants in the new alliance of the League of Villains and Meta Liberation Army which merged into the Paranormal Liberation Front.



Geten Unhooded Profile

Geten without his hood.

Fans theorize that Geten is possibly related to Dabi as he's theorized to be Toya Todoroki. Due to this Geten was shown to be looking slightly like Toya's mother, Rei Todoroki as they share somewhat similar facial features.


Before Geten's gender was revealed to be male, Geten would be mostly female in fanfictions with Dabi and share a love-hate type of relationship or enemies to lovers. But usually, they tend to be explicit.

Geten tends to be portrayed to be tsundere, meanwhile Dabi is shown to like annoying Geten. But mostly these works show more of Geten taking care of Dabi's burns from his quirk by cooling him with ice or Dabi taking care of the frostbite on Geten's skin by warming him up with his body or fire.

DabiTen is the most written ship for Geten on AO3.



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  • Dabi and Geten serve together as one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front.
  • Geten dubs Dabi as "blueflame", meanwhile Dabi nicknames Geten as "icy punk".


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