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Dadrius is the family ship between Hunter and Darius Deamonne from The Owl House fandom.


Hunter and Darius first knew each other as fellow coven heads who are loyal to Belos. When Hunter went to be part of a meeting with the main coven leaders in "Any Sport in a Storm," however, Darius coldly tells him that the meeting was postponed. Darius seemed very cold and uncaring towards Hunter when he told him this, along with going as far as to mock and bully Hunter and even makes the young Golden Guard question his worth. Darius takes Hunter's cloak, that Hunter recently tried to add the old Golden Guard sigil onto the back of it. The sight of the sigil and taking the time to mock Hunter's lack of sowing skills is what gets him to tell Hunter that Darius's mentor, the previous Golden Guard was his predecessor. Who was able to do magic while Hunter cannot, as it adds salt to the injury that the Abomination Coven Head inflicted upon Hunter with his words. Darius then proceeds to tell Hunter that he doesn't deserve to wear the cloak after Hunter tries to defend himself. As Darius begins to walk away, Hunter calls out to him as he asks Darius how he can earn it back, Darius shrugs and says he doesn't know, but he does give him the subjection to find new recruits or something. Determent to earn his cloak back and the title it gives him, Hunter decides to take up on Darius's subjection to find and bring him those new recruits by going undercover at Hexside.

After finding some Hexside students through the flyer derby team he joined, Hunter calls Darius on the Crow to inform him that he found new recruits. Darius on the other hand wasn't placed by Hunter's and questions him on how he was able to get his hands on his number, only for Hunter to brush Darius's question off. As Hunter tells Darius that he has found the new recruits just like Darius told him to, Darius mentions that he only told Hunter that in order to get him to leave him alone. He then got himself ready to pick up those recruits, while Hunter is helping them to win the match. When Darius comes to collect the new recruits he gives Hunter his cloak back telling him to take it and to stop bothering him, Hunter asks him if he can wear it proudly and Darius questions Hunter about it, from the way he had tricked and got the young witches captured for it, before leaving him. It wasn't long before Hunter realises the mistake he made and goes to save Emerald Entrails from Darius. This has Hunter confronting Darius, before and the airship crashed, while him choosing the Emerald Entrails over the Golden Guard cloak has Hunter give it back to Darius, for not being worthy to wear it. After Hunter helps the Emerald Entrails escape he is then confronted by Darius who seems mad that Hunter for befriending the young Hexside witches and disobeying him. Hunter closes his eyes, fearing that he was going to hurt him when Darius lifts his arm up expecting to be hit, but much to his surprise (and the surprise of the audience) Darius gives him a head pat. Darius smiles at Hunter as he tells him that he is impressed and he had been wrong about Hunter. Darius then reveals that he was just going to drop the kids off at Hexside, as he believes that they have enough recruits. Darius then gives Hunter a phone going on about how Hunter was 16 and it was about time that he made connections outside the castle. He also gives Hunter back his cloak and then uses his witch to properly sow the sigil onto the back of it, before he tells Hunter that he still could use a sowing lesson. Darius had also told Hunter that he doesn't magic to be a good Golden Guard, along with Darius having no intention to inform Belos of today's events or the existence of Hunter's secret palisman.

Unknown to Hunter in the events of "Hollow Mind," Darius was secretly part of a group of rebel witches who want to stop the Day of Unity. To help them gain a better understanding of it the three prepare to go into Belos's mind, only to have the young Golden Guard arriving to apprehended the three, not long after Darius had placed a potion for the spell onto the ground and wasn't able to pick it back up when they made their escape. This accidently led to Hunter stepping on it and getting himself and Luz transported into the Emperor's mind. When Darius and his allies stood nearby the Owl House he learns that Hunter was trapped in the Belos's mind when he heard Hooty mention an angry blond kid who was also trapped to Hunter's palisman, as it gets Darius to nearly charge towards the house in a panic, only to be stopped by Raine who was able to form a plan to save both Hunter and Luz. While within the mindscape, Hunter notices that Darius seems sad in a picture of when he became the Golden Guard, as he voiced his question on the matter outload.

"Clouds on the Horizon" reveals that sometime between the lead up events to the episode, Darius and Hunter were somehow able to get in contact with one another. From how it was Hunter who tells Luz that Darius had tasked him to serve as Luz's security escort during her mission to save her girlfriend. While Darius and the C.A.T.s go to stop the Day of Unity, only to fail in "King's Tide." Once Hunter found Darius unconscious on the ground, he runs to his side to see if he was okay and tried to wake him up by calling his name, but his mission to save Luz has him leaving Darius's side. What happened to Darius after the Collector ended the Eclipse to stop the draining spell is unknown, while Hunter ends up being trapped in the human realm with his friends. Preventing him from knowing if Darius is alright or not.


Dadrius became popular after he was shown to care about Hunter, the fandom was still a bit weary of Darius' true attentions after "Any Sport in a Storm" but most doubt seemed to have gone after "Hollow Mind" was released. After "Hollow Mind" was released there have been countless memes about the one scene where Darius finds out Hunter is also trapped in the Emperor's mind. Despite what it might seem, fans have not forgotten how Darius treated Hunter at first and most fans want Darius to rectify it before officially becoming a parent figure to Hunter. Some fans have also pointed out that it seems to be going down the route of Darius being Hunter's dad or at least guardian in the show as it wouldn't make sense to include snippets of Hunter and Darius bonding if nothing was going to come out of it. A lot of fans want more Darius and Hunter content and almost consider it canon that Darius is going to be Hunter's adoptive father. Because of the way Hunter was treated by Belos and emotional scars he left him with, it got fans to think that Darius would make a better parent figure to Hunter than Belos ever once.

After Darius mentioned his mentor who was the predecessor Golden Guard before Hunter, it got fans to wonder if Darius's mentor was the reason for the ways he had treated Hunter. As there could be a chance that Darius and the predecessor GG might have been close friends or possibly lovers than just mentor and mentee, from the fund way Darius had spoke of him. Explaining why Darius was sad when Hunter took his place, possibly leaving Darius to become resentful towards Hunter and because Grimwalkers are clones it got fans to wonder if Hunter has the same face as Darius's mentor, giving us another possible expansion to the cold way Darius had first treated Hunter, as he might had hated the way that his late mentor's young replacement has the same face as him. Making Hunter a painful reminder. Are is also a possible chance that Darius might had discovered what happened to the past Golden Guards and wanted to ensure that Hunter doesn't suffer the same fate. Meaning that the cold way he treated Hunter might had been an act to hide his concerns or was simply afraid to become close with another Golden Guard. From how "Hollow Mind" revealed that Belos has destroyed many of the past GGs who betrayed him. Hinting that Darius's reasons for rebelling could also be connected to his mentor. Some fanfics and comics of Darius taking Hunter in has him seeing the ghost of his mentor, who asks Darius to take care of Hunter.

Due to the way Darius was near the Owl House when Hunter ran out of it at the end of "Hollow Mind," it inspired many fans to write fanfics and comics about Darius finding the panicked Hunter and taking him under his wing after he manages to reassures him that he has no intention to return him back to Belos. Similar to way that fans had first wanted the Owl House Family to take Hunter in and keeping him safe from the Emperor. That is why some fans there disappointed when "Labyrinth Runner" revealed that Hunter didn't end up with Darius. Even though "Clouds on the Horizon" did reveal that Darius was somehow able to find Hunter and that the two are still on good, trusting terms. Along with "King's Tide" showing that Hunter does care about Darius, making him the family that Hunter gets separated from at the end of season two. That is why fans are hoping that season three would have Darius survive the draining spell and the chaos of the Collector, so he and Hunter can be reunited and become a family. After Darius's late name was revealed and the hope of Darius adopting Hunter, it got fans to wonder if Hunter would end up taking Darius's name. Just as King had took Eda's.

Because of Darius's words to Hunter about him needing a sowing lesson, it had inspired a few fans to draw or write about Darius giving Hunter that lesson. Along with featuring the two sharing some father and son-like moments, like giving him dating advice, promising him that Belos would never harm him again and telling Hunter stories about his mentor. Making Darius Hunter's dad version of Eda. As there have been a few fans who have Darius and Eda arguing about which one of them is the better parent and how Hunter should be raised and cared for. Due to the occasions Hunter and Belos have been paralleled with Zuko and Ozai from Avatar: The Last Airbender, it could have fans feature Darius as Iroh.



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