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Dagur“I can't believe we ever argued.”
Mala“Nor can I, Dagur the Deranged.”
— Dagur and Mala bonding, "Chain of Command"

Dagala is the het ship between Dagur and Mala from the How to Train Your Dragon fandom.


Both Dagur and Mala's tribes have a dragon, a Skrill and Eruptodon, as their mark, and have at first had a hostile relationship with Hiccup and his friends until they become allies. Male's tribe protect and worship dragons, while Dagur had began to see them in a kinder light after he left the Dragon Hunters, before they had attacked Mala's home island. Around that time, Mala had met and befriended Dagur's younger sister Heather.

The two eventually meet each other in the events of "Chain of Command", where they didn't get along with each other and the long wait for Hiccup and the Wingmaidens' arrival didn't help. Since they needed Dagur and Mala to get along in order for their alliance against the Dragon Hunters, the already attending Dragon Riders work to help them over come their differences. After their first a few attempts failed, Ruffnut and Tuffnut's late plan did allow Dagur and Mala to see each other in a new light. Which got the two to wonder why they had even began to argue with each other earlier on.

Due to the traditions of Mala's tribe, she has Dagur go through a get of challenges that will give him the right to make him her king. After Dagur passes all of them, the two made their way to Dragon's Edge so they can tell the dragon riders the happy news of their engagement. Dagur was worried about it at first, but after telling Hiccup how Mala makes him feel helps Dagur to clam his worries. After the Dragon Hunters were defeated and the Dragon King under Dagur's home island, as well as its egg, were safe from them, Dagur and Mala have their wedding. That Dagur shaved for, and had his first dragon as their ring bearer. Since Mala's tribe defends dragons and it makes sense to have Shattermaster be apart of their wedding.


Chain of Command

Dagur“I can't believe we ever argued.”
Mala“Nor can I, Dagur the Deranged.”
— Dagur and Mala finally getting along with each other.

Mi Amore Wing

Mala“We have an important announcement, Hiccup Haddock.”
Dagur“I just finished the Defenders of the Wing King Trials. Nailed it! ”
Mala“We are getting married.”
—Dagur and Mala's announcement to the Dragon Riders, Mi Amore Wing


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After the two became an official couple in the DreamWorks Dragon series on Netflix, a few How to Train Your Dragon fans began to support the canon ship.

On AO3, however, the ship only has 18 fanfics.



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