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“From this, the little girl’s frightened heart felt a little more at ease. When Anya squeezed Damian’s right hand, the boy appeared shocked for a moment before looking away. It’s almost as if Damian’s hand does have a superpower. Her hand isn’t shaking anymore… It’s warm.”
— SPY x FAMILY: Family Portrait (Light Novel)[1]

DamiAnya is the het ship between Damian Desmond and Anya Forger from the Spy x Family fandom.


Damian Desmond is the second son of Donovan Desmond and attends Eden Academy as part of Cecile Hall, Group 3. Damian is a child with an arrogant and rude personality, caused by him being the second son of Donovan Desmond, the chairman of the National Unity Party, a group important and powerful enough to threaten world peace. This caused Damian to gain a highly respected status among his peers and made him incredibly arrogant.

Damian meeting Anya for the first time.

For Phase 2 of Operation Strix, Anya has to gain membership in the Imperial Scholars or get close to the son of Twilight's target, Damian. Loid has no faith in Anya's academic skills and he gives up on her becoming an academician. The easiest option seems to make Anya and Damian friends. Loid then secretly arranges for Anya to be put into the same class as the son of his target. It proves to be not an easy task, given the way their first encounter plays out. When Anya stares at Damian, he arrogantly assumes she's fallen for him. Anya, after hearing his thoughts on the exact moment, decides to ignore him. Damian thinks she is cute and assumes she is playing "hard to get".

On the school tour, Damian, along with Emile and Ewen, brags about being able to become an Imperial Scholar soon and his father being the chairman of the National Unity Party, quickly gaining the admiration of his classmates, except Anya and Becky Blackbell. He approaches Anya, asking about her father's occupation. Damian calls her a peasant for not coming from a super-rich family, and mocks the job of her father for not being important enough. Anya is not happy, but she remembers the words of Yor, saying that she shoud smile in those types of situations. Damian becomes angry by Anya's smile, quickly resorting to insulting her with his limited vocabulary.

He starts harassing Anya by throwing crumpled paper balls at her. At first, Anya holds back, but after he threatens to bully Anya out of school, she ends up punching him after learning that trick with Yor, sending him flying into a chair and some trash bins. He is left with an imprint of a fist on his cheek and begins crying. To avoid a penalty of possible expulsion from the school, Anya makes a excuse, saying that she punched him after he stepped on Becky's foot, and she wanted to protect her new friend. Becky is touched, but Damian's followers don't believe in her lie. Henry Henderson informs his parents of what happend, and then informs Anya's family. Loid, after the news, is concerned by the state of his mission. Damian is not seen in the group photo from the school taken afterward in that day.

Loid informs Anya that she should apologize for Damian after the incident. In the next day, Anya encounters Damian and his followers again. Damian is staring deeply at her with an angry expression, his face blushing. She attempts to apologize for the previous day as she had promised her father, but Becky pulls Anya away. In class, Damian continues to stare at Anya from behind, getting angry about her being the only person to have ever hit him and how nobody has ever challenged him before, not even his own brother. When Anya stares back at him, he turns away blushing slightly.

At the school cafeteria, Anya approaches Damian to apologize to him. Getting up to face her, he is confused at being tongue-tied and his heart beating faster whenever she looks at him, his face blushing again. When Anya apologizes to him in tears, Damian is touched and his face turns entirely red, making an excuse that it's anger. Embarrassed, he reminds himself that Anya defied him, but starts imagining Anya staring right into his eyes. Denying his crush on a "commoner," he adamantly refuses to ever forgive her for as long as he lives and dashes off, blushing.

Stella Star Arc

Damian protecting Anya

During the dodgeball match in the physical education period, Damian and his group briefly argue with Becky again. Although shocked by Anya walking away from him, he turns away, focused on getting MVP in the dodgeball match instead to earn a Stella Star. He reveals that his motivation to become an Imperial Scholar like his brother is to get his father's attention. Damian is the first to throw the ball and sends it flying at the students of Wald Hall, but his throw is intercepted by Bill Watkins. He banters with Bill briefly.

After Bill eliminates several of his classmates, their team is left with only five students, with Damian left standing with Anya, Ewen, Emile, and one other unnamed student. While Damian tries to think of a weakness, Emile and Ewen sacrifice themselves to protect Damian from being hit by Billy. Damian is determined to make an impression by being the one left standing, apathetic about others being hit. Damian praises Anya after she dodges several hits. After Anya trips and falls, Damian initially thinks to abandon her but is able to intercept the ball with his hands, though it leaves his hands shaking and unable to grab the ball, eliminating him. Damian is confused at his actions and tells Anya not to mess up. At the end of the dodgeball match, Damian gets angry at Anya for wasting his sacrifice with an awful throw.

Doggy Crisis Arc

After Anya gets a Stella Star, she arrives at school proudly wearing it in her chest. Several students begin talking in awe about how she was apparently the fastest student to get a Stella Star, and Becky says that she could get alot of friends for this. Thinking about her mission, an image of Damian asking her to become friends pops into Anya's mind, but he simply greets her by telling her to not get too full of herself before walking off which disappoints Anya.

Becky and Anya head to their class where the students immediately begin to badmouth Anya for wearing her Stella Star in class, thinking that it was fake. Damian tells them that Eden Academy isn't a third-rate school that would give out Stella Stars without merit. The girls worriedly try to take back their words before Damian cuts them off telling them to transfer if they have a problem with Eden. However, these words only hurt Damian because he knows that he has lost to Anya. Later that day, Anya asks Damian if he had a dog. He shrugs off the question but Anya reads his mind and sees him playing with his dog Max. She decides to get a dog after that, and when she ends up getting one some time later, she returns to Damian to tell it in his face. Damian shrugs it off again and Anya gets super dissapointed at his reply. His friends praise him for "laying a commoner" with his words, and Damian, asking to himself if what he said was that mean, turns to Anya to ask for her dog's name. Anya, surprised, starts smiling big, and Damian starts blushing at the sight. However, she didn't have a name for the dog yet and Damian walks away saying she was unfit to own a pet if she didn't even have a name for them.

Midterm Exams Arc

Damian showing his score to Anya, while doing her iconic face

Anya sees Damian and has a plan to befriend him. Yesterday, she had a family photo taken with Bond Forger so that she could impress Damian with her huge dog. She drops the photo on the ground and brings attention to it. However, Damian and his gang just walk away, ignoring her. In the arts and crafts project, they sit at the same table, and to impress him, Anya decides to create a model of Bond to show off to Damian. Damian is disappointed in it though and calls it garbage which puts Anya into despair. Still, she decides to help him in his own project which makes him blush. The art project didn't end up like they expected, but it still ended up winning first prize due to the people who saw it thinking it was a powerful vision of the nation's rebound from war. Anya tells Damian that his parents will probably be proud, but Damian tells her that he has no intention of showing the art to his parents. Damian later in a call with Jeeves is about to tell about their art project, but asks instead about what was his father's response to when Anya punched him. Jeeves says that he was worried and Damian doesn't believe him. In chapter 26 he brags to Anya the results of his quiz where he got 91% points. In chapter 27, Anya placed at 213th out of 228 students on her tests. Damian makes an attempt at consoling her by stating she didn't fail in any of the subjects before leaving. In chapter 29, Anya comes to Damian's defense after his incident with George. He blushes at her, and Becky squeals believing this was some romantic moment between them.

Damian playing against Anya in chapter 42.

In chapter 36, Becky helps Anya get new clothes so she can impress Damian. At the end of the chapter, they end up with matching clothes and acessories, and the plan worked out, since Damian stares at them in awe. At Chapter 42, they race against eachother to eat some limited macarons in the dining hall. George gets them, and he proposes a battle in a game of cards between the five kids so they can get the four macarons. Anya wins the first round, but Damian says that she is cheating, and starts to think that she is a telepath. Anya decides to make mistakes on purpose so he won't find the truth about her being one. In the last round, Damian is about to win the game, but Anya starts crying. Damian is surprised, and at the end, he ends up picking the joker, eventually losing the game. Anya later on offers half of the macaron for him, but he rejects it, blushing furiously.

Light Novel

In the official light novel, "SPY x FAMILY: Family Portrait", the first chapter is dedicated to Anya going on a camping trip with her class. While on the trip, Anya gets assigned to the same group as Damian. The two keep quarreling, though Anya is determined to befriend Damian for the mission. So while they are on the way to fetch water together, Anya expresses joy that she gets to go with Damian. He gets flustered, but tells himself that Anya is like everyone else and only wants to be friends to get close to his father.

Due to Anya messing up directions, the two get lost in the forest. The trail she left, made of peanuts, had also been eaten by squirrels. Damian complaints how idiotic Anya was, but as she starts to cry, he panics and tries to calm her down by telling her that they'll find the way back.

Just as he says that, it starts to rain. Since Anya is still crying, Damian grabs her hand and leads her to a cave they passed. They sit down next to each other when suddenly lightning and thunder appear too. Anya begins to sob again, so Damian holds her hand tighter and reassures her, though Anya can tell that he is scared as well. She notes that her hand feels warm.

When they're finally found, Anya takes the blame for getting them lost, but Damian speaks up and wants to take full responsibility. Shortly after, the two go back to their normal quarreling. After being asked by Loid if she had fun on the trip, Anya recalls the warmth of holding hands with Damian as one of the good memories.


  • Damian thinks Anya is cute.
  • When Anya starts a conversation with the other kids in her class about octo-people, Damian is the only one who was actually listening to her.
  • Damian takes full responsibility for Anya when they get lost in the light novel, saying he was the one who affirmed her directions. Anya looks at him doe-eyed and he abruptly turns away.
  • Anya also thinks to herself that she wants to get praised by Damian in the light novel after she used food to keep track of where they are.
  • Despite being scared of the thunder, Damian also tries to protect Anya in the cave they are in.
  • Damian is constantly getting flustered at Anya.
  • There are multiple occasions where Damian comes to Anya's defence in troublesome situations.
  • Damian and Anya also mock each other.
  • Anya only really tries to be Damian’s friend (go for Plan B) once he shows his nice side to her once she protects her from Dodgeball.
  • Damian seems to have a weakness for Anya when she is crying. He started to blush when she cried after she apologized to him for punching him, and he lost the card game once she started crying.
  • Damian has faith in Anya's skills in the dodgeball game after she punched him and showed how strong she is.
  • Damian admits he doesn't really hate Anya after Loid said he would like them to get along.
  • Anya prevented Damian from getting expelled.



“You must think she hates you, but I suspect that's not the case. I'd be much obliged if you would try to get along with her.”
— Loid to Damian
“Why do I always get so tongue-tied when she looks at me? Why does my heart start beating so loud?”
— Damian in chapter 9.
“Yeah... She looked right at me and... right into my eyes... N-No! It's not like that! Shut up, stupid heart! I mean, come on! Me and some common girl? No way!”
— Damian in chapter 9.
Anya“I will avenge Damian’s death… his sacrifice won’t be in vain!”
Damian“Stop pretending I’m dead!”
— Episode 10
Anya“You... protected me? Are you nice?”
Damian“N-no! I was... tired of him picking us off! So I tried to catch the ball!”
— Damian after he protected Anya from the ball.

Light Novel

“Damian will DEFINITELY reveal all his lovey-dovey feelings for you, Anya!”
— Becky speaking about Damian[1]
“Becky glanced at Anya, who raised her hand to her heart, trying to contain her anger. While she didn’t understand what they were talking about, she thrived in the drama that was happening. Sighhh, love is so beautiful. But when will these two put behind their anger, and be true to their feelings? They’re just like the couple in “Berlint in Love” - so frustrating!”
— Becky thinking about Damian and Anya's relationship
“I’m really happy I get to go with you. I gotta thank Becky later.”
— Anya about Damian[1]
“W…what’s with this girl? I only agreed to help her…because if she gets expelled, then it’ll be troublesome for me too… There’s no way I… she…”
— Damian about Anya[1]
“When asked that question, the memories of the past two days passed through Anya’s mind. There were trees, flowers, birds, and insects she had never seen before. And the biggest rainbow ever that appeared after the rain. And getting to enjoy the delicious pot-a-feu with everyone. And stargazing in the night sky with everyone. And talking with Becky while eating sweets in their tent at night. And lastly, the warmth of her left hand being grasped tightly by…”
— Anya thinking of holding hands with Damian as one of the good memories[1]


On the left, it’s how it really looks like. On the right it’s Damian’s POV

DamiAnya is one of the most popular ships in the Spy x Family fandom. Some people on the fandom don't view them as romantic due to Damian's attitude towards Anya at first and the fact that they are both still minors. Because of this, it's common to see fan works where both characters are aged up. On AO3, DamiAnya currently has 200+ works. DamiAnya is commonly shipped alongside TwiYor.

Since the release of the Spy x Family anime, fans have noticed that Anya looks prettier from Damian's point of view. Because of this, some have paralleled DamiAnya with EreMika from Attack on Titan since Mikasa looks prettier from Eren's point of view. Fans of this pairing also have made comparisons to SakuSyao, due to the fact that both pairings include a tsundere boy and a clueless girl.



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  • Anya tends to call Damian “Sy-on boy,” sy-on being a messed up pronounication of "scion."
  • Damian is 10cm taller than Anya. He is 3′7″ tall, while Anya is 3'2".
  • They both have cartoons as one of their favorite things, Anya liking spy cartoons to be more specific.
  • At the release of episode 7 of the Spy x Family anime, DamiAnya (ダミアニャ) started to trend on Japanese twitter. The manga author, Tatsuya Endo, posted a sketch of Anya to celebrate in their official twitter account.
  • They have been selected as one of the top couples of the Spring 2022 Anime Season.[2]


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