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Dansen is the femslash ship between Alex and Kelly from the Supergirl fandom.


Alex and Kelly meet under dire circumstances, when Kelly arrives at the hospital after James has been shot. Kelly arrives as the doctor is barring Alex, Brainy and Nia from making any decisions on James's behalf as they are not family, and Kelly tells the doctor to grant them access, that they are James's family. Alex goes in to see James, whom Kelly is watching over and thanks Kelly for giving them access, imparting how important James is to them all. James starts crashing and they're sent out of the room. The doctor tells Kelly that James is bleeding internally and that surgery may damage his spinal cord, but that he'll die without surgery. Kelly tells them to go ahead with the operation, but Alex informs her that the Harun-El's properties could heal James, but that it's not ready yet. Kelly's not willing to postpone surgery and risk James's life, nor is she willing to risk it with Lena's possible cure. Alex tries to convince Kelly, but Kelly stands her ground that she only knows of Lena from their bad break-up and the Luthor family history. Alex tries to tell Kelly that the Luthors' crimes have no bearing on Lena, and, in wanting to help James, oversteps.

Alex later brings Kelly apology-Jello and Kelly forgives her, saying she gets that Alex just cares about James so much. Alex notes Kelly's resolve in the harrowing situation and surmises that Kelly may be military, which she confirms. They talk a bit about James's character and how many times Kelly has had to come to the hospital because of James's vicinity to Superman. When Kara arrives, she and Kelly hug and Kelly leaves for a bit with J'onn, seeing that Kara and Alex need to talk. When the power goes out during James's surgery, Kelly is scared at what might happen to him. Alex asks Kelly to trust her and let Lena try and administer the Harun-El, which Lena does, successfully and James recovers.[1]


Fandom has taken well to the new ship, despite a faction still unhappy with the ending that Sanvers got. Some feel the relationship was a bit rushed, as Kelly landed on the scene and almost immediately was Alex's love interest, but overall it has been well-received and is liked by the fandom.



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Notes and references

  1. O Brother, Where Art Thou? (415)

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