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“That was you. You filled my heart. And no matter where I go you will always be in it”
— Kara

Danvers Sisters is the familyship between Kara and Alex from the Supergirl fandom.


In 2005, Kara Zor-El lands on Earth after being stranded in the Phantom Zone for 26 years. Kal-El has grown up and finds her as soon as she lands, taking her to live with a family that can be trusted.[1] Here, Kara meets their 16-year-old daughter, Alex, and the first night Kara stays with her new family, Kara and Alex go on a secret flight together, with Kara carrying Alex. As they start getting used to their new family life, Alex is kind of annoyed at suddenly having to share her parents' attention with an adopted sibling. Alex is also typically teen-embarrassed at Kara's actions, seeing as Kara takes some time adjusting to Earth's customs.

Their parents ask Alex to be nice to Kara and take Kara under her wing as Kara becomes familiar with life on Earth, but Alex is annoyed at having Kara either follow her around at school, given that Kara is also 3 years younger than Alex, or having to stop Kara from exposing her powers to other kids at school. When Kara's been on Earth for a while, she saves people who are in a car crash and, risking exposure, their Dad Jeremiah asks her never to use her powers, providing her conflict with Alex another layer of Kara feeling like she has to hide a part of her identity. After one of Kara's only friends and crush, Kenny Li, was killed, Kara asked Alex for her help and together they uncovered the real murderer, an experience which gave Alex a deeper understanding of how estranged Kara felt from Earth and brought them together as siblings.[2]


To begin with Alex studies medicine and is a somewhat unhappy adult. She drinks a lot and gets into bad situations, acting out as she had to be the responsible older sister and protector of Kara always, whereas Kara goes to school and tries to keep a low profile. They're not estranged but their history does leave some distance between them. Alex is recruited by "Hank Henshaw" (actually J'onn J'onzz) to work for the DEO as he — unbeknownst to Alex — had promised Jeremiah Danvers to look out for her. Alex doesn't tell Kara that she works for the DEO and Kara, meanwhile, starts interning at CatCo, both of them situated in National City.


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On AO3 it is the second most written ship for Alex and the third for Kara. It is the fourth most written in the Supergirl (TV 2015) tag, and the most written non romantic relationship.


“Kara Danvers is my favorite person”
— Alex



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