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DarhkSteelAtom is the poly ship between Nate Heywood, Ray Palmer and Nora Darhk from the Legends of Tomorrow fandom.


Season 3


Ray goes to Nate and thanks him for scouring all of history to save him from Damien Darhk. Nate points out that he saved Ray from Nora also, but Ray thinks she's just a person who's had a tough life. Nate asks if Ray is into Nora, but Ray denies this. Nate doesn't believe him, and says that he gets that Nora is hot, but she's also crazy, which makes her hotter. Ray says that he thinks there's still hope for her, and Nate knows that he would. He still needs to be careful with his big heart though.

Season 4

The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe

Ray arrives at the time bureau headquarters and tells Nate and Gary that Ava is missing. Gary rushes out, but Ray yells to him that Constantine, Sara and Nora are searching for her. Nate stops at Nora's name, but Ray informs him that Nora didn't kill Hank. Hank had made a deal with Neron, who killed him.

Nate and Ray see that Constantine and Nora captured Neron, Nate immediatly run down to the cells. He asks Nora and Constantine if it's the demon that killed his dad, but the two just try to stop him. Ray runs close behind, but they're unable to stop him as Nate gets inside and breaks the lock. Ray and Nora attempt to open the door as Nate confronts Neron.

They're able to get the door open, Ray quickly rushing in. He stops Nate from passing over the seals around Neron, but in his anger and confusion, Nate punches Ray. Realising what he's done, he quickly apologizes. Ray knows that it wasn't really him and the two leave the room as Nora and Constantine glare at Neron.


Ray is released from Neron's control and wakes up, happy to see everyone. He then looks to his side and see's Nate's lifeless body. He quickly klings to him, as Nora tries to comfort him before they're pushed to the side by Zari.

Nora and Ray cry and hug when they're able to bring Nate back to life. Nate then runs to them and hugs Ray, before they all head back to the Waverider.

Season 5

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Season 3

Beebo, the God of War

  • Ray and Nate watch as Nora and Damien appear.

The Curse of the Earth Totem

  • Ray and Nate show up to save Amaya from Nora.
  • Nate pulls Ray away from Nora.

Guest Staring John Noble

  • Ray and Nate prepare to stop Mallus once he takes control of Nora.

The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly

  • Nora and Ray watch Nate and the other Legends fight Mallus.

Season 4

Seance and Sensibility

  • Ray questions if he should be there with Nate since Nora was the one to kill Hank.
  • Ray says sorry to Nate for giving Nora a second chance.
  • Ray decides to not give Nora a second chance, till she says that she didn't kill Nate's dad.

Terms of Service

  • Nate watches as Gary sends Nora to hell to find Ray.

Hey, World!

  • Ray tells Nora that he sold his soul to save Nate.
  • Nora and Ray sing to bring Nate back to life.


Fans of the ship are typically fans of both SteelAtom and DarhkAtom, but don't just want one of the pairings to be canon. Fans of the ships will often say that Nora and Nate are both Ray's love interests. The most relevant example being when Ray was first taken over by Neron and both Nate and Nora were hurt in the process. It was a tough day to be a Ray Palmer love interest.

Some more interest in the ship, or at least the concept of the ship, was gained during "Slay Anything", when Ray walked into the prom with both Nate and Nora on his arm. Fans continue to think of Nate and Nora both as Ray's love interests, and want Nate to be invited into Ray and Nora's relationship.

On AO3, DarhkSteelAtom is the third most written ship for Nora, and the seventh most written for Nate.



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DarhkAtom refers to the ship between Nora and Ray
DarhkSteel refers to the ship between Nora and Nate
SteelAtom refers to the ship between Nate and Ray


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