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Darilynn is the het ship between Brooklynn and Darius Bowman from the Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous fandom.


Season 1

Brooklynn and Darius meet when they were both invited to Camp Cretaceous. When they first meet Brooklynn and other campers considered him a nerd, but instead of just calling him a nerd she made up the nickname "Dino Nerd". Later in season one they are in the same pod to look at dinosaurs and there's a runaway dinosaur. Darius wants to go after it but convinces by saying that her "Brooklanders" would love to see it. Once they finally go after the dinosaur, they get trapped and Brooklynn starts crying, Darius feels bad and tries to find a way out of the broken Pod. Later in that episode it's late at night and Darius apologizes to Brooklynn but she tells him that it's fine. Once she goes to check to footage of the day she smiles when she sees Darius in the video. The campers find a subway but there's a dinosaur in the way. Darius is the first one to run past the dinosaur when it wasn't looking their way but when Brooklynn was going to follow he warned them that the dinosaur was looking their way. In the next episode tragedy hits when ben "dies" by falling off the subway and they mourn him. At the end of season one they are still stranded on Isla Nublar.

Season 2

At the start of season two the make a plan to get a signal but have to go into T-Rex territory to get it so Kenji and Darius have to go get it, later the T-Rex almost goes back to its territory an Brooklynn worries about Darius's life. Once they go to the city they see a cutout of Brooklynn and Darius and Yasmina laugh at the fact that she always wears that outfit, Then Brooklynn says that her favorite outfit. After that Darius makes up a personal nickname for Brooklynn and started calling her "Super Star". Later in that season after they find out ben's alive, Brooklynn goes to save Darius from Mitch & Tiff. Once she see's them she runs over Mitch & Tiff to save Darius, Darius feels sad due to the fact the they (mitch & Tiff) were killing dinosaurs the whole time, so Brooklynn put her hands on his shoulder and tells him that their never going to do it again. At the end of the season after the see tiff getting onto the boat he feels guilty for not being able to stop her and Brooklynn puts a hand on his shoulder and tells him there has to be another way.

Season 3

In the beginning of the third season, it is noted that Darius and Brooklynn are much closer friends than in season 2. Also, from the first chapter, it shows that they have more physical contact. Now the two are high-fiving, fist-bumping, or even hugging (the latter is shown later in the season) proving that their friendship is stronger than ever. In the second chapter, after finding Tiff and Mitch's yacht. Darius and Brooklynn go down to the lower deck of the boat, here Kenji comes out of a door screaming, scaring them both. Upon reaching the dock, the group decides to have a party on the yacht. Darius and Brooklynn are together throughout the party. First they sit down to talk. Both decide that they must return the prank to Kenji, for scaring them. But while they were hatching the prank, Kenji scares them again. Later, Brooklyn and Darius find some fireworks, with which they would scare Kenji, who almost discovered them. But as they spoke the yacht collided with the dock, causing a hole in the boat. They all go to the dock to find something to patch the yacht with. It was already getting dark, and it was foggy. When they all separate to search faster, Brooklynn goes to Darius and takes him by the arm, telling him not to let Kenji be watched, since she is sure that he will want to scare them again, especially in the dark. Darius agrees, and as they both start walking, Brooklynn doesn't let go of Darius's arm. Later, while Darius was searching near the dock fence, he realizes that it is broken, so he quickly goes to look for his friends to warn them. He goes to find Brooklynn first. Accidentally, it scares her, but tells her that they must go back to the yacht now because something broke the fence. Later, we discovered that the culprits were a pair of ouranosaurus, which are chasing the group. Already on the yacht Darius and Brooklynn go for the fireworks with which they would scare Kenji, to scare away the ouranosaurus. Once accomplished, they both bump their fists. The next day, the group decides to go to Kenji's Penthouse, to look for gas and something to patch the yacht. Back in the penthouse, Darius and Brooklynn were looking for items for boats. But when they went to another room, Brooklynn realized there was something on the other side of the door, so she gestured for Darius not to go any further. However the Monolophosaurus, goes towards them and they escape through the elevator ducts. There, a Monolophosaurus tries to bite Brooklynn, causing her to fall and unconscious for a few seconds, causing Darius to worry about her. Brooklynn wakes up, and tries to open the elevator. At that Darius falls on a Monolophosaurus. Brooklynn tries to help him, but then the Monolophosaurus awakens, cornering them both. They are finally saved by Kenji. The next day Brooklynn and Sammy go to investigate the mystery of Manthacorp, as soon as they discover the existence of the Scorpius Rex. While both ran to warn the others they run into Darius. After telling him about the new hybrid, they meet up with the rest of the group at camp. At dusk, the Scorpius attacks the campers. Darius stands in front of his friends trying to protect them with his body (including Brooklynn) But when all seemed lost, the hybrid hears a noise and leaves for the jungle. The campers realize that Sammy was poisoned by the Scorpius, to save her Yaz was by the antidote, while Ben and Darius are going to cause a distraction to help Yaz, before they leave, Brooklynn wishes Darius good luck, worried. When Darius and Ben return, Yaz had already brought the antidote, but it seemed that it was too late, Sammy did not react. Everyone began to mourn, believing that they lost their friend. Brooklynn was about to cry, so she gestures for Darius to hug each other to make herself feel better. Darius and Brooklynn were the only ones who hugged. Seconds later, Sammy wakes up. Everyone rejoices, however they must leave the island now. While Brooklynn was packing, she found a can of carob beans, which only Ben liked. So without thinking twice, he threw the can, however Darius discovered it, but told him it was a good decision and gave him a walkie-talkie. When Darius left, Brooklynn smiled at him. But when they were about to leave, they realized that Ben had gone to look for Bumpy, they all started looking for Ben, but Darius told them that he was going to look for him alone. Brooklynn was the first to worry about him, telling him that he couldn't do everything just again. But Darius made them believe that he heard a dinosaur to go find Ben alone. Minutes later, Brooklynn tried to contact Darius on his walkie-talkie, however Darius ignored her messages. Later Brooklynn and the others came across the Scorpius Rex. After the meeting Brooklynn again tried to contact Darius (who had already found Ben), telling him that they found the Scorpius Rex, but that they were fine and that they will be waiting for them on the yacht. Darius tried to answer her, but was unsuccessful, as his walkie-talkie had been damaged. With no response from Darius, Brooklynn became quite concerned for him. At that moment they found the yacht and stayed on it to wait for Darius and Ben. When it dawned, Darius and Ben still hadn't returned. Brooklynn was very worried. Something was approaching the pier, Brooklynn and the others believed it to be Darius and Ben. However, they later realized that it was the Scorpius Rex. When Darius and Ben arrived at the dock, they saw that their friends had left, only to meet the Scopius rex and discover that there were 2 Scorpius Rex on the island. When the scorpius left, Brooklynn and the others returned to the dock to find Darius and Ben. When they found them, they all gave each other a group hug and Darius told them that there were 2 Scorpius and that they should stop them so they would not destroy life on the island. When they achieved their goal, they all headed for the boat. But when they were about to leave the island, a group of helicopters arrived, telling the campers to return to the dock and turn off the engine immediately.


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Due to Camp Cretaceous having a relatively small online space, fandom content is limited. However, Tumblr and Twitter are sites where you can find Camp Cretaceous content outside of the show itself. Darilynn is among the most common ships in the fandom along with Sammina and Benji.



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