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Darling Fire is the het ship between Baelfire and Wendy from the Once Upon A Time fandom.


Wendy and Baelfire met in 19th century England after Bae had left the Enchanted Forest. He had been trying to steal food from her house when she caught him. She decided to take care of him, and snuck her up to her room where she would bring him food. Her parents eventually caught her but decided to let Bae stay anyways.

Bae discovered Wendy missing one night only to have her appear through the window. She told Bae about a shadow who had taken her to Neverland but took her back to England because Pan was looking for a boy. The shadow told her that it would take one of her brothers, and she became scared. Bae volunteered to let Peter Pan's shadow take him to Neverland to protect her brothers. Wendy later followed Bae. She never managed to find him and was instead captured by Peter Pan.

Roughly 150 years later, when Baelfire was an adult and went by the name Neal Cassidy, the two reunited. Wendy told Neal he was the reason she went back to Neverland. Afterwards, Wendy started a new life in the Land Without Magic with her brothers while Neal went to the Enchanted Forest along with most residents of Storybrooke.


The ship is not very popular due to the age gap between two characters in the present time (as Neal is in his 30s while Wendy is biologically still a child/teen). Because of this, the ship involves the past versions of the characters.



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