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Debbigail is the het ship between Webbigail Vanderquack and Dewey Duck from the DuckTales fandom.


Season 1


Webby kidnapes Huey Dewey and Louie due to a misunderstanding that they were working for one of Scrooge's enemies. However after coming to an understanding that they were actually Scrooge's nephews, she proceeds to show them around the mansion and tag along with their adventures later on, instantly becoming best friends.

Daytrip of Doom!

Dewey seems to act warmly to Webby and supported her to tag along with them on an trip to Funzo's, while Huey and Louie both object towards her being there. Besides that, Dewey also defends her against his brother's comments saying that "she's been cooped up in a mansion her entire life", expressing empathy towards her situation and convincing his brother's to let her tag along, to which she responds happily. When they get kicked off the bus because of Webby's antics, Dewey still comforts her throughout the way. Dewey also lets Webby try a game that he topped in the country, and even though it eventually resulted in his highscore being erased, he did not blame her whatsoever. When they were captured by the Beagle Boys, he was the first one to voice out to comfort Webby about her worries on how they viewed her as a person after the events of that day, stating that "Normal is Overrated".

The Great Dime Chase!

Dewey first confides in and asks Webby to help him in discovering what happened to his mother rather than first telling or asking his brothers about it and not wanting to give them too much hope. Both of them went to the library in McDuck Enterprises and went through some trials from the librarian. After that, they uncover a book mentioning Della after Quackfaster points it out to them, and after reorganizing a section of the library, they discovered a secret room containing material about her and there, they made a discovery about a note regarding his mother and the Spear of Selene. After that, Webby agreed to keep her promise to Dewey to not tell any of his brothers or Scrooge about what they found.

The Spear Of Selene

At the beginning, Dewey and Webby were able to get the plane to crash on Ithaquack to find more clues about Della Duck. There, they discuss their plan to search for the Spear of Selene; the artifact that was taken by Della Duck when she disappeared. They hope once they find it and learn what it is, in hope that it could tell them what happened to Della.

They started searching in the Temple of Heroes to search for the Spear of Selene, during the search Webby has made a theory that Della stole and betrayed the family, but Dewey is against the idea and wishes to see his mom as a hero. During the search, they narrowly survived all the traps resulting in Dewey panicking and Webby ended up comforting him while holding his hands. They continued travelling through many chambers all to be the wrong one, but then they finally end up at the right one after they got help from the Kraken.

Finally in the right place, Webby reads a prophecy that made her theory of Della to be plausible. Dewey doesn't want to believe it and when Webby tries to go into the Garden of Selene which is where all the answers lie, Dewey refuses and blocks her now wanting to end the search, Webby refuses and they get into a fight. It lasted shortly with Webby finishing the fight and then asked Dewey why he's preventing them to learn the truth, he breaks down and confesses that he's scared of what the answer really is; if his mother really is a bad person who left them for a selfish reason. Webby understands and with her sympathy, agrees to end their conspiracy. This gives Dewey a choice to walk away, but instead takes Webby’s hand and jumps into the garden together.

While in the garden, they run into Selene, the goddess of the moon, who was expecting Della Duck. Dewey ask her where the Spear of Selene is, Selene didn't know what they were talking about because she never had a spear, Selene had then realized that Dewey was Della’s child because he was just like her. Dewey had then fallen into despair when they didn't get any answers about the spear or his mother, returning to the thought that she could be a bad person. But then Selene comforts Dewey by displaying a memory of Della through her sphere and tells Dewey that his mother is a good person who loves her family. Selene gives Dewey of Sphere of Selene and tells him not to give up, to hold on to the spirit he shares with his mother, with all the warmth he was given, Dewey graciously hugs Selene and pulls in Webby to the hug as well.

After meeting Selene, Dewey and Webby make it back at the beach meeting up with the family. Before heading to the plane, Dewey promised Webby that he'll remain in the search with her, so together they will learn the mystery of Della Duck.

The Impossible Summit of Mt. Neverest!

Dewey is shown to want Webby to wait for the maximum opportune moment to sled in order to allow her first experience of sledding to be great. He also pushes the sled out of the way before Webby proceeds to jump on it, showing how much he knows her through the simple fact that he was able to predict what she would do next. Throughout the adventure, Webby would wait in excitement and by the time they're near Mt Neverest, they plan to begin until an avalanche nearly sent them to their certain deaths but ended up back at the same spot they were just now.

They ended up playing a friendly game of catching on the highly dangerous peaks of Mt. Neverest while crossing through the wormholes for fun.

The Missing Links of Moorshire!

Throughout the episode while Dewey unexpectedly excelled at playing golf, Webby cheered for him. When Scrooge accused him of showboating, Dewey retorted back that Scrooge is the one who has been showing off and feeling threatened by his ability causing him to quit the sport in disappointment with Webby following him in agreement to his words. Regardless, she still supported Dewey to support Scrooge again. While everyone's turning to stone, Webby told Dewey she believes in him to make the shot before turning to stone, Dewey ended up calling out her name upon her fate.

Day of the Only Child!

At the start, Webby wrestled Dewey thinking that he's an evil doppelganger from a dystopian universe when he told her he's an only child. After the misunderstanding is cleared, he explained to Webby what the Only Child day is while at the same time, lifted her up and twirled her around surprising her.

Later while recording a mock late-night talk show as an audition tape for himself, the mansion's new security drone attacked him due to a misinterpreted dialogue involving an intruder during his recording. When the drone chastises Dewey, Dewey realizes that it's actually Webby inside the drone so she drops the act because she was worried the boys would break up. Unfortunately, the drone malfunctions and threatens them before Dewey climbs onto it and carries him off.

After some action outside Doofus Drake's mansion, Webby comes shortly after and the boys assuage her they are still brothers but do need time to be themselves. Before anything, Dewey asked how much she saw in his recording and Webby answered that she's didn't see much. The kids walk home while Webby sings the theme to Dewey's show to Dewey's annoyance.

Season 2

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The Most Dangerous Game...Night!

At the beginning, Dewey and Webby were in sync through crossing a chasm and even teaming up for the game night. Things however went out of hand due to being unable to work together due to small interferences from Huey, Louie, Gyro Gearloose and the mini tribe of people. At the final game, they shrank down and tried to fight one of the mini tribesmen. During the fight, Scrooge stated to them that they’re always there for each other, no matter how many times they drive each other crazy and therefore they’re not just close friends they’re family, showing that their bond has really grown, going so far for Scrooge to even state that they were so close that they were family.


At the start, Dewey and Webby had for some reason set up a chili-cheese dog stand with lots of chili-cheese dogs prepped. When a cave duck went around the manor having fun, both of them are amused by his presence and even messed Huey around when he tried to get an accurate research on cave ducks. They even got zapped to the same timezone together and ended up being dressed like hippies when they got zapped back to the present time.

Season 3

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Season 1

The Beagle Birthday Massacre!

  • Dewey asks Webby whether she was sure to decide not to hang out with them while they were kayaking due to a lack of space
  • While Dewey was unconscious from the Beagle Boys brawling against each other, Webby saved him and even held his hand to get him to safety

The Lucky Gander!

  • Both of them were very excited about the prospect of travelling to the Temple of The Golden Cricket while the others were not that interested.
  • They also have the same exact bored reaction to the Aquarion show
  • Both were distracted by the Buffet in the House


  • Webby was horrified upon hearing the news that Dewey got eaten by the money shark swimming in the money bin

Sky Pirates in the sky!

  • During the fight against Don Karnage, Webby sang about being sweet and sensitive which may describe Dewey for her case

The Secrets of Castle McDuck!

  • During the ride, Webby took a peep at the Spear of Selene surprising Dewey that she's been staring at it for a while. She even convinced him to at least reveal it to his brothers
  • When Webby had a joy overload, Dewey was practically concerned about her current state

The Shadow War!

  • When Webby spoke about a noble teen near-do-well who can break into anything including the heart, Dewey replied saying that it'll be great surprising her
  • Dewey and Webby were tossed aside together as Magica prepares to destroy both of them together
  • While Webby mourns for the fallen Lena, Dewey placed his hand on her shoulder to comfort her even saying that Lena will always be with her
  • When the triplets hugged Scrooge, Webby joined in hugging Dewey from behind

Season 2

Last Christmas!

  • Upon returning from the time travel, Dewey got pinned down by his brothers and Webby and while laughing together at the pinning, he and Webby are laughing and looking at each other at the same time
  • While singing the twelve days of Christmas song, Dewey did a bit of gazing and among his gazes was at Webby

Treasure of the Found Lamp!

  • Dewey and Webby were seen fighting a Beagle Boy together
  • When Djinn was explaining his story, Dewey and Webby had their arms around their backs on each other

The 87 Cent Solution!

  • Webby mentioned to Scrooge that she and Dewey believed him to be fine only for Dewey to cover his beak with a face mask

A Nightmare on Killmotor Hill!

  • In Dewey's dream, Webby complimented his hair and he thanked her in return

The Golden Armoury of Cornelius Coot!

  • When Webby stumbled and fell through the bush on the statue, Dewey tried to save her resulting in him falling in with her
  • Dewey and Webby enjoyed a short thrill mine cart ride and even worked together to push the mine cart all the way up


  • Dewey and Webby are seen with their hands on each other's back and smiling together in the family photo.

Season 3

Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks!

  • During an adventure, they came across the Titterwill Bird of Knowlegde that Dewey is intrigued with and even follows its movement as a dancing pattern resulting in Webby calling both of them cute


This ship became the most popular ship even before the show began. Already throughout the first 2 seasons, Dewey and Webby shared a love for adventure, action, mystery solving and being in sync which led to both of them having a very close and strong bond together to the point they stood together most of the time, cared for each other, held hands, hugged, cuddled and in some cases, were affectionate to each other as shown when Dewey twirled Webby around once and Webby placed her hand on his shoulder which he placed his hand on hers.

The Debbigail fandom is full of great artists and many fanfiction writers on Fanfiction, WattPad, Tumblr, YouTube and many more!

On AO3, Debbigail has 13 works written.



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  • Dewey and Webby are seen to have interacted the most and assumingly share the closest bond out of the triplets.
  • They sung a short duet together in ‘The Most Dangerous Game...Night!’



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