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Lucifer“Detective... Chloe. I'm the devil.”
Chloe“No, you're not. Not to me.”

Deckerstar is the het ship between Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar from the Lucifer fandom.


Season 1

Lucifer and Chloe first met on a murder investigation of Deliah who is a friend of Lucifer. Lucifer became interested in her after he discovered that she is immune to his charms. Chloe tells Lucifer that because of the case in the past where she sees things that everyone disagrees with her. Because of that, no one wants to work with her. Lucifer immediately offers to work her and earlier in the episode, he encourages her to trust her instincts. Lucifer also defended her when anyone being disrespectful to her. While Chloe was annoyed by Lucifer, she does like to work with him and she use his skills to find answers on the cases that they're working on. During the times they work together, Lucifer learns how to be a better person from Chloe.

Near end of Season 1, Lucifer learned that being near Chloe makes him vulnerable. This information got him paranoid at first and he has been keeping his distance from Chloe. But shortly afterwards, he would do anything to protect her, even it includes getting hurt in her presence.

Season 2 

In Trip to Stabby Town, Chloe was jealous when she sees Lucifer has been spending time with one of their co-workers, Ella Lopez, even though she denies that she is.

In the following episode called Homewrecker, Lux (Lucifer's night club and his home) were going to be demolished and turned into a mall along with the other buildings in LA. Lucifer goes to save Lux including having parties. It attract attention of the police but Chloe was there to handle the situation with the cops. Once they were gone, Chloe said the following quote "Lucifer, what are you thinking? Put the music back on. This place is dead" It brings Lucifer joy and it assures him that she is on his side. Lucifer later brings Chloe to the dance floor, having a great time with each other. At the near end of the episode, Chloe managed to save Lux by making it a historic landmark of LA therefore keeping Lux safe from being demolished and saves Lucifer's home.

At the end of Quid Pro Ho Lucifer was on his way to Chloe for a surprise dinner after messing up their previous dinner date only for Chloe to make a surprise visit to his penthouse just before he made it to the elevator. After admitting what Chloe say in the court room in this episode about Lucifer is the truth, they lean towards to each other and about to kiss but the flight attendant arrives and ruined the moment. Lucifer tries to explain but Chloe left the penthouse.

The next episode, (Stewardess Interruptess) Lucifer tries to prove his worth to Chloe but it has become complicated when the murder victims were the people that Lucifer have slept with. From that connection, they assumed that the murderer is one of Lucifer's exes. It's later revealed that it is not the case as they were both co-workers and the murderer was after a mysterious package. At the end of the episode, Chloe found Lucifer standing alone at the beach and Lucifer confessed that he will stop pursue her into sex. But he instead that he says a long speech on how she deserves someone worthy of her. During this speech, he points out certain traits about her including how she's selfless, always out her daughter first before anything, and he is also special. After that, he says that he believes that he isn't worthy for her. From that, Chloe sees that Lucifer cares for her and understands her deeply. For that, they kiss for the first time.

In Good Day to Die, Chloe got poisoned by a professor who had killed himself after that. Lucifer goes down to hell to get a formula for the antidote from him in order to save her life.

Season 3

In They're Back, Aren't They?, Pierce/Cain gets introduced to the show and soon after that, Chloe and Cain start dating. That makes Lucifer jealous and very soon he tries to up one Pierce. Chloe gets upset when she learns about this and they just stay as partners/friends.

In Vegas with some Radish, it's Chloe's birthday and Lucifer went to Las Vegas with Ella Lopez to deal with the disappearance of his ex-wife. He didn't inform Chloe as it could bring up unfortunate feelings. Chloe along with Linda had a little party in Lucifer's penthouse while he was away. They accidentally stumble a safe which was hidden behind a painting and they have been trying to unlock it with Dan but the safe doesn't budge. After the issue is resolved, Lucifer went back home finding everyone sleeping along with the mess they made at the party. Lucifer wasn't upset but shamed that he missed it. When he noticed Chloe sleeping on his bed, he went over and explain to her that he doesn't want to bring up any harmful feelings so he bluff. He have learned that bluffing is the same as lying and it's something that he doesn't want to do, especially to her. What he doesn't realised is that Chloe was listening to his speech but pretends to be sleeping. Lucifer have noticed the safe and open it while Chloe just woken up. Lucifer revealed that what’s in the safe is his present to her. It's a necklace with the bullet from the shooting back in Season 1. The final scene of the episode is Chloe giving Lucifer a heartfelt hug.

In High School Poppycock, Lucifer sets Lux as a prom and gives Chloe an experience to be in a prom which is something she doesn't get to do much in her childhood.

In Quintessinental Deckerstar, Chloe and Lucifer share a kiss when Lucifer tells her he's the devil (which she still does not believe) and Chloe says she doesn't see him as the devil.

In the bonus episode: Once Upon a Time, that episode takes place in an alternative world. This episode brings the question: What if Lucifer and Chloe haven't met? But in the end, they ended working together on solving cases. God even clarifies in this episode that no matter what happens in any circumstances, these two will end up to be together in the end.

Season 4

In Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno, Chloe has learned that about Lucifer's vulnerability. Later on, she has learned who is the true culprit to the murder in this episode and as he just about to throw an ax to kill Chloe, Lucifer jumps right in front of Chloe and take the hit from the ax. Lucifer wasn't injured as it just got his jacket. Chloe was shocked but when she learned that Lucifer has been willing to die to save her, it shows how much Lucifer has cared for her.

When Lucifer has slowly become more into his devil form, he informs Chloe what is happening and helps him cover up his transformation and tries to help him getting over his self hatred. When he has gone into full devil form, Chloe is still by his side. At this moment, she gets over the fear of his devilish nature and gives Lucifer some support. This gives Lucifer the reassurance that he needs and he became normal again.

In Who's da New King of Hell?, demons attack Los Angeles, but Lucifer is able to control them. Before another attack happens, Lucifer says he will return to hell. Chloe is heartbroken and confesses her feelings to Lucifer, saying "I love you." While Lucifer says "My first love was never Eve, it was you Chloe, it always has been." Then, Lucifer leaves and goes to hell.

Season 5

In Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!, Michael pretends to be Lucifer to steal his life from him, This includes getting close to Chloe. Chloe has notice some clues and signs that Lucifer is not himself. At the end of the episode, Chloe gets really close but she then shoots Michael in the leg. That action proves to Chloe the truth and Michael reveals who he really is to her. Chloe also tells Michael that she will never lose faith in her and Lucifer. Before getting out of Chloe's way Michael tells her the real truth about her existence that she is a "Gift from God" created to be "Lucifer's Plaything" and say that's the only reason Chloe loves Lucifer is because it was meant to be. Later that night, Amenadiel travels down to Hell to tell Lucifer that it's time to come back.

In ¡Diablo!, Lucifer comes back to earth and finds Chloe in the precinct. Chloe has a hard time believing it's Lucifer but after a few demonstration, she believes and hugs him. Later Lucifer that tells her that Michael was telling the truth. This unsettles Chloe as she believes that none of the feeling was real. Later Chloe yells at Lucifer when he tells her that Michael manipulated him since the dawn of time. 

In Detective Amenadiel, Amenadiel helps Chloe to understand her feeling for Lucifer while both working on a case. After they caught the killer, Amenadiel tells her that Lucifer has the power to bring desires in anyone except Chloe due to which she is the only one that sees him for who he really is and that everything they shared is real as it can be. He further says that Lucifer chooses to be vulnerable around Chloe not the other way around. After that Chloe visits Lucifer. Chloe explain Amenadiel's theory to Lucifer who laughs at first but begins to understand it later. Chloe says if Lucifer choose to be vulnerable around her then she chooses to be vulnerable around him. The two then share a kiss.

In BlueBallz, the two couple get called immediately to a case. Lucifer and Chloe both try to contain their sexual tension. This is cut short by the intervention of Chloe's ex , a DJ named Jed. Lucifer tries to understand Jed's previous relation with Chloe while Chloe deals with nervousness about having sex with Lucifer. After she took part in a sting at Lux, Chloe tells Lucifer that she was nervous that night and that what they had in between them was special and that they are incredible. The two exchange good nights before sharing kisses and having sex for the first time.

In Our Mojo, after spending a night together, Chloe accidentally takes Lucifer's Mojo and it only appears to be working on Lucifer. This leaves Lucifer uncomfortable as desire is his gift. Later the new couple learn to share each other's power as to understand each other in a relationship. At the end of the episode, Dan, after seeing Lucifer's Devil face and meeting Michael, confronts Lucifer and shoots him while Chloe is nearby.

In Spoiler Alert, Lucifer survives the attack from Dan as he wakes after getting shot as if nothing had happened. He realizes that his invulnerability is back. Chloe is unsettled by this new development. Chloe has left a voice mail to Lucifer that also happens to be when she has been kidnapped by unknown individual. That message have left Lucifer untethered and went off to find her apartment trashed from the attack. From the clues that he can find, he goes off to find her. He initially first believed that the kidnapper was original serial killer where the bad guy that they caught was a copy cat. He believes that he was useless without Chloe but from the supporting words from Amenadiel, Lucifer managed to do some detective work in order to find the real serial killer that makes Ella impressed from the efforts. When they successfully found the real serial killer, it was revealed that he doesn't have Chloe. Lucifer left frustrated as he was searching for the wrong person the whole time. He blamed himself to let Chloe to get kidnapped in the first place and wonders tearfully where Chloe is. And then, it was revealed that Chloe's kidnapper was none other than Michael who spiral fears in her that Lucifer's love for her made him vulnerable. Now that he is invulnerable, this may mean that he doesn't love her anymore. He even says that Lucifer never said "I Love You" to her back. Chloe is deeply unsettled by this. However, she cheers up when Lucifer came to her rescue. In the evidence room, Chloe tells Lucifer everything that Michael said and gets upset. But then Lucifer assures her that Michael is lying. He was then about to say "I Love you" back to Chloe when the rising fear in Amenadiel about his son accidentally triggers a time pause. Michael reveals all this to be a part of his bigger plan. Soon, Maze takes side with Michael as he has promised her a soul in return. An epic fight ensues pitting Lucifer and Amenadiel against Micheal and Maze but is cut short by their father, who has come down from Heaven to stop his children from fighting.

As God announces that he is retiring, someone needs to take his place. Amenadiel steps down as he comes to appreciate his time on Earth and this leads Lucifer to take the duty. In Nothing Last Forever, Chloe tells Lucifer that she decides to quit being in the LAPD in order to help Lucifer as his consultant.

Season 6

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Aurora “Rory” Decker is the biological and only daughter of Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker. She appears to be the main antagonist of the final season of Lucifer. She is half-human and half-angel. She is the younger half-sister of Chloes daughter Trixie Espinoza , the niece of Lucifers brothers and sisters, Granddaughter of God and Goddess (Lucifers parents), Charlie Martins cousin (Lucifers nephew) and surrogate niece of Maze and Eve.

Born in the future she time-travels to the past to find out why her father abandoned her and is never there while she grows up, over the course of the season she bonds with her mother before she’s born. Rory spends time with her family and on the day that her father is fated to disappear on her mom discovers she is pregnant with her. She goes to her surrogate aunt maze and aunt eves wedding. After Lucifer helps Rory overcome her guilt and anger, she returns to her own time in peace, having realized that she herself was the reason for Lucifer's leaving in the past and making him promise not to change a thing. As the series finale ends she is with her mother back in the future where she was and is with her mom as she dies and tells her I’ll visit you soon since she’s able to fly between worlds.


Chloe“I don’t want to die.”
Lucifer“I won’t let you. My father will just have to wait for you.”
Chloe“You make me vulnerable.”
Lucifer“It appears you make me vulnerable too.”
St. Lucifer
Charlotte“He really does love this place.”
Linda“Yeah. This "place."”
— About Chloe, Homewrecker
“This is real, isn’t it?”
— Lucifer, Love Handles
“I want her to choose me.”
— Lucifer, Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better


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On AO3, Deckerstar is the most written ship for both Chloe and Lucifer. It is also the most written ship in the Lucifer fandom.



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  • Chloe is Lucifer's first real love.
  • Even though Lucifer doesn't like kids, he would do anything to protect Chloe's daughter, Trixie. As the series progresses he slowly becomes very fond of Trixie viewing her as his surrogate daughter and in the final season he and Trixie are very close and he also becomes a father of his and Chloes daughter Aurora “Rory”(while she’s in the past for her since she time traveled from the future) whom he comes to love as just much as Trixie.
  • Lucifer only calls Chloe by her name when he feels emotional about her.
  • In the series finale Lucifer returns to hell permanently as its king and therapist to help those trapped to move on to heaven with his True Love and eternal partner Chloe.