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Delitoonz is the slash ship between Luke and Jonathan from the Banana Bus Squad fandom.


Luke and Jonathan are YouTubers whom are also best friends. Luke dated Jonathan's sister for eight years, it was during that time they became best friends, cementing their close bond. They play a variety of different games together, and often meet up outside of YouTube. There have been a few cases of during recording sessions Luke or Jonathan will bring up meeting up after, such as getting breakfast. They have a carefree relationship where they aren't afraid to flirt with each other/make innuendos at each other as well.

As Luke is the only person on YouTube to know what Jonathan looks like (only because they knew each other before their YouTube careers). There are some fans that harass Luke for pictures/videos of Jonathan. Luke does not take this, he always goes on the defense, usually telling whomever to back off in crewed language. While Luke does have the habit of being in Jonathan's home, he always records his Instagram videos away from Jonathan (namely not even in the same room). First and foremost, Luke respects his friend's privacy.


While no where near as popular as Jonathan's juggernaut ship H2OVanoss, or Luke's moderately large ship Ohmtoonz, Luke and Jonathan do know each other personally and have a long history with one other. Over the years, Delitoonz has developed a nice following. Fans of the ship have made it known that they now feel Delitoonz is no longer considered a rare pair.

On AO3, Delitoonz is the eighth most written ship within the Banana Bus Squad fandom tag; Luke's second most written, as well as Jonathan's second.



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H2OVantoonz refers to the ship between Evan, Luke and Jonathan


  • Luke and Jonathan's ship names are a mashup of their gamertags:
    • H2O Delirious/Cartoonz (Delitoonz)
    • H2O Delirious/Cartoonz (H2otoonz)
  • Most members of BBS are associated with a color; Luke is red, while Jonathan is blue.
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