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Deltarune is a role-playing video game made by Toby Fox. It takes place in an alternate version of the Undertale universe. Chapter 1 of Deltarune was released on October 31, 2018, Chapter 2 of Deltarune was released on September 17, 2021, and more chapters are expected to come out in the future.


Chapter 1

The story follows Kris, a human living in a town otherwise inhabited by monsters. At school, Kris goes to search for chalk with their classmate Susie, but they end up in the Dark Realm instead, inside their school's supply closet. There, they meet Ralsei, who tells them about the legend of the Delta Rune, according to which a Human, a Monster and a Prince from the dark would bring balance to the World. They travese through the Dark World and have various meetings with the King's son, Lancer, who befriends the trio of heroes later on and helps them deal with his dad. After the King is defeated, Kris and Susie go to the fountain and Kris seals it, making the Dark World transform back into a classroom (although unused) from the school. Kris and Susie part ways and decide to return to the Dark World on the next day.

Chapter 2

The story continues as Kris goes back to school the next day and returns to the Dark World with Susie after class. They spend a bit of time there and bring all the Darkners (habitants from the Dark World) they met before to live on Ralsei's town. After a bit of time, they go back to their normal world to do their homework and go to the Librarby, where their classmates Noelle and Berdly would be studying as well. Kris and Susie discover a new Dark World on the computer laboratory and decide to enter it to seal the fountain on there and make it return back to the normal location.

The two of them meet Queen, the ruler of this new world, who wants to create more Dark fountains to consume the world on darkness more and more. The Heroes then venture through this new Dark World and even have the help from Noelle and, later, Berdly. After a entire journey, they end up having a final showdown with the Queen and then Ralsei explains to her and the others that if there's more than one Dark fountain on the world, the Light World (the world that Kris,Susie,Noelle and etc live) will end up being consumed in Darkness; habitants from the Dark World will become stone; and Titans will emerge from the fountains and create chaos on the World. Queen, shocked, then reforms and decides to stop her plans, and then Ralsei invites her to live on their town, and she happily aceppts.

After all of that is over, Kris's mother (Toriel) invites Susie to go to their house and then later invites her to have a sleepover on their house. Kris and Susie talk a little bit on the living room's crouch and end up sleeping. After Toriel sleeps too on the living room after reading a book, "Kris" wakes up, opens the door to the outside, and creates a new Dark Fountain.


Noelle Holiday
Rouxls Kaard
Rudolph "Rudy" Holiday
Tasque Manager

Returning from Undertale:

Asgore Dreemurr
Monster Kid
Toriel Dreemurr



Alphore — the ship between Alphys and Asgore Dreemurr
Asgoriel — the ship between Asgore Dreemurr and Toriel
Dessriel — the ship between Dess Holiday and Asriel Dreemurr
Kingueen — the ship between King and Queen
Lancelle — the ship between Lancer and Noelle Holiday
Lansie — the ship between Lancer and Susie
Noerdly — the ship between Noelle and Berdly
Ralselle — the ship between Ralsei and Noelle Holiday
Ralsusie — the ship between Ralsei and Susie
Sanphys — the ship between Sans and Alphys
Soriel — the ship between Sans and Toriel
Spadiel — the ship between King of Spades and Toriel
Swasque — the ship between Swatch and Tasque Manager


Asgorudy — the ship between Asgore and Rudolph "Rudy" Holiday
KingKaard — the ship between King of Spades and Rouxls Kaard
Kings in Spades — the ship between Asgore and King
Lansei — the ship between Lancer and Ralsei
Ralserdly — the ship between Ralsei and Berdly
Royal Guards — the ship between Royal Guard 01 and Royal Guard 02
Swatchton — the ship between Swatch and Spamton G. Spamton
Swatchkaard — the ship between Swatch and Rouxls Kaard


Alphyne — the ship between Alphys and Undyne
Bratcat — the ship between Bratty and Catty
Goatbun — the ship between QC and Toriel
Notti — the ship between Noelle Holiday and Catti
Suselle — the ship between Susie and Noelle Holiday


Annoying Tem — the ship between Annoying Dog and Temmie
Kralsei — the ship between Kris and Ralsei
Krerdly — the ship between Kris and Berdly
Kriselle — the ship between Kris and Noelle Holiday
Krusie — the ship between Kris and Susie
Nosuit — the ship between Roulxs Kaard and Jevil
Rudouxls — the ship between Rudinn and Rouxls Kaard
Seavil — the ship between Seam and Jevil
Spamvil — the ship between Spamton G. Spamton and Jevil


Krisusei — the ship between Kris, Susie and Ralsei
Krusielle — the ship between Kris, Susie and Noelle Holiday
SCC — the ship between Sweet, Cap'n and K_K
Suselletti — the ship between Susie, Noelle Holiday and Catti
Swauxlton — the ship between Swatch, Rouxls Kaard and Spamton G. Spamton


Dreemurr Family — the ship between Asgore Dreemurr, Toriel, Asriel Dreemurr and Kris
KFC — the ship between Kris, Frisk and Chara
Krisriel — the ship between Kris and Asriel
Skelebros — the ship between Sans and Papyrus


Deltarune gained quick popularity, mainly due to the previous success of Undertale. Deltarune has generally received a positive response from fans, although there was some disappointment about it not being a post-Pacifist ending sequel.


At the moment, shipping is a less notable part of the Deltarune fandom than it is of the Undertale fandom, and ship wars are less frequent as well. Some Deltarune ships exist, but few are referred to by a ship name.

Behind the Scenes

Toby Fox has stated that Deltarune has been in work since 2012, and that it will be a bigger project than Undertale.



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# portmanteau characters type
121 Kris & Susie Kris & Susie gen
117 Suselle Susie/Noelle Holiday femslash
111 Krusie Kris/Susie non-binary
103 Seavil Jevil/Seam non-binary
93 Kralsei Kris/Ralsei non-binary
59 Jevil & Seam Jevil & Seam gen
56 Kris & Ralsei Kris & Ralsei gen
49 Asriel & Kris Asriel Dreemurr & Kris gen
39 Rouxls Kaard & Lancer Rouxls Kaard & Lancer gen
33 KingKaard Rouxls Kaard/King of Spades slash