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“I can persuade The M.L.F , its true . And I will stop Death, should it ever come for you.”
— Damian to Mar'i.

Demonfire is the het ship between Mar'i Grayson and Damian Wayne from the DC Comics fandom.


The Kingdom

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Damian and Mar'i's Unnamed children

In Earth 22 , Mar'i and Damian are married. The comic shows an amazing chemistry between these two. Both of them seemed clearly attracted to each other during their first meeting , and you can constantly see them flirting in the background throughout the comic. Mar'i is the daughter of Dick and Kory, Kory died from a circulatory illness when she was young. This happened despite Bruce Wayne's best efforts to help Starfire. Her relationship with her father was somewhat strained due to them being on opposite sides of the conflict. By contrast, she shared a close relationship with Bruce Wayne whom she called Gramps. She joined Batman's "Outsiders" team - against the wishes of her father,Dick who is Red Robin, who had joined Superman's Justice League. In the Outsiders, she first met Ibn al Xu'ffasch, to whom she was attracted.

Damian Wayne, also known as Ibn al Xu'ffasch, has the same back story as he has in all the other alternate universe. Talia kept Ibn's existence a secret from the Dark Knight, and Batman never learned the truth behind Ibn's parentage. Ibn grew up mostly ignorant of his parentage until later in life when he was confronted by his father and grandfather and had to choose between the two lifestyles and attitudes. Ibn sided with Wayne and brought down his grandfather. Ibn inherited his grandfather's vast empire and used those resources to help people in trouble. Additionally, he lent his support whenever Wayne calls upon him even going so far as to go undercover with Lex Luthor's MLF.

Twenty years in the future, Ibn will attend Bruce Wayne's funeral in the company of Nightstar and their children, a small boy, and teenage daughter.


“But you...who could persuade you? No my dear I am quite sure that it is you who persuade me.”
— Damian to Mar'i[1]
“You've already left , Ibn. You just don't know it yet.”
— Mar'i to Damian[2]


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Demonfire is not quite a popular ship, and its only canon in the Kingdom Come' comic , thus is mostly portrayed in Fanfics or fanarts .

Demonfire is quiet a hilarious pairing considering the fact that Dick Grayson is the adopted son of Bruce Wayne and Damian is the Biological son , thus , in a way , making Damian Mar'i's uncle , even though they are of the same age , writers often show Mar'i calling Damian " Uncle Dami " as way to trouble him in fanfics , some people find it disgusting while others find it adorable , but the humor kicks in because of Dick and Damian's silly quarrels , Dick being an overprotective father doesn't approve of Damian as Mar'i's boyfriend , and Damian ,being the ruthless ex assassin he is, it not going to try and please Dick , thus leaving Mar'i in confusion if she should take her Father's side or her lover's side.

Most Fans portray Mar'i as the only one who actually understands Damian , cause having to spend ones childhood as an assassin isn't easy, and neither is it easy to understand one from that background. Mar'i is usually shown as a Kind girl and Damian the complete opposite , yet the interminable love for each other is what makes this ship the 'OTP' of many . Many people often confuse Mar'i Grayson to be Marinette Dupain-Cheng , but Demonfire is the ship name for Mar'i Grayson , the daughter of Dick Grayson and Koriand'r, and Damian Wayne. Demonfire tends to rival the DamiJon, Maridami and DamiRae pairings.



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