DenNor is the slash ship between Denmark and Norway from the Hetalia: Axis Powers fandom.


Kalmar Union

During the old days when Norway was under Denmark's rule, or officially a part of the Kalmar Union, Denmark's ruler has ordered him to raise the taxes on Norway, making him to embark on a journey to Norway's house. When he arrived with his group, he is dismayed upon the state of the house, calling it a "total wreck". Norway quietly peeks from the door and tells him with annoyance not to call other people's house a wreck. Nevertheless, he invites them in.

Upon entering, Denmark is once again taken aback by the dire situation the house holds. Noting the old-looking structure of the house, Denmark asks Norway if his house is a bit too old. He offers to send him a new one since it must be tough living like that. Norway waves him off, saying that there are things more important than his house. For one, they were getting attacked so often, mostly by Sweden, which was pathetic. But Norway knew that Denmark was trying his best, so that was no way to judge the state of current events.

Now in tears, Denmark tried to hug Norway and tells him not to struggle alone and hide things from him, as Norway tells him that he's too noisy and plants his palm on Denmark's face to prevent an incoming hug. The Danish official tells Denmark to get to the point. But instead of saying that he was here to raise taxes, Denmark says that they came to Norway's house because they're best friends.

Still crying, Denmark repeats how his friend is such a nice person, while the noble suggests to keep the taxes at the same amount to the King. The narrator explains that as Denmark realized that Norway was trying his hardest too, the tax raise was put on hold for quite a while.


Dennor is well-received in the fandom and is the most popular ship for both Denmark and Norway.

Many fanworks portray Norway as a bit of tsundere and Denmark as the bubbly, cheery significant other.



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  • In a character bio, Norway is mentioned to have "gently poking Denmark" as his hobby.
  • Denmark claims that he and Norway are best friends.
  • Norway calls Denmark "anko" (big brother) to annoy him.
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