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Desert Mermaid Beauty is the polyship ship between Ariel, Jasmine and Belle from the Disney fandom.


As Ariel, Jasmine and Belle are from different series, they have never met in canon. Even though there are quite a few Disney crossover medias that do have the three meat each other, like in Ralph Breaks the Internet with Ariel, Jasmine and Belle sitting near each other. Along with all three meeting each other on separate occasions in Once Upon A Time.

All three lost their mothers at a young age and were raised by their fathers. When their antagonists threatened both their fathers and love interests, the three stood up to Ursula, Jafar and Gaston in their defence, but end up being locked up by them. For a long time the three have felt that there is something missing from their lives. When the three met their love interests they got a taste of that happiness. Just as magic allowed Ariel to be part of the human world and Jasmine saw a larger part of the outside world on a magic carpet, Belle's live action remake has her using a magical book to visit a certain part of Paris. Along with all three of them wanting to see the world beyond the places they grew up in, which is why Belle loves reading, Ariel collects items from the human, and the 2019 Aladdin live action has Jasmine viewing maps as her windows to the outside world. As they serve as their escapes from reality.

Similar to how Belle is friends with the castle's enchanted serves and Ariel's TV series has her befriending with a few other magical beings like her, Jasmine is close with Genie and the Magic Carpet. Since they treat them as people than what a few others would see them as at first glance. As well as the three being kind hearted towards the miss understood, they are also brave and determined. The three are also connected to magical objects that play a large part in their films, the Trident, the Enchanted Rose and the Lamp, since the powers they hold is what allowed the three to have their happy ever afters.

All three of their films were the first one's to come out during the Disney renaissance. This is reflected in many Disney media, with their characters often shown together, or released at the same time.


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Disney fans commonly draw Belle, Ariel and Jasmine together, most likely due to their films coming out during the Disney renaissance. Fans will draw them in the clothes from Ralph Breaks the Internet when depicting modern AU's or just use the outfits as inspiration. There have even been times where the three have been drawn them together as mermaids and fairies, along with there being a drawing of them depicted as the Schuyler Sisters for a Hamilton AU. Even though the ship isn't supported on fanfic websites, it does have a small fanbase on Tumblr and DeviantArt.


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Ralph Breaks the Internet



  • All three have appeared in Disney Crossover media.
    • All three have been guests at The House of Mouse.
    • They are three of the limit time characters, with limit time clothing, in Disney Magic Kingdoms.
    • They are from three of the few Disney films that have become Broadway Musicals.
    • All three have kids in the Descendants series. Belle's son Ben, Jasmine's son Aziz and Ariel's daughter Elle.
    • All three of them are the main Disney Princesses in the app game, Disney Princess Majestic Quest.
    • They are all summoned by the amulet in Sofia the First, and have their own songs.
    • In the Kingdom Hearts series, they appear in three of the same games.
  • They are three of the Disney Princess' with trilogies.
  • They each have their own blue coloured clothing.


Desert Beauty refers to the ship between Jasmine and Belle
Desert Mermaid refers to the ship between Jasmine and Ariel
Mermaid Beauty refers to the ship between Ariel and Belle


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