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DiAkko is the femslash ship between Diana Cavendish and Akko Kagari from the Little Witch Academia fandom.


Akko doesn't like Diana at all for her somewhat arrogant character, and sees her as a rival, while Diana sees her as a simple lowly witch who doesn't understand the true meaning of magic. Akko is always trying to prove herself better than Diana. The fact that Diana is a much more competent witch is very frustrating to her. Another reason why Akko dislikes Diana is because she does not like Shiny Chariot, though unaware that Diana herself used to idolize Shiny Chariot. Despite their rivalry, Diana isn't derogatory towards Akko unlike Hannah and Barbara; instead of outright insulting her she criticizes Akko's dreams. Even so, their relationship seemed to improve upon Diana gaining some respect for Akko's passion and great determination.

Their bond further strengthens during the events of Diana's household succession crisis, where Diana sees Akko's unrelenting persistence on having Diana return to school. In return, Akko witnesses Diana's compassion towards everyone, even her enemies. With mutual respect established, Diana is no longer as harsh as she was to Akko.

In "Yesterday", Diana shows great concern for Akko, confronting her idol Chariot (Ursula Callistis) over the latter's seeming abandonment of Akko in her greatest time of need. Diana finally tells Akko the truth about her love of Shiny Chariot, and the two bond over their common passion, even as both recently had upsetting encounters with real-life Chariot. Diana gives Akko her precious premium Chariot card to remind Akko the truth of "A believing heart is your magic", which had inspired her to regain her own magic after it being absorbed by Chariot.

In "Tree of Leaves", Diana was shown to genuinely care about Akko. As Akko was knocked out of the Shiny Ballista by the Magitronic missile, Diana was in panic and even started sobbing until she saw that Akko was unharmed, relieving her tension. After magic is restored and the world has been saved, Diana is shown to jest about Akko's failure in broom flying, implying they have a close yet somewhat rivaling relationship now.


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