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Diamond Cutters are the friendship between Claire, Mimic, Slinger, Smithy, and Whisper from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.



Formed during the Eggman War, the Diamond Cutters took on particularly dangerous missions in order to help the Resistance from the shadows. They utilized stealth tactics against specific targets in order to cripple key parts of Eggman’s operation. To assist them, each member had their own personal Wisp partner and a custom-built Wispon for them to utilize. They also wore masks that not only let them communicate with each other and their Wisps, but also recorded video and allowed each member to see what the others were seeing during a mission. All of these were made by Smithy, who served as the group’s de-facto leader in addition to their crafter. Besides Smithy, Slinger was the team’s marksman, Claire was their psy-ops, Whisper served as the scout, and Mimic became the group’s infiltrator.

During their last mission with all of them alive, Mimic, Smithy, Slinger, and Claire infiltrated one of Eggman’s bases by Mimic shifting into the form of an Eggman robot while the other three pretended to be "its" prisoners. After destroying the guards, Claire used her ESP to detect where the remaining patrols were, with Whisper confirming the presence of one near the gate. Smithy ordered Mimic and Claire to enter the base and destroy it while he and Slinger stayed behind and destroyed the patrol. Whisper, providing overwatch, saw a tank coming up to the base before destroying it. Claire and Mimic eventually made it out of the base just as it exploded and they, along with Smithy and Slinger, managed to escape with Whisper clearing the way for them.

Unfortunately, Mimic wasn’t completely loyal to the cause of fighting Eggman and had actually secretly sided with him near the beginning of the war. He had been waiting for quite a while for a chance to dispose of them. Mimic eventually convinced the team to attack an Eggman base by saying it would blackout the doctor’s forces along the coastline. Despite Mimic saying all five of them had to be on the ground for the operation, Claire got a feeling something was not right and instead had Whisper hang back as lookout like usual. While Whisper initially thought to stop the mission, Claire admitted that they would not have gotten a second chance and decided to go through with it.

In the base, Claire found she was having a hard time detecting anything due to the base projecting alpha-waves. With Whisper revealing no enemies around the exterior, Slinger voiced concern that Eggman might have prepared for them, which Mimic "agreed" to but also pointed out that they were the only ones that could take the base down. Deciding both were right, Smithy ordered Mimic to scout for an ambush, which the infiltrator gladly did as he shifted into an Eggman robot and departed. Claire manages to find where the alpha-waves were coming from, only for her, Smithy, and Slinger to find tubes containing inactive Shadow Androids. Suddenly, they found themselves locked in the room as the androids activated and moved on them. Despite their best effort, Smithy, Slinger, and Claire were killed.

Whisper saw their deaths through their masks’ video function, as well as Mimic talking with Eggman during the massacre. She hid when Mimic went outside to look for her, only for him to only find her Wispon. Deciding that Eggman would not tell any of their masks from each other, Mimic walked back inside with his mask in hand (which he planned to say was Whispers). Sometime after that, Whisper returned to the base to retrieve all of her teammate’s Wisps (including Mimic’s who ran away) then went to their old base and took Smithy’s prototype for the Variable Wispon, which she used when she became the Resistance’s “Guardian Angel”.

Tangle & Whisper

Whisper, having been tracking Mimic while he has been trying to ruining Sonic’s heroic image, locates him in an abandoned Eggman bunker alongside her new friend Tangle. Being a trapped laid for her, Mimic wastes no time in separating Tangle from Whisper and confronting his former teammate with the help of one of Eggman’s robots. Whisper manages to destroy the robot and knock Mimic down. When she angrily demands to know where Tangle is, Mimic begins taunting Whisper by taking the forms of Slinger, Claire, and Smithy. In their forms, Mimic began mocking Whisper about letting them all die, claiming she had run away. Whisper responds by hitting Mimic—in Smithy’s form—in the stomach and retorting that he sold them out and she was going to make him pay. Before Whisper could finish the job, Mimic reminded her about Tangle being trapped in a safe and dared her to finish him off before the lemur ran out of air and the bombs he planted around the bunker go off. Not wanting to risk Tangle’s life, Whisper ran to save her and let Mimic escape.

Following the explosion, Whisper revealed to Tangle the history of her team and explained what happened to them. With this information, the two form a plan to defeat Mimic - which starts by leading him to the Diamond Cutter’s old base. While Whisper holds off the Eggman robots Mimic came with, Tangle manages to trap him in a room where she proceeded to play video recordings of Smithy, Slinger, Claire, and Whisper congratulating him and saying how proud they were of him, with Tangle wanting to know why he would betray his friends. Mimic responds by claiming they were not his friends, and the argument it causes evolves into a fight between the two that ends when Whisper arrives and pins Mimic down ready to kill him. Tangle, along with a glance at the masks of her former comrades on the wall, manage to get Whisper to back down as she formally declares that the Diamond Cutters are no more.


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Diamond Cutters isn’t especially popular, particularly due to over half of the participants being dead before the events of the comic. It is still well-liked by those that do support the ship since the few times we do see them together in flashbacks shows how tight-knit of a team they are. The fanart and fanfics that stem from this ship tend to depict possible interactions of the team from when they were alive. They also tend to show AUs where Mimic’s betrayal never happened and the entire group is still alive or other circumstances cause a different set of members to die.



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Clairisper refers to the ship between Claire and Whisper
Miminger refers to the ship between Mimic and Slinger
Mimisper refers to the ship between Mimic and Whisper
Slingsper refers to the ship between Slinger and Whisper
Smithsper refers to the ship between Smithy and Whisper


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