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DianaKate is the femslash ship between Diana and Kate Kane from the DC Comics fandom.


World's Finest

Kate is told that the organization she is looking for, is actually one creature: Medusa of Greek Legend. She tells this to the Director of the DEO, and suggests bringing in Wonder Woman. Meanwhile, Diana has just fought off a horde of monsters on a beach and goes into the ocean to wash off. She see's the top of a submarine, and becomes guarded, when Kate climbs out. Asking if she has a minute.

Kate takes Diana into the submarine and down below the surface. When they're less than a mile from their target, Diana says that Kate should be ready for what they find. Kate says that she might be better prepared for what they're facing if she knew what it was, and Diana explains that they're going to a prison that holds mythology's most dangerous villains. A place guarded by the amazons. Kate likens it to Arkham, and Diana says she can compare if she wants to. Diana says that Medusa should still be down there, and the person who gave her information was lying. Kate hopes so as well.

They enter and Kate asks if it's meant to be so quiet. Diana says it shouldn't as there should still be a guard. They find the bodies of the guards, and Kate says to look for survivors. Diana agrees and tells her to be careful. A minotour comes at them, which Kate attacks, but Diana stops her and tells her that he's a guard. They're then attacked by a bunch of creatures, and Kate asks what they are. Diana doesn't know and tells Kate to stay close to her. Kate tries, but the worms keep getting in the way. Diana calls to her, as Kate comes up with a plan. She tells Diana to close her eyes and take her hand. She lets off a flashbomb and the two are able to move. Kate then shoots their way through the wall and the two land on the beach outside. Diana comments that she needs some of Kate's gadgets, and Kate just says she can thank the DEO, when they're attacked by a creature. It dies and Diana says that they need to get out before they're swarmed. Kate's got that covered and calls the sub to them.

They arrive in the desrert and Kate aks if Diana is sure this is where they'll find the "Desert Son". Diana says that Hippolyta told her, and Kate clarifies all that she knows about him. She asks if Diana ever fought his brother, Falchion, but Diana hasn't. Kate has, and when she did he had blue blood. It told her something, Diana asks if she's referring to him not being human. Kate says no, that it taught her that even demigod's can bleed. So if Desert Son doesn't give them what they want, they can do the same to him and Diana agrees.

They get a dying Pegasus out to them, but he will only tell Kate where Medusa took the missing kids for a price. He asks for a Warrior's Death, and Diana says that she will. Kate says that she can't, but he gives them the answer of Gotham. Diana then lifts her sword as Kate says she can't but Diana kills him anyway. Kate says that there could have been another way, and Diana asks if she thinks it was muder. Kate isn't sure, and Diana says that she values life, and what she did was a mercy. Kate asks if there's a way for him to come back and Diana says that it's possible. Kate says she'll choose to believe and lights his body on fire.

Kate's angry that she dragged Diana all over the planet when Medusa was in Gotham, but Diana says that Kate can't blame herself. Medusa is powerful and will have to come out of hiding to complete her ritual. Kate asks if Diana is coming and Diana says they're going to make Medusa regret ever coming out of hiding.

They arrive in Gotham and start fighting Medusa's horde, when Kate starts to go after the Hydra. Diana stops her and says she's not going to be able to take it down. Kate says that it destroyed her home, and Diana assures her that she will take out the Hydra. But Kate has to find the missing children, and Kate says she's right. They then split up.

Medusa summons the mother of all monsters and Diana asks Kate if she knows what it is. Kate explains and asks if Diana knows of a way to defeat her. Diana isn't sure and Kate suggests they start with taking out Medusa. They shatter Bloody Mary then use her mirror remains to have Medusa turn herself to stone. Ceto, the mother of monsters, then comes from the ocean in the form of a woman. Ceto just wants to begin anew, but Diana thinks it will just end with death and destruction, and points a sword at her neck. Kate says that she can't know that, but Diana says it's how it always ends. Kate says Diana can change it and Diana decides to keep Ceto safe.

The DEO starts to arrive and Diana says that she should go. Kate tells her to wait and gives her the microcamera with all her footage on Diana. She explains that the DEO blackmailed her into keeping it, but it's not right for her to give it to them after everything. Diana is sure that Kate will find her way out of her situation, and that if she ever needs her, she can always ask. Kate says the same and Diana flies off.


Batwoman #13

  • Kate finds it hard to believe that she's next to Diana, basically a god.
  • Diana questions what she see's when she looks at Kate.
  • Kate thinks of all the questions she wants to ask Diana.
  • Kate thinks about staying back and letting Diana take over.
  • Kate wishes she was wearing Diana's outfit instead in the hear.
  • Diana fears never having half the courage of Kate.

Batwoman #14

  • Diana tells Kate to be wary of Pegasus.
  • Kate wishes she could tells someone how excited she is to work with Diana.
  • Kate's heart skips a beat when Diana says they're going after Medusa.

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #16

  • Kate mentions what Diana saw at the stadium.

Wonder Woman 753

  • Diana keeps a picture of Kate in her apartment.


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DianaKate is a rarepair in the DC Comics fandom. This is due to their limited interactions both in the comics and in adaptations.

On AO3, DianaKate is the seventh most written ship for Kate Kane and the seventeenth most written for Diana. It is also the third most written ship in Batwoman (Comics) tag.


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