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Diana x Zala is the femslash ship between Diana Prince and Zala Jor-El from the DC Comics fandom.


In a Dark Knights of Steel #2, Lois Lane arrives by ship on Amazon Island and tells Hippolyta she's unfortunately there to deliver bad news. She goes to Diana, who was sparring on the battlefield. Diana invites Lois to join her and Zala in a fighting session. However, Lois breaks the news to Zala-El, who is the Princess of House of El, that her father, Jor-El, was murdered. Diana immediately comforts Zala, telling her she'll be there for her no matter what. And the two share a passionate kiss before Zala goes flying away, crying.

Upon learning the news of her father's death, she later kills one of Black Lightning's sons at the Kingdom of Storms in an act of revenge. And this sets precedent for the beginning of a war amongst the gods. After this, Black Lightning goes to Diana's mother to tell her about what happened to his son, Diana doesn't believe Zala did it, since she thinks she would never do such a thing. So she flys away from Amazonia because she wants to personally know from Zala about this.

On her way, Diana has a confrontation with Poison Ivy, who asks her what she's doing in her forest. Diana simply replies with Zala's name. So when Harley Quinn, who is Poison Ivy's partner and who was there with her, asks her if she wants to harm Zala, Diana quickly remarks that she is there because she trusts Diana more than anyone and because she just wants to find out if the accusations against Zala are real or not.

At that moment, Zala appears asking what she's been accused of and this prompts Diana to ask her to talk. So they go somewhere private and Diana tells her about what happened. Zala denies everything because there's a chance that a shapeshifter could be impersonating her and she tells Diana that no matter what, they should always be on each other's sides, not letting their families separate them.


Diana x Zala is not such a popular ship for Diana, as it's overshadowed by her most popular ships. However, it is the most popular one for Zala. When their kiss was revealed in the Dark Knights of Steel comics, the ship got a lot of attention. Many fans of Diana started shipping this couple due to the supportive and loving relationship the two of them share. As of currently, there are no works in AO3 for the ship, as there barely are for Zala.



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