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Richard "Dick" Grayson also known as Nightwing and formally known as Robin and Batman is a character from the DC Comics, DC Animated Universe, Teen Titans, Young Justice and Titans fandoms.



Dick is the son of John and Mary Grayson, who were trapeze artists in Hayley's Flying Circus. Dick's family is killed by mob member Tony Zucco, and is taken in by billionaire Bruce Wayne. Bruce reveals himself to be Batman, and Dick decides he wants to join Bruce in hunting down his families killer by taking on the mantle of Robin. Dick fought by Bruce's side, eventually forming the Teen Titans with other teen superheroes; Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Speedy and Aqualad. When he was 18, he and Bruce got into a huge fight and he quit being Robin. He then took on the mantle of Nightwing, and while having reconciled with Bruce, he still operates mostly in Bludhaven rather than Gotham.

Dick is the older adoptive brother of Jason Todd, the second Robin who died after being Robin for two years. He later becomes the older brother of Cassandra Cain, the fourth Batgirl. He then becomes the adoptive brother of the third Robin, Tim Drake, who he already had a very close brother like bond with before his official adoption. When Damian Wayne, the fifth Robin, enters the picture, he becomes his older brother as well. When Bruce is believed to be dead, Dick takes up the mantle of Batman and takes on Damian as his Robin.

Dick has had many romantic relationships throughout the years. Most notably his engagement to Koriand'r aka Starfire. As well as his relationship with Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl and Oracle. He's also been romantically involved with Helena Bertinelli.



Chalant — the ship between Dick and Zatanna Zatara
DickBabs — the ship between Dick and Barbara Gordon
Dickdawn — the ship between Dick and Dawn Granger
DickKory — the ship between Dick and Koriand'r
Harleywing — the ship between Dick and Harley Quinn
RobBlack — the ship between Dick and Komand'r
RobRae — the ship between Dick and Rachel Roth
Robsilver — the ship between Dick and Toni Monetti
Traught — The ship between Dick and Artemis Crock
Wonderwing — the ship between Dick and Donna Troy


BBRob — the ship between Dick and Garfield Logan
BirdFlash — the ship between Dick and Wally West
ClarkDick — the ship between Dick and Clark Kent
DickConnor — the ship between Dick and Connor Hawke
Cyrob — the ship between Dick and Victor Stone
Dicknighter — the ship between Dick and Midnighter
DickRoy — the ship between Dick and Roy Harper
Dickstroke — the ship between Dick and Slade Wilson
Garth x Dick — the ship between Dick and Garth
Jeriwing — the ship between Dick and Joe Wilson
Nighthawk — the ship between Dick and Hank Hall
Raptor x Nightwing — the ship between Dick and Richard


RobstaRae — the ship between Dick, Koriand'r and Rachel Roth
BBRobRae — the ship between Dick, Garfield Logan and Rachel Roth
DickKoriBabs — the ship between Dick, Koriand'r and Barbara Gordon


Batfamily — the ship between Dick, Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle, Alfred Pennyworth, Jason Todd, Stephanie Brown, Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain, Damian Wayne and the other sidekicks of Batman
BWDG — the ship between Dick and Bruce Wayne
DickDami — the ship between Dick and Damian Wayne
DickJayTim — the ship between Dick, Jason Todd and Tim Drake
Drayson — the ship between Dick and Tim Drake
JayDick — the ship between Dick and Jason Todd



Wally West

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Slade Wilson

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