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“It was a sweet memory with a bitter ending.”
— Dimitri to Edelgard in Chapter 21: Our Chosen Paths

Dimigard is the het ship between Dimitri and Edelgard from the Fire Emblem fandom.



In Imperial Year 1171, at the age of nine, Edelgard was taken by her uncle, Lord Volkhard von Arundel, to Fhirdiad in the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus during the Insurrection of the Seven. Volkhard was one of the key conspirators against Edelgard's father, and with his help, Duke Aegir stripped the emperor of much of his power. Unbeknownst to Edelgard, her mother had also escaped to Faerghus under the alias "Patricia" and under unknown circumstances, married Dimitri's father, King Lambert.

Edelgard teaching Dimitri how to dance

During her stay in the kingdom with her uncle, Edelgard met and befriended Dimitri, the crown prince of Faerghus. Without knowing each other's stations, the two spent much time together during her exile and became incredibly close, with Edelgard teaching him how to dance.

Edelgard returned to the Empire in 1174 with her uncle, never learning that her mother was Dimitri's step-mother while Dimitri did not learn that she was his step-sister until years afterward. Before she departed, Dimitri gave her a dagger as a token of affection, which she has held onto since despite forgetting how she obtained it.

However, Edelgard's childhood afterward became more traumatic. Upon her return to the Empire, she soon found that her father had been reduced to nothing more than a political puppet. Alongside her ten siblings, she was subjected to painful Crest experiments by Those Who Slither in the Dark. Most of her siblings were driven mad from the experiments or died from exhaustion and by the end of it all, only Edelgard was able to survive and retain her sanity, resulting to her bearing a second Crest at the cost of her hair turning white and her lifespan being drastically shortened. These events would forever color her view of Crests, the Church of Seiros, and the caste system of Fódlan.

In Imperial Year 1176, an assassination of a number of Kingdom royals and nobles during a diplomatic mission to Duscur takes place. King Lambert, Queen Consort Patricia and Glenn, the firstborn of Duke Rodrigue. Crown Prince Dimitri bore witness to the massacre, and was the sole survivor of the tragedy. As a result of the slaughter, Dimitri then began to suffer from ageusia and survivor's guilt causing him to see and hear apparitions of the dead.

Edelgard pulls out the dagger to defend herself

Edelgard never learned that her presence in Faerghus was used by Cornelia to manipulate Patricia into conspiring with her to eventually cause the Tragedy.

Years later, both Dimitri and Edelgard enroll in the officers academy. In the year 1180, in Remire Village, Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude gets attacked by bandits while they were resting at camp. They come across Byleth and their Father, Jeralt who comes to their aid. As the battle ends, the bandit leader, Kostas recovers from his injuries and attempts to attack Edelgard. It is shown that as she was about to protect herself, she pulls out the Dagger Dimitri once gave to her. Byleth rescues Edelgard as Dimitri and Claude follow afterwards.

Academy phase

Depending on the route chosen, there is not much interaction shown between Dimitri and Edelgard outside of battle. Whenever they do interact however, it is usually when the three lords talk to each other. The three often find themselves in a bickering match but even more so when its Dimitri and Edelgard who tend to engage in debate. Even so, the two acknowledge each other's victory and skills in battle.

Black Eagles

Dimitri and Edelgard at the Ball

If Byleth has chosen to teach the Black Eagles, Byleth and Edelgard will be up against Dimitri during the mock battle and the Battle of the Eagle and the Lion. The Black Eagles claim victories in battle with Byleth's guidance. After the Battle of the Eagle and Lion, Dimitri and Claude will commend Edelgard's victory. Edelgard also acknowledges the two.

During the Ethereal moon, a ball is held. Dimitri and Edelgard will be seen dancing with their respective partners while the two dance in close proximity to each other. If Byleth chooses to meet with Edelgard in the Goddess tower, she will tell Byleth the legend of the tower and how important it was to her parents, nothing that it was love at first sight. If Byleth asks Edelgard who her first love is, she will them that it was a noble from the kingdom whose name she can't say (implied to be Dimitri) but she soon changes the subject.

Sometime before the events of White Clouds, Edelgard took on the guise of the Flame Emperor. As the Flame Emperor, she employed bandits led by Kostas in an effort to drive away the unnamed newly appointed professor of the Black Eagles and quite possibly, to kill Claude and Dimitri. However, the latter endeavor failed due to Byleth's and Jeralt's intervention. She forms an alliance of convenience with Those Who Slither in the Dark, as they both oppose the church, though she despises them for their callous attitude towards collateral damage.

After Edelgard reveals herself as the flame emperor, she leads an attack to steal the crest stones at the holy tomb, Byleth may choose to either kill or side with Edelgard. Whether Byleth sides with her or not, Edelgard will inevitably declare war on the Church of Seiros after ascending the throne as emperor. Dimitri fights beside Claude in the front lines to protect the Monastery from invasion.

Post Time Skip: Crimson Flower

After the Battle of Garreg Mach and the disappearance of Byleth, Garreg Mach falls into ruin, but Edelgard and the rest of the Imperial Army soon rehabilitate the former monastery and put it back into a running state, using it as their base of operations. She and the rest of her classmates spend the next five years in conflict with both the Kingdom and Church; the Alliance remained a neutral party, having people both for and against the Empire's actions. Upon Byleth return, they aid Edelgard in her conquest and is swiftly able to expand her reach.

Dimitri ascends the throne as King and lets Archbishop Rhea take refuge in Fhirdiad. The knights of Seiros and the Kingdom army join forces as opposed to Edelgard. Dimitri, who is fixated on killing Edelgard for her perceived involvement with those who caused the tragedy becomes consumed by revenge.

In Tailtean Plains, Dimitri intercepts the Imperial Army, while waiting for Rhea's forces to arrive as they are late due to the heavy downpour. Before the battle, Edelgard recalls with Hubert and Byleth how Dimitri had drastically changed from their days at the academy. She steels herself and declares that she will free Dimitri from the past that he clings unto.

Edelgard slays Dimitri

In the ensuing battle, Dimitri is defeated and Rhea's forces are routed. If Dedue was defeated after turning into a Demonic Beast, Dimitri curses Edelgard, accusing her of causing immense suffering and the death of her mother but Edelgard ignores his accusations and executes him herself. With Dimitri's last moments, he resentfully delivers his final words to her, calling her "El" one last time, the nickname he used to call her when they were children.

Following the aftermath of the battle, Edelgard recalls the losses of the battle. She expresses that she will see through to the end of this war for the sake of those who have lost their lives and for Dimitri as well. For a brief moment, she sheds tears, mourning Dimitri's death. She explains to Byleth that her uncle was responsible for warping him into nothing more than a vengeful king and that there wasn't anything she could've done about it. The least she can do is to end his suffering. She wipes her tears away and expresses that the "Edelgard who shed tears died many years ago". It is unknown whether Edelgard remembered Dimitri's identity or not. Whether she grieved for the Dimitri she once loved as a little kid or for the person she met at the academy is also unknown.

Blue Lions

Dimitri and Edelgard's history were mostly revealed in the Blue Lions route. If Byleth has chosen to teach the Blue lions, Byleth and Dimitri will be up against Edelgard during the mock battle and the Battle of the Eagle and the Lion. The Blue Lions claim victories in battle with Byleth's guidance. On multiple occasions, Dimitri will be shown to show concern for Edelgard's safety to which Edelgard interprets that he is underestimating her abilities. As Edelgard shrugs him off, Dimitri is disheartened. Byleth can cheer him up if they ask if they are concerned with Edelgard because of "Puppy Love" to which he laughs and tells them that he will tell Byleth more about it next time.

Some time later, Byleth, overhears Dimitri talking to Edelgard's uncle, Volkhard Arundel who also happens to be his uncle. The two bids each other farewell and Arundel expresses that even if they are not related by blood, family should look out for each other. When Arundel leaves, Dimitri calls out to Byleth that they should have joined in. To Byleth's confusion upon hearing that Dimitri's uncle is also Edelgard's uncle, Dimitri explains to Byleth the circumstances of his Father's marriage to Edelgard's mother. Dimitri asks Byleth that they keep the knowledge of his complicated relationship with Edelgard a secret.

On the Ethereal moon, during the ball, Byleth stumbles upon Dimitri outside. If Byleth asks him if he will dance with Edelgard, Dimitri will disagree. If they ask if he'll dance with Claude instead, he will laugh and take the Professor's question as a joke and he'll remark that he might spare a dance for Edelgard instead. Regardless of Byleth's questions to Dimitri, he brings up how Edelgard taught him how to dance when they were kids.

Upon discovering a dagger dropped by the Flame Emperor after the death of Jeralt, Dimitri begins to grow slightly unhinged as he recognizes it. He finally snaps upon learning that Edelgard is the Flame Emperor, and over time he becomes completely obsessed with killing her. He spends the next five years blaming Edelgard for the Tragedy of Duscur, thinking her death will appease the ghosts of his loved ones.

When he finally returns to his senses midway through the second half of the Blue Lions route, he begins to reconsider his animosity towards Edelgard after facing Cornelia and Edelgard's uncle Volkhard Arundel in battle, upon which he realizes both he and Edelgard were basically used as pawns by them. After revealing his connection with her to the rest of the Blue Lions, he expresses a desire to try to make amends with her and end the war peacefully.

Dimitri reaches for Edelgard

Before the second to last chapter, Dimitri and Edelgard finally speak and realize that their views of the world are too different to ever come to an agreement. However, Edelgard finally remembers Dimitri as her long-lost friend and first love, and thanks him for being the reason she never fully lost her heart. Dimitri gives her back the dagger he kept for the past five years.

During the final battle, Dimitri tells Edelgard he cannot pity her for the fact that she chose to turn herself into a monster just to win. However, she reverts to her human form once defeated. A cutscene occurs with Dimitri reaching out his hand to her, and Edelgard looking up at him for a moment before throwing the dagger at his shoulder, wounding him. He immediately cuts her down, and as he leaves the palace he's seen looking back at her in regret for a moment.

Side content

Three Houses Extra Drama CD: An Officer’s Academy Sleuthing Story

Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude work together to help Byleth find their missing keys. Dimitri and Edelgard are shown to be on good terms as they willingly cooperate with each other. As their next location for investigation is the fishing pond, when the group comes closer to the pond, Dimitri notices Edelgard's sudden uneasiness and asks if she is okay but she shrugs it off. Later on, a suspicious individual who is also after something from the pond attacks the group but his attack is deflected by Byleth. Byleth then chases after the culprit. In the ensuing chaos, Edelgard fell into the pond. Dimitri calls tells Claude to ask for help as he immediately jumps into the water to rescue Edelgard.


Dimigard is considered an antagonistic ship due to the two of them being on opposite sides during the war and Dimitri's animosity towards Edelgard in their respective routes. Canon-based fics skew heavily towards the hatesex or tragically unfulfilled romance tropes, especially Azure Moon where Dimitri's feelings for Edelgard are made very clear.

Other fans like to write fix-it fics where Edelgard survives Azure Moon so she and Dimitri can resolve their differences and eventually marry. Fics of Dimitri surviving Crimson Flower for the same purpose are much rarer.

Pre-timeskip sexual tension is also popular, as are AUs where the war never happened and Edelgard stayed in the kingdom. "Blue Lion Edelgard" was a fairly common request on the Kink Meme, though "Black Eagle Dimitri" fics where Dimitri ended up in the Empire pre-game have been requested as well.

Because Dimitri and Edelgard are very divisive characters and their respective fandoms are consistently at war with each other, the ship is not very popular. Dimitri fans tend to hate Edelgard for her actions in Crimson Flower and the fact that she isn't called out enough for their liking, while Edelgard fans resent Dimitri for not apologizing to her properly in Azure Moon. However, the fanbase it does have is quite devoted.

The ship was initially among the most commonly requested on the Three Houses Kink Meme, but has since quickly been buried under other, more popular ships for both characters.

Unfortunately, the ship has received much backlash not just because of its antagonism. Many tend to claim that the ship is ''incestuous" despite the two not being closely related, blood related nor were the two raised together. Despite the animosity, fans of the ship nevertheless, love the tragic dynamic of Dimitri and Edelgard, from childhood sweethearts to ruthless enemies, one or both of them will inevitably have to die to the other. Whether fans see them as platonic or romantic, most people can agree that the two had the most tragic relationship in the game.



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  • In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Byleth's Dimitri costume is the only one where the dagger is recolored. The color scheme matches the dagger Dimitri gave to Edelgard.
  • In the fourth Fire Emblem Heroes: Choose Your Legends popularity poll, Dimitri and Edelgard won 1st place for males and females division respectively.
  • Dimitri and Edelgard are put against one another in the final round of the 39th Voting Gauntlet (Brave Reprisals) in Fire Emblem Heroes in which Dimitri eventually emerges as the victor.