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DinahBabs is the femslash ship between Dinah Laurel Lance and Barbara Gordon from the DC Comics fandom.


Long Time Gone

Dinah is horrified at receiving a computer, but Babs tells her that she needs to get over her fear of tech eventually. Dinah says she doesn't, but Babs insists that it will make it easier for the two to work together. Dinah thinks Babs will think she's dumb, but Babs won't and has already set the computer up. Dinah just has to touch the screen. She does, and Babs notes that she's wearing her hair differently. Dinah is surprised that she can see her, and Babs explains that there's a video camera in it. Dinah asks why she can't see Babs then, but Babs says that her identity needs to be a secret, even from Dinah. Dinah then throws a towel on her computer, and it blocks the camera. This annoys Babs, but Dinah is satisfied.

Dinah scares Babs with a mask, and Babs tells her that she has something for her. Dinah says she's all ears, just tells her if she's going to freeze or boil. Babs says that she's going to Rheelasia, and Dinah figures that she's going to boil. Babs explains that she's going after Jackie Pajamas, and Dinah takes a boat there.

Dinah asks how Babs finds out all this information, and Babs explains that she made a program that cross references international agencies sources. Dinah asks if there's a rush on the assignment, and Babs tells her to enjoy her vacation while she can, because she's going to need to get close soon. Rheelasia isn't the tourist destination Dinah's hoping for, but a cesspool. Dinah says it's good Babs didn't work on the tourist board, and Babs warns Dinah to stay on her toes. Dinah thanks her for the warning and plans to go ashore that night, and suggest Pajamas might be into blondes. Babs tells her it's not a bait job, and Dinah says that every job is a bait job. Babs says that Pajamas is to dangerous to play with, and Dinah asks what she wants then. Babs wants a recon, and Dinah asks what they're looking for. Babs says she'll know it when she sees it, and Dinah says she'll call in later.

As Dinah sneaks in to the compound, she asks again what Babs is looking for. Babs suggests a safe, and Dinah says that she can't crack that. Babs says she has that covered, and just to find it. Babs switches the camera to infrared and notices a fridge that isn't on. Dinah opens it to find a set of stairs and heads down to find the safe. Dinah enters, but mostly find expensive clothes, only to also find jars of ears and fingers. Babs tells Dinah to get out, and after scanning the room she leaves. She then sees a helicopter land and stops to see who gets out. Babs knows the guy who gets out and explains that it's Jason Bard, her ex-fiance.


Birds of Prey

Issue #1

  • Babs is glad that Dinah didn't hear her email, because she might think it's an online romance.


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DinahBabs is decently popular among femslash DC fans. Specifically for Birds of Prey fans, and those who are fans of both women being queer.

On AO3, DinahBabs is the third most written ship for Dinah and the fourth most written for Babs. It is also the second most written ship in the Birds of Prey (Comics) and Black Canary (Comics) tags.



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