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DinahSiren is the femslash ship between Dinah Drake and Laurel Lance from the Arrow fandom.


Season 5


Dinah and Laurel fight hand to hand, till they eventually unleash their screams on each other. They end up flying back to opposite sides of the hall, Dinah hitting a shelf and being unable to get up right away. Laurel gets up and makes her way to Dinah. She thinks it's cute that Dinah thought she could replace, and is about to release her cry when Quentin shows up and knocks her out.

Season 6


After the police station was attacked, Dinah finds footage of Laurel being the leader. Oliver thought she died on the island, and Dinah says that she was, buried under rubble when they found her. John points out that she's alive and now working with Alex Faust, Dinah questioning why they would work together.

As the mercenaries are driving their getaway car, Dinah stands in the middle of the road and unleashes her canary cry, stopping the car in its tracks. Laurel steps out, complimenting Dinah's new outfit, before unleashing her own cry. They then start to fight as the rest of the men get out of the car. They continue to fight till Laurel gets a hand on Dinah's staff and is able to knock her out.

Later, Quentin enters the bunker and tells them that Laurel didn't get who she was after. Dinah says that he doesn't have to tell them, but Quentin believes that he does. He explains that back on Lian Yu, while searching through the temple with Quentin, Dinah was suddenly attacked by Laurel. She holds a knife to Dinah's neck and says hello to Quentin. She tells Dinah that she won't be able to scream, but she'll be to dead to care either way. Quentin then shoots her before she has the chance. Dinah then tells the others that she was told Quentin to lie about finding Laurel, so that it would be less painful.

At the Arrow Cave, Dinah drops down and is able to push Laurel's goons back with her cry. Laurel calls her a bitch, but Dinah says that it takes one to know one and the two start to fight. Laurel ends up beating her, and walks away as she blows up the place.


Dinah is with Curtis in the bunker when they get a ping on Laurel. She calls Rene and Diggle so they can stop her. They reach her location, and Dinah finds a body matching the other victims. Laurel then shows up and uses her cry on Dinah. Laurel says it's her mistake for dawdling, but wanted to hold the victims hand to the end since she was pretty. Dinah calls her a twisted bitch, which Laurel takes offense to. Dinah then unleashes her own cry, but Laurel is able to slip away before any of Team Arrow can catch her.


As Dinah reunites with Vincent, a bomb goes off and pins her beneath the rubble. Vince attempts to help her, but Cayden James then shows up with Laurel at his side. She blasts him back with her cry, impaling him on a spike rung as Dinah watches. Cayden then orders Laurel to kill Vince, which shocks her. He gives her a warning and she walks towards Vince as Dinah begs her not to. Laurel doesn't even give her a look as she screams into Vince's ear and kills him.

Later, Oliver goes to Dinah and tells her that they gained more information on what they can do. She doesn't care, and thinks that Vince died for nothing. She vows to kill all of them, starting with Laurel.


Laurel is packed and ready to leave when Dinah shows up in front of her. She figured out how to find her from Vince, and Laurel charges her through a glass plate. They fight and Dinah gets the upperhand, telling Laurel that it ends there when Quentin shows up. She tells him to stay out of it, and blasts him back with her cry. She's about to attack Laurel again, when an arrow shoots out and grapples Laurel. Oliver then appears and grapples Dinah before she can attack him. She yells at him for doing this when she almost had Laurel, but he explains that Cayden wants her and Diaz alive in exchange for not blowing up the city. He lets her go, and Dinah agrees to hold off on killing Laurel for a bit. They get a call from Felicity about Diaz, and the others decide to get him. Dinah says she's not letting Laurel out of her sight, and Oliver orders Quentin to stay with her.

Dinah hooks the meta-dampening collar around Laurel's neck, very pleased to have her caged. Laurel taunts her on how easy it was to kill Vince, when Quentin shows up asking what's going on. Dinah says she's counting down the minutes, and Quentin asks if she's referring to when she'll try and kill his daughter again. Dinah says that Laurel isn't his daughter, but a monster. Quentin says that she gave Vince a second chance, but Dinah hasn't seen anything that would make Laurel redeemable. Quentin still thinks that Laurel doesn't deserve to die, but Dinah thinks he's wrong and will kill her if Cayden doesn't.

Laurel is able to get out of the collar and uses her cry on everyone to get away. Dinah is the first to get up and chases after her. Dinah is able to catch up to her outside, and tells her to stop. Laurel finds her persistence annoying and unleashes her cry before they fight. Dinah seems to be winning when Quentin comes outside and tries to stop her, but she ends up wrestling his gun away from him. She fires a shot just as Laurel unleashes her cry again, knocking Laurel out, but getting hit wit the bullet in the stomach in the process.


As Oliver, Diggle, Felicity, Thea and Quentin are trying to get Laurel away, Rene Dinah and Curtis show up. Dinah says that she almost wishes that Laurel could use her cry, since now it seems to easy. Laurel says she doesn't need it to kill her. The two teams then get into a fight as Quentin ushers away Laurel. Dinah gives chase, and finds the two with Laurel collapsed on the ground. She knocks out Quentin and makes her way towards Laurel and hits her with her staff. She grabs Laurel's head and asks if that's what it felt like before she killed Vince. Laurel tries to says she's sorry, but Dinah thinks they're far past that. Just as she's about to scream, Curtis shows up and tries to convince her to stop, but Dinah wants justice for Vince. Curtis tells her to look at what's happened, and begs her one more time. Dinah gives in a lets go of Laurel, ready to take her in. Laurel says she's not going back in a cage and lets out her cry, knocking them aside so that she can get away. They stand up and Dinah says they can still get her, when Oliver and Diggle show up to stop them.


Quentin goes up to answer the door, and Laurel is there. Dinah shows up behind him as Laurel asks to speak with him. Dinah says yes since she's got a lot to say, but Laurel tiredly asks not to have a screaming match since she's just there about Diaz.


Oliver unlocks the cage that hold Quentin a Laurel, so that Dinah can get inside. As Dinah enters, Laurel immediately comes on guard. Dinah thrusts her staff forward, but instead of hitting Laurel, she breaks the meta dampening collar off of her. They both lift up a bleeding out Quentin and start to make their way out. As several of Diaz's men try and get to them, they unleash their cries and knock them out. Dinah then hand Laurel a gun and fights off more of the men that come towards them, Dinah returning to Quentin's side and helping Laurel get him out.

Season 7


702 DinahSiren (1)

Dinah goes to the DA's office in search of Laurel. Laurel doesn't really pay attention, only telling her that she'll get to one of her officers on a case when she has the chance. Dinah says that's not why she's here, and is chewing out Laurel for ditching her protective detail. Laurel says that they got sick, but Dinah knows that Laurel was the cause, since they had hearing loss. Laurel feigns concern, as Dinah tell her that she's in more danger since the longbow hunters arrived, and Diaz isn't far behind. She doesn't care if Laurel dies, but she's the DA, so she has to protect her. She emphasis how dangerous Diaz is by bringing up Quentin, which Laurel takes offense to, and that she can take care of herself. Dinah sits down at Laurel's desk, becoming Laurel's own personal guard. Laurel asks if babysitting is below Dinah's pay grade. Dinah says that it is, but the SCPD has to keep her safe, whether she likes it or not. Laurel reluctantly agrees and asks if Dinah could make herself useful and get her some coffee. Dinah says that's never happening.

Dinah returns from her coffee break to Laurel's empty office. She asks a passing employee where Laurel is, and he says that Laurel said that she needed some air. Dinah angrily hands him her coffee cup and storms out.

702 DinahSiren (2)

Dinah enters a construction zone, gun drawn, when Laurel appears behind her. She asks why Dinah is there, and Dinah asks her the same. Laurel then asks how Dinah found her, Dinah saying that she's a cop, then asking where they are. Laurel explains that it was owned by Diaz, and it would be his own personal castle. Dinah asks if Laurel thinks Diaz is in there, and Laurel says yes. Dinah tells her to call it in, but she doesn't want to, since it's her fight. Dinah realizes that Laurel is going to kill Diaz, and tells her that SCPD should be taking him down. Laurel doesn't care, only wanting to take out the monster that killed Quentin. Dinah confronts Laurel on how she pretended to be Earth-1 Laurel, and that deep down she's still the person who killed Vince. Laurel says that she's no longer that person, but she's still going to get justice for Quentin, and Dinah can't stop her. She walks away and enters the building. Dinah pauses for a moment before pulling out her gun and following Laurel.

702 DinahSiren (3)

The two enter the building, splitting up as they search for Diaz. Laurel is eventually found by Silencer and the two fight. Dinah finds them, just as Laurel is thrown aside, and uses her canary cry on Silencer, but it doesn't work. Laurel gets up and they both use their cries at the same time, breaking whatever barrier Silencer has put up. Silencer gets away, and Dinah asks Laurel if she's okay. Laurel says she's fine, leaving the two women to question what Silencer had just done.

Dinah is in her office, looking over the new Green Arrow case, when Laurel walks in. She thanks Dinah for the back up, and she'll accept protection from the SCPD with only mild complaining. Dinah appreciates that, and asks if Laurel needs anything else. Laurel is about to walk away, but turns back. She tells Dinah that even though Quentin wasn't her real dad, it still hurt that he died, since he was the first person who cared about her in so long. She started to realize how Dinah had felt after Vince's death, Dinah telling her to stop. Laurel says that she's sorry for what she did, and Dinah doesn't have to forgive her. She hopes that Dinah will see that she's no longer that person and leaves. Dinah sits at her desk, tears in her eyes and thinking about Laurel's words.


Laurel enter SCPD asking Dinah if they can talk. Dinah asks if it's about a case, when Felicity walks up. Dinah is confused to when Felicity and Laurel became friends. The two joke that they made a support group for women attacked by Diaz or his assassains, and if she wanted to join. Dinah rejects their offer, telling Felicity to get back into Witness Protection and Laurel to go back to Earth 2. Felicity says that they're working together, and need her help. Laurel explains that Felicity is being denied access to see Oliver, and the only thing they could find was a psychiatric doctor. They want her to look into him. Dinah asks what makes them think he's shady, Laurel quickly explaining that the prison doesn't have a psyciatric program. Dinah agrees to let them go through the hard copies at SCPD.

705 DinahSiren

Dinah starts telling Felictiy that if they don't find anything in the records, they can go to the FBI. Laurel interupts and jabs at the FBI's lack of speed. Dinah gets in her face and asks if she has a better idea. Laurel says that she could get the US attourney to get slabside to release all of their records. Dinah says that would take even longer. Felicity starts to freak out over not worrying about Oliver, and Dinah and Laurel stop their bickering to comfort her.

Dinah, Felicity and Laurel watch the news report on slabslide's prison abuse. Laurel says that they have all the evidence to lock away the doctor behind it all, making Dinah realize that the PR nightmare slabside is having can be beneficial. Laurel concluding that it can be used to appeal Oliver's case.


Laurel is about to attack the judge who denied Oliver's appeal when Dinah shows up, noticing how angry she looks. Dinah tells her that she should cool off, but Laurel just yells at her to move out of the way. Dinah says that she looked like she was going to use her canary cry and do something she would regret, especially as the DA. Laurel says that she's not an attorney, as Dinah has reminded her. Dinah notes that she did look like one in court, but Laurel says that it doesn't matter since Oliver isn't getting out. She starts towards the judge, but Dinah blocks her and asks if she actually heard what she was saying in the courtroom. Dinah could tell that Laurel was speaking from her heart, being a criminal is easier than being a hero, but Laurel had been choosing good this whole time. Laurel asks why Dinah cares, she's always seen the dark side of her. Dinah tells Laurel that she didn't believe that Laurel had changed till she saw her in the courtroom, throwing it all away because things are getting hard, would be a mistake. Laurel tells her to never come see her in court again and walks away.


Laurel enters the police department, and asks Dinah why whatever she wanted to say couldn't be done with a call. As they walk to her office, Dinah asks if Laurel remembers their conversation about rules and how sometimes the right way is the hard way. Laurel feels a lecture coming on, and Dinah tells her that they can't use a confession because it was coerced by Laurel. Laurel says that she's cleaning up the city, but Dinah tells her that she is an officer of the law and has to play by the rules. There is a chance to turn the city around, but it won't happen if their D.A. is a criminal. Laurel reminds her that they were all guilty, and asks if letting them go is worse than her bending the rules to make sure the charges stick. Dinah says yes, because they could all get off on technicalities because of her. Laurel reluctantly agrees, but knows that Dinah brought it up for a reason. Dinah says that she did, and told her that one of Gonzalez's lieutenants is looking to make a deal, and Dinah wants the Kingpin behind bars, just as long as Laurel does it the right way.

Laurel looks over the man in custody, asking Dinah if she really wants to make a deal for Hernandez, but Dinah reminds her of the bigger picture. Dinah watches Laurel try make a deal with him, but when he mentions Quentin and insult his death, Laurel gets angry. Dinah notices, runs in and holds Laurel back from attacking him. She tells her that it's enough and they end the session.

Dinah enters Laurel's office, who roles her eyes and asks if she's getting another lecture. Dinah tells her that Hernandez was found dead an hour ago, and Laurel asks if she's supposed to be upset. Dinah says that's why they had him in custody, until they were made to turn him loose. Laurel says that he made bail, and since Dinah said she had to do things the right way, she let him go. Dinah tells her that his death actually spooked one of the other lieutenant's in Gonzalez's gang, and he is willing to testify. Laurel accuses Dinah of thinking she killed him, and Dinah isn't hearing a denial. Laurel says that she shouldn't have to give one, and has done enough to be give the benefit of the doubt. Dinah says that the look she gave Hernandez was the same look she gave Vince before she executed him. Laurel becomes frustrated, since no matter what she does, Dinah is only going to see her as Black Siren. Dinah says that she's right and apologizes. She doesn't know who Laurel is, but she doesn't think that Laurel does either, and that's what scares her.


As Laurel and Shadow Thief take the diamonds, Dinah appears and tells them that they don't belong to her. Laurel asks if Dinah is gonna stop them, but Dinah just asks her not to do it. Laurel says that she thought Dinah would be happy, since it would me that she was right about her. They're about to attack when Sara Lance shows up and unleashes her canary cry. They get into a fight, but Laurel and Shadow Thief get away.

Felicity goes to Dinah at SCPD, and apologizes for not telling her about Sara. She just thought that if anyone could get to Laurel it would be her sister. Dinah can't believe that Felicity believes that Laurel is capably of redemption, but Felicity thinks she's being harsh, since Dinah accused her of murder. Felicity thinks that they should have been a better support system for Laurel, but Dinah says that Laurel isn't Black Siren because they were bad friends. Every choice she made is entirely on her, not them. Felicity thinks that Dinah feels guilty, but Dinah thinks that she needs to drop her blinders. She then gives Dinah info on Shadow Thief.

Laurel is in a warehouse when Dinah and Sara appear. She rolls her eyes as Dinah tells her that it's not too late. Laurel says that she's sick of hearing it and throws an explosion at them. She's able to get to the weapon, but is confronted by Felicity. Dinah and Sara show up behind her and asks what she's doing there. Felicity says that if Dinah is okay with people dying she might as well start with her. Dinah and Sara then join her, saying the same. Laurel then changes her mind and helps Dinah take out Shadow Thiefs hires men, to buy Felicity time and escape.

In the Arrowcave, Laurel, Felicity and Dina, pour champagne, Dinah giving a toast to Laurel. She thanks her for the help, and apologizes for doubting her. Laurel says that it means a lot, but wishes they'd been able to get shadow theif. Dinah says that they'll get her next time, and Laurel asks if that means she's not getting arrested. Dinah says that the evidence says that she didn't kill Hernandez, and went undercover, surprising Dinah more than anyone. Laurel thanks her, as Felicity says that things can go back to normal. Laurel says that it can't, and informs them that she's going back to Earth-2 to right her wrongs.

Season 8


Rene asks if they think they changed things for the future, and Laurel speculates on if it's in a baby hitler or butterfly effect way. Dinah asks Rene if he wants her to stop training Zoe, but Rene says that he won't be able to anymore than he can stop running for office or Dinah to stop being a cop. Laurel suggests not stopping, but just trying to do the good stuff. Dinah says that the Canary Network isn't a bad idea and might end up being useful.


In a time loop dream, Laurel and Oliver discover a bomb under the police station. The third time through, Dinah and Laurel head beneath the building. They discover that it needs to be disrupted on a certain frequency, and Dinah gets and idea. She uses the cry on her cuff and deactivates it. Laurel smiles and says that they did it. Dinah gives her a tilt of the head, and Laurel reluctantly admits that Dinah did it, but not without a smile on her face.


Dinah hears something while trying to help Roy and goes off to find the cause. She holds her gun out, ready to shoot, but sees it's just Laurel. She's glad to see that Dinah's not dead, but might be speaking too soon. Dinah says that Rene is okay, but Roy might not be. Laurel says that they need to keep moving, and Dinah asks if she found who shot down the plane. Laurel says that dead island "friends" of Oliver's caused it, and Dinah sarcastically says "of course". She asks where Oliver is, and Laurel explains that he went after them and left her to bring back the plutonium.

They head back to Connor and Diggle, who are trying to lift the engine off of Roy, but to no avail. Laurel and Dinah warn them that they're running out of time, and need to move. They then hear noise, and Dinah says that she and Laurel will distract the men, while the boys cut Roy's arm.


Laurel enters The Fishnet and asks the bartender to speak to the owner. He points to the stage where Dinah is doing a performance. She see's Laurel and after a moment of hesitation finishes the song. The crowd gives her a cheer as she does.

They head up to Dinah's place, Laurel completely amazed. Dinah says it's got a good view, and is right above the bar. Laurel is more confused as to how she ended up a bar owner, and when she learned to sing. Dinah jokes that they didn't do much Karaoke back in 2020 and asks how she found her. Laurel says that it was Sara, since she'd found Dinah several months ago, but didn't want to come back to the present. Dinah explains that the day after Oliver's funeral, she woke up in 2040 with no explanation, and found out that according to records, she doesn't exist. Laurel asks how that's possible, but Dinah doesn't know. There's just no trace of her, or the Black Canary. Laurel asks if she's okay with that, but Dinah decided to find the lack of identity freeing instead of sad. Laurel find Dinah's zen a bit creepy, which Dinah is okay with. Dinah says that there hasn't been crime in Star City in decades, but Laurel tells her that Helena's daughter, Bianca Bertinelli was kidnapped. Dinah asks why they would do that, but Laurel doesn't know. She just needs Dinah's help. Dinah asks if Laurel really came all the way to the future to rescue Bianca, when Laurel pulls out a tablet that shows Star City in 2041, in flames and at war with itself. Dinah doesn't understand how this can happen because Bianca gets kidnapped, but Laurel tells her it happens because she dies. Dinah says that she thought that part of her life was over, and Laurel suggests doing it for Oliver instead of herself. Dinah agrees, and Laurel says that they now just needs one more person. She'll tell her who on the way and asks if she has something nice to wear.


Season 5

Lian Yu

  • Laurel winks at Dinah.
  • Dinah watches Laurel bring in Oliver.
  • Dinah tells Quentin that he didn't have to knock out Laurel.

Season 6

The Fallout

  • Dinah tells Quentin that drinking isn't what Laurel would have wanted.
  • Dinah says that she doesn't know why Quentin think that Laurel is targeting him.
  • Dinah suggests heading to Laurel's last known location to try and find some clue of where she is.
  • Laurel left a map for Dinah and Diggle to find.
  • Dinah suggests to Quentin she look alone since she might find Laurel.
  • Dinah insists that Quentin saved her from Laurel.


  • Dinah recognizes Laurel's handy work right away.
  • Dinah reminds Diggle that Black Siren isn't Laurel.


  • Diggle tells Dinah to go stop Laurel.
  • Quentin tells Dinah how he didn't take the chance to take out Laurel.

The Devil's Greatest Trick

  • Dinah beats down several men to try to find Laurel.
  • Laurel gives Dinah a smile as the others decide she has to live.
  • Dinah asks Laurel if she likes the collar around her neck.
  • Dinah tells Quentin that Laurel better be there when she returns.
  • Laurel comments that Dinah probably doesn't like her, and Quentin says that there's a reason for that.
  • Laurel tells Quentin that Dinah is right about her never changing.
  • Dinah and Quentin move Laurel to Cayden's hideaway.
  • Dinah suggest finding Laurel as their first priority and believes her confession to Cayden.
  • Dinah believes that Laurel has blindsided everyone else.

Collision Course

  • Dinah ignores Curtis' concerns about her vengeance on Laurel.
  • Oliver and Dinah watch the footage of Laurel taking the money.
  • Dinah doesn't think that Oliver can get the money from Laurel, since he just sees his Laurel.
  • Dinah, Rene and Curtis find a way to figure out what happened to Laurel.
  • Dinah becomes angry over loosing Laurel.
  • Dinah tells Curtis to find Laurel no matter what.
  • Curtis assures Laurel that they'll find Laurel and bring her in.


  • Thea accuses Laurel of being afraid of Dinah.
  • Dinah asks her captain to be put on Laurel's case.
  • Laurel asks Quentin if he's there to protect her from Dinah, as Dinah watches on.
  • Dinah asks Laurel's doctor if the original Laurel died in the hospital.
  • Dinah thinks Quentin is delusional for trying to change Laurel.
  • Dinah opens the curtain to find Laurel gone.
  • Dinah tries to find someone who might know where Laurel is.
  • Dinah realizes that she can't find Laurel because bent cops took her.
  • Dinah accuses Laurel of leading them into a trap.

Life Sentence

  • Oliver tells Dinah that it's their job to keep Laurel safe, and thank Dinah for putting her vendetta aside.

Season 7

The Demon

  • Laurel says that working with her and Felicity would be empathy, Dinah's pretty sure that's not what they're working on
  • While going through files, Laurel makes a jab about the SCPD being late to the digital age, which annoys Dinah
  • Laurel and Dinah both suggest finding a different way to help Oliver
  • Laurel takes the USB drive from Dinah's hand.

Due Process

  • Dinah and Larel both rescue Anatoly.
  • Dinah defends Laurel to Diggle.
  • Dinah tells Laurel that since she's the DA she could have been exposed and needs to step back.
    • Dinah looked guilty for taking this stance.
  • Dinah enters the courtroom and watches as Laurel makes an appeal for Oliver's case.


  • Dinah clarifies to Lyla that they're now "frenemies" with Laurel.
  • Dinah tells the mayor that the DA, Laurel, is going to side with her.

Past Sins

  • Dinah tells Laurel that Collins is in lock up.
  • Laurel thanks Dinah and Felicity for their help.

Star City Slayer

  • Dinah mentions that Laurel got a similar not to her and Rene.
  • Dinah tells Team Arrow that Laurel is at a conference in DC.


  • Laurel comments that Dinah takes the fun out of everything.

Lost Canary

  • Dinah watches the news report on Laurel.
  • Dinah tells Felicity that Laurel's DNA was found all over the murder scene.
  • Dinah believes that she and Laurel were doing good work together.
  • Dinah wants to bring Laurel to justice.
  • Dinah still doesn't believe in Laurel.
  • Felicity comments on Dinah not having Laurel's back.
  • Laurel says that it's too bad that Dinah doesn't have her cry anymore.
  • Dinah and Laurel ask Sara why she's there.
  • Laurel tells Sara and Dinah to stay away from her.
  • Laurel says that she'll keep Dinah and Felicity away.
  • Dinah assumes that Laurel and Shadow Thief are behind the door.
  • Dinah says that they're lucky that Laurel is rusty.
  • Dinah still believes that Laurel is a monster.
  • Dinah doesn't believe that Laurel ever wanted their support.
  • Future Dinah tells Mia that she made a mistake with Laurel, by turning her back on her, and vowed to never do it again.
  • Dinah tells Laurel that they're stronger together.
  • Dinah gives another toast for Laurel.
  • Dinah sent Laurel to watch Mia.

You Have Saved this City

  • Dinah and Laurel stand next to each other while looking over the computer.
  • Dinah stands behind Laurel as she uses her Canary Cry.

Season 8

Present Tense

  • Dinah can't believe that Laurel's whole earth is gone, and wonders why the monitor didn't bring her over.
  • Laurel and Dinah bust into the Deathstroke headquarters at the same time.
  • Dinah and Laurel both ask why Connor, Mia and William were alone in the Deathstroke headquarters.
  • William tells Dinah and Laurel that they had a whole network of canaries.
  • Dinah and Laurel sit next to each other while discussing the plan to take down Grant.
  • Laurel and Dinah get Big Belly Burger at the SCPD.


  • Laurel watches Dinah's plane go down.
  • Dinah and Laurel treat Rene's injuries.

Green Arrow and the Canaries

  • Dinah finishes the phrase "I'm in love with you", just as she see's Laurel.


Laurel“God, you are such a bitch.”
Dinah“Yeah, it takes one to know one, sweetheart.”
— Fallout
Dinah“That is not why I'm here and you know it.”
Laurel“Aww, did you miss me? So, sweet.”
— The Longbow Hunters
Laurel“You might as well make yourself useful while you're here and go get me a coffee. Two sugars, no cream.”
Dinah“That's never happening.”
— The Longbow Hunters
Dinah“Did you even bother to listen to yourself in court? You spoke from your heart. Big surprise, by the way, you do have one. You said "the hardest thing to do was to be a hero when no one expects you to be. The easier path is to be a criminal."”
Laurel“What do you care, anyway? If anyone knows the true me, the real me, it's you.”
Dinah“You know you've been telling people for six months now you've changed. It wasn't till I saw you in that courtroom that I actually believed it. Do not throw that away just because it's getting hard now.”
— Due Process


Sonny | Julianna Harkavy
Laurel enters The Fish Net to a singing Dinah.


The ship is more rare in the Arrowverse fandom. It gained more popularity during season 7, when they started to have less hostile moments between them.

The fandom for the ship took off during the backdoor for Green Arrow and the Canaries, as the episode focused mostly on interactions between the two and took up most of the screen time. Most took note of how many of their interactions played into tropes that couples normally fall into. Fans also realized that the Julianna (Dinah) and Katie (Laurel) had a lot of natural chemistry that could easily transfer to a romantic relationship. Shippers of the two hope the series would pick up, if for nothing else, than just to see the two interact more.

On AO3 it is the most written ship for Dinah and Earth-2 Laurel. It is also the most written ship in the Green Arrow and the Canaries (TV) tag.



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  • When Roswell Showrunner, Carina MacKenzie, asked asked if Dinah and Laurel were gonna fall in love in a post crisis universe, Arrow showrunner, Beth Schwartz responded that if Green Arrow and the Canaries got picked up, they'd find out[1]. Additionally Julianna Harkavy (Dinah) responded with a "Love You!!!!" followed by several heart emoji's[2].





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