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DinahZee is the femslash ship between Dinah Laurel Lance and Zatanna Zatara from the DC Comics fandom.



Zatanna is practicing her magic on a mountain top when she comes across Dinah, who says that she's interrupting her t'ai chi. Zatanna apologizes and asks how Dinah got up there. Dinah says that she climbed, and Zatanna says she got up there with magic. Dinah thinks it must be nice to wiggle her nose and get wherever, but Zatanna says she has to say her spells backwards. Dinah thinks that's contrived. Zatanna starts going through how she does her magic, but Dinah interrupts to pelt her with a snowball. Zatanna fight back by flipping Dinah, and Dinah says to chill since it was just a snowball.

Dinah asks why Zatanna is on Everest and Zatanna explains that she has to take a mystical right of passage. Zatanna asks why she's there, and Dinah just wanted to prove that she could do it. She had already made her way though most of the continent, and Zatanna points out that she could have been killed. Dinah says that no one would miss her, and Zatanna asks if her parents know she's out there. Dinah quickly cleans up her stuff and says that Zatanna can have the tent if she wants it. She introduces herself, and Zatanna does the same. Dinah is sorry that Zatanna has a name like that, and that she'll be able to call for help no problem.

Years later when Zatanna joins the Justice League, Dinah is is happy to see that she made the cut and decides to show her around the satellite. They're interrupted when there's a mission alert, and Dinah decides to stay with Zatanna. Zatanna feels a bit overwhelmed, and Dinah asks if she remembers when they first met. Zatanna does and Dinah reminds her how she proved that she was capable then and that she'll be just fine. They're then interrupted when the Key shows up to free the prisoners. Dinah fights him, and Zatanna is able to steal his equipment so that Hal can capture him.


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DinahZee is a rarepair in the DC Comics fandom, and a rairpair for both Dinah and Zatanna. This is due to their very limited interactions, and both having prominent love interests already. Those that do ship it are fans of Chilhood Romance ships. Some also joke about how they get along just based on the fishnets alone.

On AO3, DinahZee has 16 works.



Zatanna/Dinah tag on AO3


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