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Diopucci is the Slash ship between Dio Brando and Enrico Pucci from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fandom.


In chapter 94 of Stone Ocean, Pucci and Dio are seen laying in bed together.

Dio tells Pucci that with his ability he could take his Stand anytime he wanted. He grabs his wrist tightly asking if he'll betray him one day. Pucci refuses to take Dio's stand disk, explaining that he'd never betray him because he wants to see him grow. He also tells him that he loves him as much as he loves God.

Dio states that Pucci is someone he can trust from the bottom of his heart. Pucci's actions in Stone Ocean are to resurrect Dio and finish his goal of achieving heaven.

In the video game Eyes of Heaven, Dio and Pucci hold hands for their Dual Heat Attack animation.

During Hirohiko Araki's Eureka 2007 interview, he states Dio is attracted to men, and hints Dio has had many such relationships, which could possibly include his relations with Pucci.


On AO3 DioPucci is the 3rd most written ship for Dio and the 1st most written for Pucci. DioPucci's main rival ship is JonaDio.

On the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Encyclopedia they posted a poll on what people's favorite ship was in the story. Diopucci was one of the ships and won second place.



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  • The song "Still Of The Night" by the band Whitesnake was used as a reference for creating the relationship between Dio and Pucci. The song is about a person staying away from the sun and falling in love.


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