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Ditemis is the femslash ship between Diana and Artemis from the DC Comics fandom.


The Enemy of Both Sides

Diana takes Nayeli to a bar where there is fighting going on inside and Diana explains the history of the Bana-Mighdall. Nayeli asks if she was friends with the woman as they enter and see Artemis. Diana says that they weren't exactly friends, and Artemis tells Diana to leave. She asks why she's here and Diana informs her that Atalanta is alive. Artemis and Diana talk outside where Diana tells her what Nayeli found, and Artemis vows to save Atalanta.

They get to the temple and Diana hears children's voices inside. Artemis says that it's all a trick, but Diana doesn't want to risk leaving them. Artemis gives in, but wants it done quickly, since that's not why they're there. They run ahead but instead find a sentry and the three start to fight it. Artemis calls upon the Bow of Ra to fight the sentry but Diana uses the lasso of Truth to stop her. Artemis says she's overstepping but Diana says it's too dangerous to use the bow. Diana says she doesn't need it, and Artemis gives in, but their conversation isn't finished.

As Diana fights Tezcatlipoca, Artemis uses the bow of Rao again, saying that Diana is wrong and it won't kill her. Diana calls for her to stop since it will, but is quickly knocked aside by Tezcatlipoca. Diana slowly recovers and says that she won't lose anyone else to the bow, but Artemis says that she knows the risks, and they're loosing anyway. Diana comes up with a plan, but won't risk Artemis or Nayeli, but Artemis says that Diana won't be doing it alone.

When they defeat Tezcatlipoca, Artemis asks what they'll do now. Diana points out Artemis' burns and Artemis says it was worth it. Artemis asks if Atalanta will be taken back to Themyscira, but Diana respects that she's a Bana-Mighdall, and Artemis says that's a first.

As they fly over the ocean, Artemis comments that Diana should have let her do so. Diana says they're on course, but is surprised that the Bana-Mighdall are still in Qurac. Artemis says they'll move when they're ready, and will use the time to strengthen themselves. Diana doesn't think Themyscriran's could adapt the way the Bana-Mighdall have and Artemis says there's a reason why they left.


Wonder Woman #52

  • Diana agrees with Artemis that the temple couldn't hold an Amazon.
  • Artemis tells Diana that the temple is providing them with distractions.

Wonder Woman #53

  • Artemis makes fun of Dina for joining the fight.
  • Diana agrees with Artemis that the threats are adorable.
  • Diana informs Artemis that they've reached their goal.
  • Diana tells Artemis she's trying to aim the bow.


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Ditemis is a rarepair in DC and Wonder Woman fandoms. In fan fiction, the two are typically a background pair, or one of the two's past relationships. Fans of the ship are drawn to their snarkier friendship, and enjoy the smaller moments between the two.

On AO3, Ditemis is the fourth most written ship for Artemis.


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  • Artemis took over the mantle of Wonder Woman after Hera took it away from Diana.


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