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DjWifi is the het ship between Nino Lahiffe and Alya Cesáire from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


Nino and Alya are Adrien and Marinette's best friends respectively. In the first episodes they are only friends (there aren't many interactions between them), however since the episode "Animan" it is evident that they started a romantic relationship.

Season 1

They are first portrayed as friends and seemed to have no romantic interest in each other, even having disagreements from time to time. In the episode "Animan" Nino is romantically interested in Marinette but he is unable to confess to her, causing him to tell her that he is interested in Alya, she seemed disgusted as she only thought of him as a brother. However, after they are locked in a zoo cage all the afternoon they have seemed to change their mind as they discovered how much in common they have, but they didn't give much details about it.

In later episodes they'll hug when scared or in danger, but we don't see much of them still.

Season 2

In the episode "Despair Bear" they dance together. In the episode "Glaciator" is confirmed that they are a couple when they go to get an ice cream to André's cart. In episode "Zombizou" when Alya gets infected Nino stays with her, sacrificing himself saying "this isn't the first time we are in trouble together". In "Anansi" they are seen dancing in sink to a dancing video game before Nino tells an over protective Nora, Alya's older sister, that he'll keep her safe should danger come their way during the fireworks, and when Nora gets Akumatized Nino keeps to his vow as he does what he can to save Alya before Ladybug pulls him away so she could privately lend him the Turtle Miraculous; in which gave him a fair fighting chance to save Alya as Carapace. The words that Carapace said shortly after he freed Alya had unintentionally told her that the new Turtle-themed superhero could be her boyfriend Nino; after Anansi was defeated Alya communists on Nino's heroics and while he tries to deny it as a means to hide his new superhero identity Alya whispers into his ear "I know perfectly well what you're like".


They are the second most popular ship (after the love square), but there isn't much fan art or fanfictions about them. In fanfictions they are often portrayed as being very supportive with each other and overall a perfect couple, in many scenarios they are married but only serve as secondary characters.



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