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DonnaKory is the femslash ship between Donna Troy and Koriand'r from the DC Comics and Titans fandoms.


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Titans Season 1


As Kory is about to attack Rachel, Donna uses her lasso and stops her. Kory tries to pull on the lasso to bring Donna forward, but Donna uses it herself and is able to knock Kory out. When Kory wakes up and leaves the house, Donna throws a star at the truck she took, which has a tracker in. She and Dick then hop in the car and go after her.

While they follow her, Donna says she's sorry that she was right about Kory wanting to kill Rachel. Dick says that this isn't like Kory, and Donna immediatly assumes he's sleeping with her. She points out his thing for dangerous women, and he just tells her to drive.

When they catch up to Kory, Kory asks who Donna is. Donna says that she's the one who knocked her out, and Kory bets that she can't do it twice. Kory knows that the answer to who she is inside the warehouse, and she, Donna and Dick enter. Inside they find Kory's spaceship, much to Donna and Dick's shock. Kory enters the ship, as Dick and Donna follow.

Donna admits that she's impressed, as Kory explains that she's from Tamaran and she came to earth. Donna notices the book in the ship and says that it's the only thing there that looks old. Kory says that it's called "Death of Worlds" and explains that if Rachel lives Tamaran dies. Dick how Rachel does that and Kory says that someone else, from somewhere else will. Donna asks if she means another planet, but Kory is talking about another dimension. Kory explains that Rachel's father is Trigon and he is going to use Rachel to come through and destroy the universe. Donna grabs the book and thinks they might have a more immediate problem, and thinks that Rachel's mother is in on the plan to bring back Trigon.

Titans Season 2


Kory attempts to break down the barrier but Donna tells her to stop since she's waisting power. Kory says that anything could be happening to Rachel, but Donna points out that she was the one sent to kill her. She suggests trying something that might actually work, and Kory asks if she's hoping the shear force of her criticism would get them through. Donna says she's not the one draining her powers because she can't sit still. Kory says Donna's the one that quit, and Donna asks if she really wants to go there. A car then pulls up, and Jason, Hank and Dawn step out as back up. Dawn asks who Kory is and Donna introduces her, and that she's an alien. Kory glares at her, and Donna says that it's true. Kory could have used a little more love from the statement, and Donna asks why they're all there.


Kory returns to the stakeout van with a box of donuts, and Donna asks if she got any jellies. Kory says that no one likes jellies, and Donna says that humans love jellies. Kory sarcastically says that Donna's human now, and Donna says that she's half human, so that half likes jellies. Kory asks if she missed anything, and Donna says there's been no sign, that Shimmer might not show. Kory thinks she will, but Donna's starting to think that Roy Harper's intel was wrong. Kory says that she was the one who said Shimmer will do anything for money, which includes murder, Donna confirming this. Kory says that this is the place that those deals get done, so it might take a few weeks. Donna asks if she ever feels and negative emotions, and Kory says it doesn't pay on Tameran to do taht. Donna asks if she likes it more here, and Kory says that she doesn't like it better in this van. Donna meant on earth and Kory says it's nice to be somewhere where people are still figuring themselves out. Donna likes earth to a middle school, and Kory says that they're young and just starting out. Kory likes that they have options, and Donna says she's starting to sound like she wants to stay permanantly. Kory is thinking of going to Florida when they're done, and Donna asks if she's heard anything from Dick. Kory says no and asks the same, but Donna hasn't either. Donna keeps expecting him to want her help, but he hasn't. Kory asks if she's okay with that, and Donna says she is. She already did her time as a Titan.

Kory plays "We Are Family" on repeat as they continue their stakeout, and Donna points out that music continued past that point. Kory thinks they should have stopped, and Donna asks for five minutes of Madonna. Kory just cranks the music louder instead, much to Donna's annoyance. Donna declares the night a bust and that they should go get taco's.

Kory asks what the deal is with Donna and Shimmer is, and Donna says that her name isn't Shimmer. Kory then see's Shimmer, and Donna is annoyed to find that she actually Shimmer's. Donna then yells that they're taking her into custody and Shimmer uses her powers to throw a target at them. Kory says that she'll go high, and Donna agrees to go low. They fight her and Donna uses her lasso to pull Shimmer in. Kory punches Shimmer before she gets all the way to Donna, and Donna gives her a "really?". Kory says that she couldn't resist.

After handing Shimmer over to the authorities, Donna gets a call from Roy and tells Kory that she has to take it. She says she'll meet her for taco's and Kory asks what she wants. Donna says to surprise her, and gives a list of things she doesn't want, which Kory takes to mean beef tacos and they head their seperate ways. When Donna gets to the taco truck, she doesn't find Kory and calls out to her, only to be interrupted by a call from Dawn.


Rachel asks where Kory is, and Donna tells her that she vanished. Rachel asks what she means by that, and Donna isn't sure. She's not answering her phone, but Donna figures she just took a quick trip to Florida.

Kory calls Donna and Donna jokes that ghosting is intergalactic. Kory apologizes and says that she got interrupted by a guy she knows, and Donna asks if that's what we're calling them now. Kory asks if she's still in the city, and Donna says that everyone's at Titans Tower. Kory asks if it's a family reunion and Donna tells her that they're there because Dr. Light busted out and tried to kill the others. Kory asks if everyone is okay, and Donna says that they're all fine, but there were some cassualties. Kory asks if they need her, but Donna says that they should be fine. She'll keep her posted. Kory asks how Rachel is and Donna says that she's asking about her. She tells Donna to keep an eye on Rachel and Donna says that she will. Kory says she has to go, but tells Donna to call if she needs her. Donna will and tells her to have fun with her interruption. Kory smiles and says that she will.


Donna and Kory sit down for a drink where Kory asks if Donna's alright. Donna says it's been a long night, and Kory asks why Deathstroke gets to all of them. Donna says it doesn't matter, but he now has Jason. No matter how much they try and move on, the past keeps coming back, which Kory understands. Donna asks if her interruption was an ex trying to drag her home, and Kory says that it was her bodyguard. Donna asks why she would need one and Kory says that he was royal protection services. Donna puts two and two together, and Kory explains that she's next in line. She wants to stay on earth, but doesn't know if she has a choice. Donna finds that "funny" since she'd rather be anywher else but there.


As Donna says that between Rachel and Kory's powers they should be able to get into Cadmus, but Kory has some bad news. Her powers have vanished. Donna asks what she means, and Kory says that she doesn't know how she lost her powers. Donna sarcastially says that's great.

Titans Season 3


Donna says that she can't protect the city from a deadly toxin, when Kory suggests that Lazarus Pit. Donna says they can't take the entire city down there, and Kory suggests they find a way to bring the pit to the city.

Kory realizes that the lightning from the storm could burn the city to the ground, when Donna says that she's on it. Kory says no, since Donna could get herself killed again. Donna jokes about what they say about lightning and uses her lasso to draw the lightning to herself as a rod.


Season 1

Donna Troy

  • Donna translates the mission statement meant for Kory.
  • Donna tells Dick that Kory's mission is to kill Rachel.


  • Kory looks to Dona when she wakes up.
  • Donna looks concerned as Kory starts to get her memories back.
  • Kory starts to go through Donna's stuff.
  • Donna follows behind Kory as she runs to Rachel.
  • Donna and Kory run towards the barrier, before getting stopped.

Seaso 2


  • Kory and Donna wave goodbye to the Titans.


  • Kory asks why they can't just take out Slade, and Donna says that they barely survived his last attack.


  • Kory asks where Donna is going.

Faux Hawk

  • Donna mentions that they don't have Kory.


  • Donna is very confused by Kory describing cave paintings.
  • Donna tells Dick that Rachel patched up Kory.
  • Kory and Donna walk into the carnival to take down Conner.
  • Donna makes fun of Kory yelling "Hey, Conner".
  • Kory wraps her arm around Donna.
  • Kory runs to Donna's side when she dies.
  • Kory tells the team that Donna called tomatoe's "the Devil's fruit".
  • Donna says she likes Donna's favorite drink.

Season 3

Barbara Gordon

  • Kory says she's sick of loosing people like Donna and Jason.

Hank & Dove

  • Kory says that if people can be brought back to life, maybe they can bring back Donna.

Purple Rain

  • Donna and Kory go to Dick to tell him about an idea.
  • Kory and Donna hug goodbye and say I love you.


This section is in need of major improvement. Please help improve this article by editing it.

While the ship isn't super rare, it still isn't very common in either DC or Titans fandoms. This is mostly due to both Kory and Donna being shipped more often with their canonical love interests.

On AO3, DonnaKory is the third most written ship for Donna and the seventh most written for Kory.


Koriand'r/Donna tag on AO3


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