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Doomzo is the slash ship between Doomfist and Hanzo from the Overwatch fandom.


Hanzo was the heir to the Shimada family. The clan elders became worried about his younger brother's, Genji, carefree ways, and told him that it needed to end. Hanzo and Genji argued, till it escalated and the confrontation turned violent. Hanzo believed he killed in the fight and ran from the Shimada house. He later returned to the household on the anniversary of Genjis death to honor him, but was found by an assassin, who turned out to be Genji, alive and a cyborg. Hanzo is left to consider where he is going now.

Doomfist is the leader of Talon and will stop at nothing to plunge the world into chaos. Established lore has never depicted the two interacting. However some shared dialogue confirms that Doomfist wants Hanzo to join Talon. Although Hanzo is unwilling to join.


The two actually having interactions plays a big part in Overwatch ships. This is mostly due to the limited interactions of all characters. Their interactions also have a base dynamic that shippers can draw upon. Since they both have criminal backgrounds fan also draw upon this. A favored head-canon is that they would both be spoiled rich brats and play off of that with one another.

Fans were initially drawn into the dynamic based on their shared dialogue. Many interpret it as Doomfist perusing Hanzo in more than just an agent for Talon. Although depiction varies on how Hanzo would react to these pursuits. Some have him disgusted and turning down Doomfist while others depict him as reciprocating.

Those that want Hanzo to go on a redemption arc, would have the two in a secret relationship. This also used by those that believe that Hanzo would not join Talon, even if he didn't have a redemption arc. Some even depict them as having an enemies/hero relationship.

On AO3, Doomzo is the third most written ship for Doomfist.



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Doomfist“You disappoint me, Hanzo. With Talon you could truly fulfil your destiny.”
Hanzo“Find another errand boy, Akande.”
— Drag him!


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