Dott is the het shipping between Dawn and Scott from the Total Drama fandom.


In Ice Ice Baby, Dawn tries to warn Scott about a bad snowball but he ignores her, only to reveal she was right. To that, Dawn tells him he wasn't held enough as a child, which confuses Scott and creeps him in the confessional, saying she needs to be eliminated soon. Scott accidentally gets on Dawn's good side when he assists in trying to clear out the mutant beetles from their snow fort, making her curiously ask if he was a "beetle whisperer".

Scott's conflict with Dawn culminates in Backstabbers Ahoy!, when she realizes he was sabotaging their own team on purpose, particularly after he shot his own teammate Sam with their seagulls. After making a confession that she was going to finally convince the Toxic Rats to eliminate him after his deliberate move, she is unaware that he overheard her confessional by leaning against it. With a pile of stolen goods he took that he was going to blame on Brick, he instead made Dawn the culprit. Regardless of how much Dawn tried to prove her innocence, the team turned on her. That night, Dawn tried one final time to save herself from elimination by revealing a McLean-Brand Chris Head, which turned out to be a fake made by Scott, thus she was eliminated. She tried one final time to take down Scott, referring to him as a "soulless, sociopathic scoundrel," and tried to warn the others about his traitorous nature, only for Chef to swipe her up in her own garbage bag and catapult her off before she could say Scott's name.


The ship sailed as a result of their interactions in Ice Ice Baby where, after Scott ordered a giant beetle to attack the opposing team, Dawn believed he was a beetle whisperer. A lot of fans quickly began shipping the two, enjoying their "Good Girl, Bad Boy" dynamics and expecting Dawn to make for some redemption arc for Scott, the main antagonist of the season, later on. However, the two developed a conflict in Backstabbers, Ahoy! after Dawn figured out Scott's true nature and he framed her for stealing the others' belongings in order to eliminate her. This caused a majority of the fans to abandon this ship. Nonetheless, it is still popular among some fans.



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