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DouAka is the slash ship between Akaza and Dōma from the Demon Slayer fandom.


Akaza and Dōma were both allies, albeit with a strained relationship, holding the ranks of Upper Moon 3 and Upper Moon 2, respectively.

The first interaction seen of those two are in Chapter 98 when Muzan calls all the Upper Moons to be gathered together. Akaza is one of the first ones to arrive, asking the Biwa Demon for Muzan and Upper Moon 1's whereabouts. Dōma wraps an arm around Akaza shoulder, cheerfully asking if he wasn't gonna show any concern for him. He claims that he was "super worried about his precious buddies" (the Upper Moons), and wouldn't want any of them to wane.

Akaza, who had been silent for the whole interaction between Dōma and Gyokko, tells Dōma to move his arm in a threatening tone. When he doesn't, Akaza lashes out and rips off the bottom half of Dōma's face. Dōma is unfazed and compliments Akaza in his strength. Akaza just glares at him. They are both snapped out of their dealings when the Biwa Demon tells them that both the Upper Moon 1 and Muzan were already there.

When Dōma hopefully asks Gyokko if he can go with him as well, Akaza appears behind him and rips off the top of Dōma's head this time. Angrily, he says that Muzan didn't tell Dōma to go, and should get lost. Suddenly, Akaza find he is down an arm, as Kokushibō has sliced off the arm that Akaza used to hit Dōma. Dōma appears unconcerned, saying that he doesn't mind what Akaza did.

He later also mentions that Akaza would not be able to apply for a blood battle to swap places, because he's much stronger than the pink-haired demon. Dōma reasons that because he had become a demon/"reached success" much earlier, Akaza must be feeling extremely pissed. He continues, saying that he didn't dodge on purpose and it was just his way of getting along with the lower ranked demon. When Kokushibō leaves, Dōma turns to Akaza and tries to make casual conversation, but Akaza immediately bounds away. Dōma attempts to call him back to their conversation but is ignored.

Their only other significant interaction is in Chapter 157, during the Infinity Castle Arc. Dōma receives word of Akaza's passing and shows slight concern at first, then merrily claps his hands together, saying that he'll never be able to ask Akaza a specific question because he is dead.

Kanao apparently evokes memories about "young girls", and he mildly reprimands Akaza for never eating girls. He goes on to talk about how Akaza got special treatment from Muzan which again reminds him that Akaza is actually dead. Following this, Dōma begins crying over Akaza's death. This reaction proves to be contradictory though, because Kanao confronts him, protesting that Dōma doesn't have any emotion and all his feelings were faked.


Dōma tends to address people ending with the honorific -dono, which roughly means "lord/master" or be used to refer to someone with the same rank as you but still command respect. Naturally, he uses this honorific with Akaza as well. Overall, Dōma and Akaza don't have many interactions, but within the ones they do have, many fans can interpret their relationship as sexual tension.

In fanworks, people depict Dōma as more flirty, and with Akaza attacking him (with personalities more canon-oriented) or irritatedly accepting the affection (more fanon-oriented). Some fanworks have Dōma finally experiencing emotion with Akaza's devotion. A popular gag in the fandom is the fact that Akaza drinks 'respect woman juice' because he doesn't ever kill girls, while Dōma "doesn't respect woman". Dōma also has rainbow eyes, a calling card for gay or homosexuals, although Gotōge likely didn't design it with that point in mind.

They have about 78 fics right now on AO3.

The ship itself isn't extremely popular in the Demon Slayer fandom, because most people tend to ship the humans instead of demons. Besides that, DouAka is arguably the most popular slash ship for both sides. As for rival ships, AkaKyo is also a popular slash ship, while HakuKoyu is the canon het ship for Akaza's real-life counterpart Hakuji and Koyuki. As for Dōma, DouKoto is his most popular het ship, and DouShino is his semi-canon het ship.



Akaza/Douma tag on AO3


  • Physically, Dōma is 20 and Akaza is 18
    • Chronologically, they are both over 200 years old
  • They have a height difference of 14 cm, as Dōma is 187 cm (6'2") and Akaza is 173 cm (5'8")


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