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“Some of my favorite people are people like you. Focused on the greater good, even at your own expense. You want people to think you like being on your own even though you always end up back with friends.”
— Daniel Sousa to Daisy Johnson, As I Have Always Been, 7x09

Dousy is the het ship between Daniel Sousa and Daisy Johnson from the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fandom.


Season 7

First Meeting in Area 51

Daisy and Sousa meet in his office in Area 51.

While in the year 1955, Daisy Johnson was sent to rescue Phil Coulson and Jemma Simmons who had been arrested after infiltrating the S.H.I.E.L.D. base in Area 51 in order to stop Helius. There, she sneaks into Daniel Sousa's office and upon meeting him, pretends to be a C.I.A. Agent and confirms his suspicion that there were "sleepers" posted within S.H.I.E.L.D. post World War II - referring to Hydra. Daisy convinces Sousa that Coulson and Simmons are the key to proving this, causing him to trust her and lead her to them.

Daisy tricks Sousa into releasing Coulson and Simmons.

Once they reach the cells, Sousa warns Daisy to stand back as the prisoners may get "jumpy", seemingly concerned for her safety. Coulson and Simmons are let out and Daisy requests alone time with them but Sousa refuses to leave them alone. At that moment, an alarm goes off and Coulson throws Sousa into the cell and locks him in. Coulson, Simmons and Daisy run off to investigate the source of the alarm as Daisy swears to him that they are the good guys.

Rewriting History

After Coulson was arrested by Sousa again, due to an E.M.P. Generator causing him to shut down, he managed to contact the team and inform them that this was the day Daniel Sousa was supposed to die, thus becoming the first fallen agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Sousa was meant to deliver an important device which would be the building block of all future S.H.I.E.L.D. technology and make sure it ends up in the hands of Howard Stark. Unfortunately, after successfully completing his mission, Sousa would be murdered by Hydra to prevent him from revealing that they had infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. at the highest level.

Daisy saves Sousa on the train to L.A.

While on the train, in the midst of awaiting the team to bring him the package to be delivered, Coulson is quietly confronted by the Chronicom Luke who threatens to kill Sousa early if Coulson and his team don't back down. At that moment, Hydra agents surround Sousa in a train compartment and he is attacked, almost getting choked to death. Fortunately, Daisy and Mack appear right on time, rescuing Sousa and bringing him back to the Zephyr to keep him safe.

Once on the quinjet, Sousa is awed by the unfamiliar technology and demands to know which group they are with but Daisy tells him that they are "off the books" and who they are is classified. Sousa seemingly accepts this for the time being and tells them about Hydra but they inform him that they already know, and he responds with shock at their nonchalance.

Daisy and Sousa talk about Hydra's infiltration of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Later, Daisy and Sousa sit together in the cargo bay while Sousa tries to take in the horrible news that Hydra has been burrowed deep in S.H.I.E.L.D. this whole time, while his superior, Wilfred "Freddy" Malick is the head. Daisy confirms this and Sousa expresses his anger that she and the team are involved in all this secrecy and he is unable to act on what he has learnt. Daisy tries to tell him that Wilfred Malick is only a piece of it and if he is exposed, he would only go deeper underground, making it all the more difficult to stop him. At this, Sousa exclaims that he would follow them until he exposes them, as Hydra has taken a lot of good people away from him. He continues by saying he would give his life for this fight. Daisy quietly sympathizes with him as she understands what he's going through and seems saddened as she knows his ultimate fate.

Daisy is then called by Mack as he lets her in on their decision to save Sousa and prevent his death, which makes her happy. However, Sousa gets agitated as he is supposed to deliver the package at 9 pm, not knowing about their plan of making the delivery for him. Through her newly formed empathic abilities, May discovers that Sousa has an overwhelming urge to run. Before anyone could stop him, he takes a motorcycle from the cargo bay and rides away.

Fortunately, after safely delivering the package, Sousa is intercepted by Coulson and iced as he is safely brought back to the Zephyr. Coulson being an L.M.D, manages to disguise himself as Sousa, allowing the hired Hydra agent to shoot him instead. Daisy and Simmons disguise themselves as crime scene investigators and collect Coulson's "body", their plan of faking Sousa's death a success.

Sousa wakes up disoriented on the Zephyr as Coulson tries to ease his transition. He finally tells Sousa the truth and what they're up against, as well as them being S.H.I.E.L.D. from the future. Sousa takes this news better than expected and tells Coulson that he should have led with that. They then regroup with the team as Sousa asks which time period they are in. Through Deke's hijacking of the radio, it is determined that they are in the year 1973 based on the song "No More Mister Nice Guy" playing on the station.

Embracing the 1970s

After jumping to 1973 New York, Daisy and Sousa accompany May and Coulson on a mission to locate Enoch at The Krazy Kanoe which was still in use as a S.H.I.E.L.D. safe house. Before going to the speakeasy, however, they split up to find period appropriate clothing, May with Coulson and Daisy with Sousa. Daisy and Sousa go together to a clothing store to find new outfits. When May and Coulson return from their own shopping, Daisy is waiting outside after already changing into 70s style clothing while Sousa is still inside picking his outfit. When May asks how Sousa is handling his unexpected time travel, Daisy admires Sousa's fortitude by remarking that it's miraculous that he isn't "projectile vomiting."

Daisy calls Sousa an unfashionable square.

Sousa then emerges from the clothing store still in his original 50s suit, having not changed at all. When Daisy questions his choice of not blending in, he remarks that he doesn't understand the functionality of "elephant pants," meaning bell bottoms. When he wonders how people from Daisy's time manages with the extra pant leg fabric, Coulson reveals that the 70s is not actually their period either. Daisy remarks that there are "unfashionable squares in every decade" so Sousa should be fine in what he's wearing.

The group proceeds to the Krazy Kanoe and Sousa begins to question the time travel mechanics at play and the implications of them rescuing him from his death. Daisy tells him not to think too much about it or his "brains will spill out." Coulson suggests that Sousa talk to Simmons and possibly stay on the Zephyr but Sousa resolutely states that he prefers to dive in and embrace being in the 70s. At that moment a man in short-shorts with long hair and a boom box on his shoulder roller skates through the group and shocks Sousa. After a second, Sousa turns to the bar and mentions that he'll embrace the 70s starting from then on, instead. The others don't comment on the awkward moment and follow him to the bar's door.

Sousa, Daisy, May, and Coulson enter the Krazy Kanoe.

The team enters the Krazy Kanoe after Daisy interrupts Coulson from peppering Sousa with questions about his memories of the speakeasy from his time and his memories of Chief Dooley from Sousa's S.S.R. days. Inside, the four find that the bar is in the middle of hosting a party.

Her Fiancé

While investigating the disappearance of Enoch and the celebration, Daisy and the others discover that not only has Wilfred Malick survived 3 years past his historical death date but that Project Insight has been moved up from 2014 to launch in 1976.

Sousa helps Daisy by pretending to be her fiancé.

As Daisy tries to end her conversation with Malick, he becomes more aggressive in his efforts to pick her up, making her pause. Sousa spots Daisy's predicament from across the room and calls out to her with a quick "sweetheart" while stepping into her side, wrapping his arm around her, and rubbing her back. Daisy immediately understands his ploy and plays along as if they are a couple. She introduces Gideon to Sousa and when she's about to introduce Sousa in return, he interrupts by calling himself her fiancé while giving Gideon a pointed look. Daisy hesitates, seemingly not expecting the fiancé part, but ultimately reinforces the label before Gideon notices her hesitation. Sousa suggests to Daisy that they need to leave and they excuse themselves from the conversation.

Sousa warns Gideon Malick off of flirting with Daisy with a look.

Sousa takes a moment as he walks by to give Gideon a scathing glance while Gideon, in annoyance, tells Daisy she's welcome for the drink he gave her. Daisy replies under her breath that she'll repay him later, referencing when she kills his older self in her own past while under Hive's sway. Sousa asks after the strange encounter but she only tells him it's a long story.

Daisy tells Sousa about the changes to the timeline for the Malicks.

Daisy informs Sousa that she's learned that Nathaniel Malick has also survived his historical death date 3 years before and Sousa remarks that even more timeline changes have happened. He asks if Daisy got any useful information and she's mentions that she may have found a place where they can find some. The two proceed on their mission together.

More than Just a Trout in the Milk

Daisy and Sousa investigate Freddy's Hydra office.

Daisy and Sousa enter the back office in the Krazy Kanoe. Daisy locates the lever to the secret door and Sousa asks her if she's been there before. Daisy answers that she was there a few days before, back in 1931. The two discover the office has been filled with 70s era computers and other tech. Sousa is impressed by the "high tech" machines while Daisy remarks that it must be Wilfred's new base of operations for Hydra.

Daisy and Sousa find Hydra's 70s Project Insight list.

While Daisy searches the completely unprotected computer database, Sousa finds a gun in a drawer and takes it. Daisy finds the kill list for the 70s Project Insight and discovers it's a list of S.H.I.E.L.D. asset names with some being children who grow up to be important to the spy organization in her own time period. Sousa follows the logic behind the Chronicoms picking off young S.H.I.E.L.D. assets and wonders if Daisy's team made the timeline worse with their meddling. Daisy cautions him about speculating but Sousa calls the situation more than just a "trout in the milk," reusing a phrase he used earlier with Coulson that means circumstantial evidence. When Daisy gives him a confused look, not understanding the outdated phrase, Sousa explains that the list is concrete evidence that the Chronicoms are deliberately changing the timeline because they are the only ones who could've given Hydra names from the future.

Daisy and Sousa search for a plan to rescue May and Coulson.

Back in the main part of the bar, Daisy and Sousa find May and Coulson being cornered by Wilfred and the Chronicoms. When Sousa asks her what should they do, Daisy comes up with a plan to hold Nathaniel hostage as leverage using the gun Sousa stole to allow the four of them to escape. The plan works when Wilfred is unwilling to allow his son to be harmed. Sousa disapproves of the move but goes along with it.

Daisy, Sousa, May, and Coulson are rescued by Enoch.

When the Chronicoms follow Daisy and Sousa out of the bar and are about to shoot them, Daisy uses her quake powers to throw the robots into the wall. Sousa is shocked at the sudden reveal of Daisy's super powers but Daisy deflects his questions again, saying she'll explain later. They hurry to the others and escape when Enoch appears with a getaway car.

Partnered Up

Sousa insists on being Daisy's partner for the mission.

After returning to the Zephyr to regroup, Daisy and Sousa update the team on what they found in Wilfred's office. Sousa notices that the time window clock starts to malfunction and Z1 suddenly jumps 3 more years because the Chronicoms' plan changes. Sousa demands answers from Daisy about why they jumped to 1976 while chasing her through a hallway but she again cannot give him any sufficient information. The team gathers to come up with a plan to stop Project Insight from launching the next day.

When dividing up duties, Sousa volunteers to go with Daisy and be her back up while she hacks into the Lighthouse. He says he prefers to be working the problem out with her than on the Zephyr where they could jump unexpectedly again. Neither Daisy or Mack object to Sousa being Daisy's partner for the mission and the two leave for the Lighthouse.

Sousa's Last Stop

Sousa watches Daisy's back while she works.

In the alley behind the Lighthouse, Daisy begins to work on hacking the base's security feed. Sousa tells her to do her thing since he will have her back. He remarks that she must not carry a gun since she has super serum powers. Daisy just says that it's not quite a super serum thing but offers no real explanation. Sousa remarks that he should know better than to get straight answers out of Daisy, given all the times she'd been cryptic with him since they'd met.

When Daisy voices frustration over finding a firewall in place unlike 3 years before, Sousa moves closer to her while keeping his gun trained on the mouth of the alley. He says that things seem to get worse the later they jump in time. He then says that 1976 may be his last stop, implying he wants to leave Z1 once they finish the current mission. Daisy tries to reassure him that the firewall is no issue and that her software will just need a minute to crack it.

Sousa tells Daisy he thinks he's staying in 1976.

Sousa remarks that maybe the problem is that her computer is too small. Daisy laughs lightly and when he asks her what's funny, she pulls out her cell phone and takes a picture of him. She shows him the picture and how to zoom in while Sousa is wowed by the "advanced technology" of the 21st century. Daisy tells him that he looks "okay for a guy who just aged 20 years."

Daisy shows Sousa his picture on her modern day cell phone.

The comment makes Sousa reflect on how much he's missed having jumped forward in time. Daisy recognizes his sadness and tries to comfort him by apologizing for how messed up things became for him and explaining that the team has to follow the Chronicoms when they jump or things would be much worse for history. Sousa says that he understands but laments that he couldn't say some goodbyes, presumably to his friends, family, and colleagues.

Daisy and Sousa kidnapped by Nathaniel Malick.

Later, when trying to hack a new checkpoint for May and Coulson, Daisy asks Sousa for his help with unlocking a panel. While Sousa is opening the panel and Daisy is distracted with her hacking, Nathaniel Malick gets the drop on them and shoots them with a Chronicom rifle, stunning them. Nathaniel thanks them for coming back into his life before kidnapping them. Daisy and Sousa are later seen tied up and unconscious in the back of Nathaniel's van.

Kidnapped Together

Daisy and Sousa wake up drugged after their kidnapping.

After being kidnapped, Daisy wakes up heavily drugged and chained in a barn tack room with Sousa sitting beside her, also drugged. Sousa says he's glad she's awake and when she groans over her drugged state, he mentions that he has not been as messed up since the field hospital, presumably after his injury during World War II. Daisy expresses interest in hearing his story at a later time when she can remember it.

Daisy tries to use her powers to unchain her feet only to find that she can't quake. She calls Nathaniel "Malick's little psycho" just as he walks in with a couple of men. He taunts both Sousa and Daisy about capturing them while also denying that he did so for Hydra, claiming that he is not working for the organization but for his own ends. Sousa and Daisy wonder why he took them and Nathaniel reveals that after he was held hostage briefly by Daisy in 1973 and witnessed her abilities first hand, he became interested in people with powers after years of not really caring about his family's Hydra business.

He also reveals that he believes Sousa is an Inhuman because he has not aged since the 50s. When Daisy starts to say Sousa is not an Inhuman in an attempt to protect him, Nathaniel says "he better hope he is" in an ominous tone. Daisy stops talking to prevent Nathaniel from killing or harming Sousa immediately.

Daisy protests that her powers can't be obtained like the super serum because they are genetic. Nathaniel reveals that he's used his money and family connections in Hydra to contact Dr. Werner Reinhardt, aka Daniel Whitehall, to get his notes and theoretical research on transferring powered abilities. Sousa recognizes the name Reinhardt as someone that was caught during the war, referencing the events of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x01 - "Shadows," where Peggy Carter arrested Reinhardt in 1945.

Daisy threatens to crush Nathaniel, understanding what he plans to do to them because of her mother's encounter with Whitehall. Nathaniel tauntingly dares her to try and when she still can't use her powers, he tells his goon that they will start the experiments with Daisy and she is taken from the room.

We Are Going Home

Sousa watches as Nathaniel experiments on Daisy.

Some time later, Sousa peers helplessly through a crack in the wall as Daisy is experimented on in the next room by Nathaniel. Nathaniel tells his men to take Daisy away so they don't "kill the golden goose" and a crash his heard. Nathaniel tells off his men and Sousa scrambles to hide the fact that he was peeking through the wall.

Sousa demands to know what Nathaniel did to Daisy.

The men drag a semi-unconscious Daisy into the room and chain her to the wall again. Daisy's wounds are sloppily bandaged and her shirt and shoes have been removed, leaving her in only a bloody undershirt and jeans. Nathaniel is following after them, also covered in Daisy's blood. Sousa angrily asks what Nathaniel did to Daisy and Nathaniel explains that he drained Daisy of some of her blood, spinal fluid, and removed a couple of her glands. He says he will synthesize them and transfuse them to himself, despite the risk to himself, because he wants to try something new. Nathaniel then threatens that if it doesn't work, he'll switch to knives for more invasive experimentation. He and his men leave the room.

Sousa comforts a semi-conscious Daisy.

Sousa calls out "Daisy," the first time he uses her given name, and crawls over to her in worry. She is only partially awake and is mumbling that this has happened before while mentioning her mother's name, referencing the fact that Jiaying was cut up by Whitehall for the same purpose of stealing powers. Sousa, not understanding what she's saying, lifts Daisy and moves to rest her head on his thigh.

He begins to tell her the story of how he lost his leg in the war, mentioning her earlier interest. He tells her that he doesn't remember the initial hit but when he woke up, his leg was a "pulpy mess" and he was alone. Then his unit mate, Mike Stephens, appeared and though the man was an ass usually he helped Sousa by staying with him until they could return home from the front line, ultimately revealing that Mike did not survive although the man saved Sousa's life.

Sousa tells Daisy the story of how he lost his leg.

While Sousa tells his story, he checks Daisy's pulse and is relieved to find her heart is still beating. He strokes her hair as she lets out the occasional pained groan and woozily noses into his leg. When she begins to fully lose consciousness, Sousa leans down to tap her on the back and wake her up. He says that he's telling her the story of his leg and Mike to pay it forward. He leans over her and holds her head in his hands to speak more directly into her ear, repeating the words that Mike Stephens said to him: "We are going home."

Sousa tells Daisy to fight.

He tells Daisy that she has to fight, calling her "Agent Johnson." After his impassioned words, Daisy lifts up her closed fist and Sousa opens her bloody hand to find that she has secretly hidden a shard of glass beneath the skin of her palm. He removes the glass as she cries out in pain. With surprise and admiration at her ability to procure them a weapon, he acknowledges that Daisy still has plenty of fight left in her after all. Sousa grabs hold of the glass and looks to the door, formulating a plan on how to use the weapon Daisy gave him to help them escape.

Escape from the Barn

Some time after Sousa discovers the shard of glass, he has moved from cradling Daisy in his lap to sitting a few feet away from her prone body. One of Nathaniel's men enters the tack room to bring Sousa to Nathaniel for experimentation. Sousa hides the glass by his leg, positioning the glass so a sharp edge is pointed up between his fingers. He distracts the guard by asking the man to check on Daisy since she is not doing well.

The guard ignores Sousa's pleas, kicks Sousa's leg out from under him, and begins to unchain Sousa from the wall in order to take him. Once Sousa is unchained from the wall, he uses stabs into the guard's chest several times. When the guard falls back, Sousa is able to get up, hop over, and knock the henchman out with his closed fists.

Nathaniel interrupts Sousa's rescue attempt.

Sousa un-cuffs himself and Daisy quickly then lifts her into his arms without the help of his cane, which has gone missing along with his vest and blazer between Sousa being knocked out in the alley and waking up in the barn tack room. He tries to steady himself on his prosthesis with the added weight of Daisy in his arms but the room begins to shake with an earthquake. Sousa asks a passed out Daisy if the quaking is her but it is not.

Sousa holds an unconscious Daisy in his arms.

Sousa turns, still holding Daisy, to find Nathaniel has entered the tack room. Nathaniel is bleeding from his mouth and his hands are shaking with Daisy's power. Nathaniel mumbles out that his bones are cracking, clearly unable to fully handle Daisy's uncontrolled quaking ability. Sousa watches in shock as the roof eventually caves in on Nathaniel's head knocking the man unconscious and to the ground. Sousa carefully steps around Nathaniel and his guard, carrying Daisy from the barn tack room and to safety.

Where I Need to Be

Daisy sleeping in the healing pod.

Later, Sousa and Daisy are seen back on Zephyr One in the medical lab. Sousa, still in his dirtied 50s clothes, is watching while Simmons tends to Daisy who is sleeping in the healing chamber that helped May's recovery in the beginning of the season. She has been cleaned, changed into new clothes, and had her dirty bandages replaced with clean ones.

Sousa says he's staying with the team while watching over Daisy.

Deke walks in to tell Simmons and Sousa that Z1 is about to time jump. Sousa doesn't take his eyes off of Daisy at Deke's words. After Deke leaves, Simmons tells Sousa that now is his last chance if he wants to leave the Zephyr, their team, and the mission. Sousa finally looks away from Daisy and shakes his head saying, "I'm where I need to be." He goes back to studying Daisy's sleeping form. Simmons turns and leaves the room with a small smile on her face.

20 Minutes to Save the Zephyr

After jumping from 1976, Mack and Deke leave Z1 for a short moment after the tragic event of Mack losing his parents. Unexpectedly, the Zephyr jumps again and leaves behind Mack and Deke in the 80s. Sousa is seen following Simmons as she waits for May and Yo-Yo's rescue party to return with the men who were stranded in time, including Coulson's L.M.D. hard drive. Sousa has since changed into new, more modern clothes but has not yet found a new cane.

Later, Simmons briefs the team on what she has learned. Z1's time drive was found to have been severely damaged from a previous missile strike on the plane. The Zephyr is jumping forward in time in decreasing intervals with each jump lasting less and less in relative time. She explains that the plane will eventually jump within a jump and collapse into a spacetime singularity in 20 minutes Zephyr time, 2 days regular time.

Sousa tells Daisy that he's preparing the parachutes for evacuation.

The team comes to the conclusion that to fix the time drive, they need to fix Elena's speed. While the discussion continues, Daisy walks in and suggests her mother can help since she is alive and at Afterlife in 1983. Sousa cautions Daisy that she should be resting but she tells him that she is fine. The team discusses the logistics of May and Yo-Yo visiting Jiaying and Mack tells Daisy they need to talk about possible implications for her since she has not been born yet in 1983 and this could alter her future irreparably. As Daisy leaves the room to follow Mack, she gives Sousa a short glance.

Sousa assists Deke, Enoch, and Mack in trying to shut off the time drive but they fail. Sousa rushes from the command center to the cargo bay to ready parachutes in case they need to jump from the Zephyr. He passes through the L.M.D. lab where Daisy, Simmons, and Coulson are talking. He tells them what he is doing and limps past, Simmons follows him with a large case. In the cargo hold, while Sousa is preparing the parachutes, Simmons offers him a new prosthetic leg. She tells him that she made it when he came on board. Sousa marvels at the lifelike prosthesis in the case and apologizes to Simmons for yelling at her back in 1976. Simmons accepts his apology.

While Sousa and Simmons talk, Daisy and Coulson also discuss their recent losses and injuries. Coulson is conscious while still being built a new L.M.D. body. Coulson tells Daisy that he's happy she is healing and Daisy attributes her rescue to Sousa. She says that she was lucky because Sousa was with her and he "pulled her from the wreckage" to get her home, ending with how glad she is that Sousa is with them. Coulson gives Daisy a meaningful look and tells her that what she said about Sousa makes him happy too.

Sousa helps Daisy stand as they prepare to evacuate.

Sousa watches over Daisy as she heals.

Later, Sousa is seen continuously by Daisy's side as the Zephyr team waits for Yo-Yo and May to return to fix the time drive. He also helps her stand and walk when Mack calls for the team to abandon ship. After the Zephyr is saved by Yo-Yo, Daisy returns to the healing chamber and unwraps her bandages before laying inside. Sousa walks past her, now wearing his new prosthesis, and settles into a chair to watch her heal. Daisy does not react to or protest Sousa staying by her side. As the healing chamber turns on and Daisy sleeps, Sousa slaps his new leg and watches Daisy heal with a satisfied smile on his face.

Trapped in the Time Storm

When the Zephyr jumps again an indeterminate time later, Daisy wakes in the healing chamber to find that Sousa is asleep in his chair beside her. He wakes when her boots hit the floor and he asks her what she's doing up. She doesn't answer and instead asks him how long he's been there with her. He tells her since she first went to sleep. When he doesn't know if the Zephyr has jumped again, Daisy runs to the command deck and Sousa hurries after her in worry.

Daisy and Sousa discover that the time drive overloaded while they were asleep and now they are trapped in a time storm, heading towards a hole in spacetime where they will either die or more likely be completely erased from ever existing. When Mack is injured by a radiation flare, Daisy and Sousa help get him to Simmons in her lab. Another radiation flare causes a fire and Daisy runs off to put it out while Sousa stays to help Mack.

Sousa calls Daisy's time looping "creepy."

The time drive jumps again and Daisy wakes up in the healing chamber with Sousa back asleep in his chair beside her. Daisy goes through the same series of events with similar but slightly different dialog with Sousa and the others. She is also able to save Mack from being burned. Daisy, still remembering the previous events, realizes that she is in a time loop and Mack tells her to talk to Simmons. Sousa follows after her in shock. When Simmons calls Daisy's time looping "fun," Sousa counters that it's "creepy." Daisy proves that she is looping by calling events before they happen but when she goes to put out the fire, the loop resets.

Daisy lets Sousa sleep in several loops while she works with Coulson.

On the third loop she lets Sousa sleep, hurriedly gives the orders to keep Mack safe, and races to Coulson to wake him up from his charging pod. Coulson informs her that he remembers as well and that they've looped at least 87 times but Daisy doesn't remember because she loses her memory if she dies in a loop, indicating that she must have just died three loops before and that it's her 14th death. Coulson also explains that they are running out of loops as each new cycle brings them closer to the singularity.

Over the course of many loops, Daisy and Coulson try a number of plans to break the looping (Daisy even dies again and has to start over), but each plan fails. They do learn that they must remove Simmons' implant to fix the time drive but also there is a murderer on the Zephyr who kills anyone trying to remove Simmons' implant. During these loops, Daisy seems to have let Sousa sleep each time.

Thanks to Sousa

Daisy tells Sousa about the time looping crisis.

In a later loop, Daisy notices that the implant drawer has been tampered with unlike with other loops. During this moment, Sousa runs in having woken on his own and searched the plane for Daisy to try and convince her to rest. Daisy ignores his worry and instead explains the time looping and implant drawer dilemma to him. Sousa asks if the team ever has a day without such high stakes and Daisy admits it's been a while. He also says it's one of the reasons he wanted to stay with them since it reminds him of his S.S.R. days.

Sousa sacrifices himself for Daisy in one of the time loops.

They debate over what to do and Sousa decides that he should be the one to grab the scanner since it is likely booby-trapped. His argument is that if he dies, he'll reset but if Daisy dies, she'll lose her memories and they'll have wasted too much time while she relearns everything. Sousa grabs the scanner before she can protest. After a moment where they both think everything is fine, they hear the snick of a mechanical injection. Blood pours from Sousa's mouth and he collapses. Daisy calls out his name in shock and jumps forward to cradle his head as he falls. Sousa watches her as he starts to die.

Daisy watches Sousa sleep after he died in the previous loop.

The loop resets and Daisy wakes to find Sousa beside her again. She watches him sleep in shock and worry, getting up carefully to let him sleep. When she passes by him, she is tentative and visibly upset. She backs out of the room in hesitation while she watches him sleep peacefully.

Daisy explains what happened to an angry and frustrated Coulson. She offers that at least they have made progress thanks to Sousa. During their conversation, Coulson and Daisy realize Enoch is unknowingly the murderer due to Fitz and Simmons' programming.

People Like You

Daisy asks Sousa why he cares about her.

In the next loop after learning Enoch is the killer, Daisy wakes frustrated. She leaves the healing chamber without watching her feet and her boots wake Sousa from his chair. When he asks her his usual question of why she's awake, Daisy instead tiredly asks him why he even cares. Sousa smiles and says he cares because she doesn't. With no context, Daisy tells him that she has to do something difficult and she doesn't know how.

Coulson and Daisy eventually determine that they need to distract Enoch to give them enough to time to remove Simmons' implant. They recruit Sousa and the others to delay Enoch or help fight the Chronicom off a number of times but the plans all fail.

Daisy wakes again in a new loop and Sousa asks what she's doing up. This time Daisy is near frantic over their failures and hurriedly explains the time loop issue to Sousa. Sousa is confused but still asks how he can help her. Daisy stumbles over her words, babbling that there isn't any time, but suddenly decides to use a loop to talk to Sousa.

Daisy asks Sousa why he's stayed by her side.

She pulls up a chair and sits, asking him why he isn't more fazed by the time loop or anything that has happened to him since they'd met. Sousa says that everything fazes him, just maybe not on his face every time. She points out all the times he's been by her side, urging her to rest and always ready to offer his help. She asks him why he's doing this for her and tells him to be honest.

Sousa tells Daisy why he likes to help her.

Sousa explains that he does it because he knows her type and that people like her are his favorite people. He explains how he's noticed that she is focused on the greater good, self-sacrificial, and she puts up a front of wanting to be alone but still goes back to her friends. He also says that she is stubborn when it comes to fixing a problem to the point of "running into brick walls." When she asks why those things are relevant to her original question, he interrupts and says that people like her should have someone to pick them up when they run into walls.

Daisy smiles at Sousa's confession.

Daisy, a little shocked, asks if he likes to be that person that picks people up. He tells her that he doesn't do it for everyone. After a heavy moment of the two staring at each other, Sousa continues to say that it helps when that person is fun to be around, say what they mean, and have a superpower to quake people. Daisy points out how specific that description is to her and Sousa smiles while nodding. Daisy returns his smile. Sousa looks away and asks her to tell him about the problem she can't crack.

Time Loop Kiss

Daisy and Sousa formulate a plan to have Sousa lure Enoch to the L.M.D. lab where he, Elena, May, and Mack fight the Chronicom as long as possible to hold him off while Daisy, Coulson, and Deke remove Simmons' implant. The time drive starts to rev up indicating the loop is going to reset before they can pull the implant but Coulson says it will work, they just have to do it faster i.e. skipping the long conversation with Sousa.

Daisy is shocked by Sousa's steadfast willingness to help her.

Daisy wakes up in the next loop, drops to the ground and wakes up Sousa. She hurriedly tells Sousa that she needs him to do something for her. Sousa stands immediately and asks her what she needs, ready to help with whatever.

Daisy kisses Sousa in the middle of the time loops.

Daisy stops in her tracks, taken aback by Sousa's immediate offer to help her. She makes a split second decision to kiss him. Sousa is shocked by the sudden kiss but after she finishes, he pulls Daisy back to him and kisses her again, more passionately this time. Sousa is rendered speechless after their second kiss while Daisy smiles widely and calls it "nice." Daisy then tells him that they have to trap Enoch, nods and marches from the room. Sousa follows after her in a daze.

Sousa enacts the same plan he and Daisy worked out the loop before but this time the others have enough time to remove the implant and learn how to save the Zephyr, although Enoch sacrifices himself and dies in the final loop.

Chivalry Isn't Dead

Sousa and Daisy arrive at the Lighthouse in 1983.

After escaping from the time storm, the team arrives at the Lighthouse back in 1983. Sousa, Daisy, and Simmons enter one of the labs in a lower level of the base while carrying bags and other equipment. Daisy is looking healed and wearing her casual clothing rather than any period specific items.

Sousa expresses awe at the underground base but Daisy and Simmons let out sighs of weariness. When Sousa questions their lack of enthusiasm, Daisy explains that the team recently spent a lot of time in the Lighthouse and they have grown tired of being there.

Simmons updates Daisy and Sousa about the time drive malfunction.

Simmons unpacks a computer that reveals that the time window clock has defaulted to 00:00 and has not restarted to keep track until their next time jump. When Daisy asks Simmons for more information on why the clock is stuck, Simmons explains in an extremely technical way that while the time drive was stabilized by Enoch's mechanical component, the damage may have been too much and is preventing it from time travel. Sousa, confused, asks Daisy if she understands what Simmons said and Daisy replies in surprise that she does.

Sousa offers to take Daisy's bag.

Sousa then tells Daisy that he is going to rest. Daisy points him in the direction of the bunks on the base and Sousa offers to take her duffel bag for her. Daisy declines at first but Sousa disguises his offer as him wanting to test his new prosthetic. Daisy acquiesces finally and hands him her bag with her thanks. As Sousa walks out, Daisy turns around with a small smile on her face.

Simmons, who had been secretly observing the interaction, gives Daisy a smile of her own. When Daisy asks what Simmons is smiling at, the other woman tells her despite what one could think of the 50s, at least Sousa "doesn't know chivalry is dead." Daisy crosses her arms and shakes her head but does not encourage Simmons' teasing. Instead she diverts the conversation to the mission and Simmons' state of mind.

A Rare Opportunity

Jiaying and Gordon are called to the Lighthouse so the S.H.I.E.L.D. team can assist them with fighting Nathaniel. Daisy learns that Jiaying had another daughter before Daisy had been born. Some time later, Sousa catches up with Daisy in a hallway to check in on her.

Daisy asks after Sousa's new prosthetic leg.

Daisy compliments Sousa's gait and asks how his prosthetic leg is doing. Sousa praises it while saying he likes the 21st Century. Daisy tells him to caution his excitement since the 21st Century has also seen a resurgence of fascism. In surprise, Sousa mentions his own efforts to fight against fascism in World War II. Daisy commiserates with him and say's "the past won't leave us alone."

Sousa asks Daisy about Jiaying.

Her words remind Sousa of what he'd learned from Mack prior to looking for Daisy. Sousa tells Daisy that Mack has briefly explained the general situation with Jiaying and Kora. Sousa tells Daisy that she mentioned Jiaying's name while they were in the barn tack room after Nathaniel Malick's experiment on her. Daisy hesitantly explains that Hydra had also experimented on Jiaying to steal her powers in Daisy's past, Jiaying's future. Sousa remembers that Nathaniel had mistook Sousa as having that same power and that Malick must be after the real thing now.

Sousa offers to be Daisy's chaperone with her mother.

When asked by Daisy, Sousa reveals that while Mack had told him the broad strokes of the situation, he had not given any details on what happened between mother and daughter years before. Daisy uses vague words to explain that their relationship turned bad and while it's a long story, it came to an end.

Daisy is convinced by Sousa to talk to her mother.

Sousa optimistically tells Daisy that this is a chance for her to get to know her mother before things went bad between them. He urges Daisy to talk to Jiaying. Daisy protests because Jiaying can't know who she is, citing the mission to preserve the timeline. Sousa dismisses those concerns by pointing out how much the timeline is already altered beyond repair. He brings up his own situation as a "Man Out of Time," telling her that she has "a rare opportunity" to speak with a past loved one that he would give anything to have as well.

When Daisy hesitates again, Sousa offers to be her chaperone during the conversation. Daisy smiles slightly and calls him a "square" again. Sousa calls the comment "harsh" but still agrees with his own smile. Sousa leads Daisy down the hall towards where Jiaying is waiting.

Chaperoning Mother and Daughter

Daisy and Sousa speak with Jiaying.

Daisy and Sousa enter the Lighthouse control center and find Jiaying pacing in worry. Jiaying asks after news of the mission to rescue the captured Inhumans but Sousa explains that there is no news yet. Jiaying expresses doubts about agreeing to the plan but Daisy tells her that she did the right thing trusting their team. Jiaying tells Daisy that she can't fully trust them since she doesn't know anything about them and they won't tell her either. Daisy tells her that they want to help because Afterlife is important to the S.H.I.E.L.D. team as well but Jiaying dismisses that claim, saying they don't know anything about the place.

Sousa encourages Daisy to show Jiaying her powers.

Sousa interrupts and tells Jiaying that Daisy knows about Afterlife because she's been there, claiming that Daisy is not an outsider like Jiaying assumes. He encourages Daisy to showcase her ability. Daisy is hesitant but eventually decides to vibrate a glass of water sitting at a workstation. Jiaying recognizes the ability and asks where Daisy learned to do that exercise. Daisy answers that she learned from Jiaying, 30 years in the other woman's future, referencing when Daisy was first learning her powers in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x17 - "Melinda." Daisy reveals to Jiaying that their team is from the future. Jiaying confesses that she had a feeling she knew Daisy and suddenly she realizes that Nathaniel stole Daisy's power. Daisy admits that it almost killed her. Jiaying also realizes that Nathaniel is using knowledge from the future to manipulate Kora into turning on her mother and their people.

As the two women begin to discuss things more smoothly and lead into more private issues, Sousa quietly backs out of the room, content that he has accomplished his task of making Daisy have a meaningful meeting with her mother. The women talk bout Kora and Jiaying's broken relationship as well as about Daisy's past broken relationship with the other Jiaying without Daisy revealing that she is Jiaying's daughter.

Confronting Kora

After having a heart to heart with Jiaying, Nathaniel infiltrates the base with an alternate John Garrett who has Gordon's teleportation. Nathaniel confronts and kills Jiaying in front of Daisy, leaving Daisy devastated after only just managing to forge a connection to this version. In another part of the Lighthouse, Garrett kidnaps Simmons while Sousa is trying to protect the woman. Nathaniel and Garrett both flee the base on the stolen Zephyr.

Some time later, Sousa has joined Daisy and May in the Lighthouse control room and they are tracking Z1's telemetry on the screens. The ship disappears from the satellite and when Sousa asks if they time jumped, Daisy curtly insists that they didn't. Sousa asks how the ship disappeared if they didn't jump and May speculates that Z1 has traveled into space, which is later revealed to be correct. May tells Daisy that she can feel the younger woman's guilt with her powers and tries to tell her that it's not Daisy's fault. Daisy insists that she should've killed Nathaniel when she had the chance.

Daisy, Sousa, and May confront Kora.

Elena radios to ask permission to land the quinjet that had been on the mission to Afterlife. May gives the go ahead to Elena and Daisy strides from the room, saying that the quinjet will have Kora on board. May cautions against telling Kora that Jiaying is dead due to Kora's instability. Daisy tells May that Kora should know what Nathaniel did, calling him Kora's boyfriend. Sousa asks what they should do if Kora loses control and Daisy replies that they should leave it to her. She asserts that she won't make the same mistake she did with Nathaniel.

When Kora arrives with Mack, Elena, and Coulson, Daisy is flanked by Sousa and May. Daisy immediately quakes Kora into a wall and holds her in place by the neck, demanding Simmons' location. Mack orders Daisy to stop and Daisy backs away after the second order from him. Kora claims that they don't have to hurt each other because she's there to help by becoming an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Daisy looks at her, unconvinced.

Bad Boys of the Boy Scouts

Sousa sees Daisy's Quake suit for the first time.

After a long discussion with the team and alone with Kora, Sousa catches Daisy sneaking from her room on the base having changed into her Quake armor and carrying a duffel bag. Sousa eyes her changed outfit, remarking in surprise how different it is for him to see. He notices her bag and asks Daisy if she's going somewhere.

Daisy tells him that though she understands that he wants to help her this time she wants to do things on her own. When she walks away, Sousa follows her and insists that she needs backup on whatever mission she's clearly about to embark on. When Daisy asks if she learned that behavior in the army, Sousa replies that he actually learned it in the Brooklyn Boy Scouts. Daisy then asks if Sousa has ever left his post on a base to play pool or get drunk. When Sousa denies ever doing that, she changes her mind and invites him along on her mission.

Daisy explains her rescue plan to Sousa.

On the quinjet, Sousa asks what the plan is since May said the quinjet can't travel as far in space as the Zephyr. Daisy explains that she is trying to find ways to act unpredictably since Sibyl's plan is based on her projections as dictated by their likely behavior. Sousa realizes that's why she asked if he'd ever left his post and asks what unpredictable is for Daisy. Daisy explains that Sibyl left Kora for her because the Chronicoms knew Daisy would want to try to save her. Daisy insists that she will instead ignore Kora and just go rescue Simmons, as she is Daisy sister too.

Hail Mary Mission

Sousa asks if Daisy has ever flown a quinjet.

Sousa and Daisy settle into the cockpit of the quinjet and Daisy starts the pre-flight procedures. Sousa points out that they will use all of the fuel just getting out of the atmosphere. Daisy corrects him that they'll use most of the fuel, she'll point the quinjet towards Z1, burn the last of the fuel, and they'll float until the get close enough to dock.

Daisy offers Sousa a chance to not come with her.

Sousa calls the plan a "Hail Mary" but says he's fine with it as long as Daisy knows what she's doing. Daisy gives a skeptical look and Sousa is less confident in the plan. He worriedly asks if she's ever flown the quinjet before and she indicates that she has not with a few looks. She then tells him that it's his last chance not to go with her but Sousa firmly shows he's with her by putting on the seat harness. Daisy smiles at his steadfast nature and says "without fail" under her breath. When Sousa questions those words, Daisy insists that flying the quinjet can't be too difficult since everyone in S.H.I.E.L.D. has flown one before. She tells Sousa that she's heard take off is not that hard.

Daisy and Sousa are joined by Mack on the rescue mission.

As she flips more switches in the cockpit, the hatch behind them opens and Mack enters with another duffel bag and his shotgun-axe on his back. He questions what Daisy is planning by abandoning her sister and stealing the quinjet. Daisy explains her reasoning about Sibyl's projections. Mack eventually decides not only to approve Daisy's plan but come with the other two on the mission. Mack, who has more flight experience than Daisy, switches places with Sousa in the copilot's seat and the three take off for space.

Sousa sees the Earth from orbit for the first time.

Once they after cleared the Earth's atmosphere, Sousa unbuckles his harness and begins to float out of his jump seat because of the zero gravity. Sousa complains about the sensation, having never been to space. With a smile Mack turns on the quinjet's artificial gravity, dropping Sousa back into his seat.

Sousa walks up to the cockpit behind Daisy and Mack and the three marvel at the view of Earth from low orbit. After a moment Daisy and Mack locate Z1. Mack tells Sousa to strap in and Daisy repeats the order, calling Sousa "Danny Boy." He follows their orders just before Mack and Daisy propel the quinjet towards Z1.

He's a Dork

Later Sousa sits in the cockpit, gazing in wonder at the stars while Daisy and Mack work in the back of the quinjet to turn off the non-vital systems. After finishing, Daisy tells Mack about the prophetic words Enoch said before he died. Daisy tells Mack that Enoch said the current mission would be the last for the team even if they all survive. With a sardonic laugh, Mack says it may be time.

Daisy protests that their team won't become the kind of ex-coworkers who only see each other when they are in town. When Mack indicates his acceptance that it's possible, saying they can still connect like regular people by using phones. Daisy becomes upset over the idea of the team growing apart, calling them her family. She tells Mack that she doesn't know who she is without them. Mack insists that she does know who she is with anyone. Daisy nods a little while looking away from him, contemplating his words.

Mack's assurance prompts Daisy to glance meaningfully at where Sousa is sitting alone in the cockpit, not paying attention to Daisy and Mack's conversation. Mack notices and begins to tease Daisy for her unsubtle look. Daisy tries to quiet him before Sousa notices that their conversation has turned to him.

Daisy confesses in a whisper to Mack that she kissed Sousa in the time loops. When Mack cringes a little, Daisy calls Sousa a dork and smiles. Mack smiles back and tells her that it's messed up that Sousa doesn't remember the event due to it being erased in the next time loops. When she laughs and asks why he's smiling, Mack reveals that he and Elena had already made a bet on Daisy and Sousa's relationship. Elena apparently lost $20 to Mack now. Daisy kicks Mack affectionately in the leg.

Daisy remarks that things won't be the same anymore. Mack agrees but tells her that that change is okay. Daisy nods in understanding.

I Would Never Hurt Her

An indeterminate time later, Daisy has fallen asleep next to the quinjet's jump seats and Mack has moved to join Sousa in the cockpit. Mack is resting in the pilot's seat with his eyes closed and Sousa, still staring at the stars, tells Mack that going to space was a dream for everyone in his time period. When Mack interrupts Sousa's speech, Sousa mistakes the interruption for a plea to save oxygen.

Mack instead asks Sousa what his intentions are with Daisy. Sousa is taken aback by the questions and insists that he doesn't have any intentions. Mack tells the other man that he needs to get intentions quick, revealing to him that Daisy has a crush on Sousa although she may not have fully realized it. Mack warns him that when Daisy has an idea about a person, she is extremely motivated and Sousa says that he already knows based on his own observations.

Mack tells Sousa that Daisy has been hurt badly by her previous relationships, presumably referencing Lincoln Campbell's sacrificial death and possibly Grant Ward's reveal as a Hydra agent. Mack tells Sousa that he's happy Daisy is ready to try a relationship again after so many years and he's also happy it's with Sousa since he likes the other man. However, he also warns Sousa that he won't let Daisy get hurt again, asking Sousa if he understands.

Sousa says that he understands Mack is threatening him. Mack tells him that the threat is not just from him but rather from the entire team and they have access to technology Sousa's never seen to back up the threat. Sousa assures Mack that he understands Mack's meaning. After a moment, Sousa tells Mack that he would never hurt Daisy. Mack nods in acceptance of this promise.

Mack marvels over the unlikely nature of Daisy and Sousa's relationship, calling them "the Man Out of Time and Quake" as if it's a comic book title. Sousa questions the use of the term "Quake" for Daisy. Mack explains that Quake is Daisy's superhero name. Sousa asks if Mack doesn't realize the moniker sounds hilarious and the two men begin to snicker quietly at the sound of Daisy's code name while Sousa repeats the word "Quake." Daisy is asleep behind them and doesn't hear their laughter.

Happy to Help, Quake

Sousa teases Daisy about her "Quake" name.

Some time later, Daisy is awake again. Alone in the cockpit, Mack tells the other two that the quinjet is approaching the Zephyr and will dock in a few minutes. While she's preparing her Quake gauntlets and Sousa is preparing his guns, Daisy thanks Sousa for being there. Sousa tells her that she's welcome and under his breath calls her "Quake."

Daisy and Sousa flirt before the mission.

Daisy double takes at Sousa using her hero name when he never had before. Sousa begins to tease her by ending each sentence with her superhero name and he starts to move in close to her until he's standing right in front of her. She asks Sousa if he's being funny but with a smile he insists he's just using the name she likes to be called. Daisy tries to protest that she didn't choose the name, it was given to her by the media but Sousa interrupts to tell her that she should put a "Q" on her utility belt to make sure people know who she is.

Daisy smiles at Sousa's flirtation.

Daisy points out that it's not smart to tease the person who can turn him to dust with their powers but Sousa merely shrugs off the threat by acknowledging her quaking ability and teasing her further that that's exactly why people call her "Quake," after all.

Mack is shown in the cockpit laughing at Sousa's teasing and their flirting. The trio's playful moment is interrupted when a portal opens up in the distance and a Chronicom spaceship fleet arrives next to the Zephyr. Daisy and Mack realize that the reason Nathaniel came to space was to call in reinforcements.

An Unexpected Kiss

Daisy, Sousa, and Mack infiltrate the Zephyr.

Daisy, Sousa, and Mack watch as the Chronicom ships begin to fire lasers on the Earth and, unbeknownst to them, destroy S.H.I.E.L.D. bases around the world. They dock with the Zephyr but the Zephyr is then pulled into the Chronicom ship.

Daisy, Sousa, and Mack wait on the quinjet armed and ready for Nathaniel to attack them, assuming that they have already been discovered trying to infiltrate the enemy ship. However, when the quinjet is not breached, they hesitantly leave and discover that the Zephyr is empty. Nathaniel and his entire team has left to meet with Sibyl and taken Simmons and Deke with them.

Sousa kisses Daisy before her mission.

Mack and Daisy scan the Chronicom ship from the newly retaken Zephyr to locate their kidnapped teammates using the humans' higher heat signatures. Sousa calls attention to a heat signature that is even higher than Deke and Simmons' and Daisy states that it must be Kora, her sister. When Sousa asks how they will complete the mission, Daisy formulates a loose plan to have her infiltrate the ship alone to locate and rescue their teammates since Nathaniel and Sibyl do not seems to know the S.H.I.E.L.D. team is present. Mack says he will find a way to get the Chronicom ship's hangar door open for their escape and Sousa volunteers to help Mack.

When Daisy starts to leave, Sousa pauses for a moment, makes a decision, and then calls out to her to make her turn around. He rushes over to Daisy and kisses her suddenly. Daisy is surprised but smiles and kisses Sousa again. When they finish kissing, Sousa admits that he did not know he was going to kiss Daisy but she tells him that she is happy that he did. Daisy then leaves to find Simmons and Deke, telling Sousa that she will see him when she returns. Sousa goes back to Mack's side to continue helping the other man. The two men work inn awkward silence for a moment then Mack tells Sousa that the move to kiss Daisy was impressive and Sousa replies "thank you."

Infiltrating the Chronicom Ship

While Daisy infiltrates the enemy ship, Sousa and Mack try to figure out a way to open the hangar doors. Sibyl calls all three of them on video and reveals that the Chronicoms have destroyed the S.H.I.E.L.D. bases. Sousa tries to reassure Mack that the Lighthouse is safe and reminds him they need to find a way to escape once Daisy returns with the others.

Meanwhile, Daisy locates Simmons and Deke with no resistance from the Chronicoms. The three start to make their way back to the Zephyr but are confronted by Kora. Daisy tells the other two to go to the Zephyr without her and stays behind to confront her sister.

Back on the Zephyr, Sousa and Mack prepare more weapons to fight after taking out six Chronicoms. Mack tells Sousa that they have a limited amount of Deke's special Chronicom disabling bullets and Sousa calls the situation "peachy." When Mack hears the term, he tells Sousa that Mack has to get him some updated terms once the mission is over and warns him not to let Daisy hear him using his outdated terminology. When Sousa asks if the term "peachy" means something bad in the 21st century, Mack rethinks things and instead tells Sousa to ignore what he'd said, calling Sousa a "fine man."

Escaping the Chronicom Ship

Sousa and Mack rig an explosion with the six robot bodies they disabled earlier. Deke and Simmons return to the Zephyr. Sousa asks after Daisy and Deke reveals that she stayed behind to fight Kora. Sousa immediately tries to go to find Daisy but Mack calls him back. Sousa impatiently asks what Mack wants him to do and Mack asks for the other man to find him some duct tape, thinking of an escape plan.

Daisy talks her sister into letting her go unharmed and returns to the Zephyr alone. When she returns to the Zehpyr's cockpit she finds Sousa in the copilot's seat next to Mack. Sousa and Daisy exchange looks then, at Mack's direction, Sousa fires missiles that have the six Chronicom bodies taped to them. The hangar door is destroyed and the team escapes with Z1.

I'll Stay

The Zephyr team reunites with Coulson, May, and Elena at the 80s version of the Krazy Kanoe speakeasy in New York. Other surviving S.H.I.E.L.D. agents from the 80s have also been called to the bar and hideout by a mysterious encoded message. They have brought with them several 0-8-4 items that, when combined, become a Quantum Bridge to bring Fitz from the original timeline to the altered timeline.

The team argue about Fitz' whereabouts, the plan moving forward, and the trials they have been through while fighting the Chronicoms through time. Eventually, they decide to power the Quantum Bridge with New York's power grid to return to the original timeline and bring the Chronicoms with them. However, someone on the team will have to stay behind and set up the power to allow the jump through the Quantum Realm.

Daisy points out that this is the prophecy Enoch told her and Coulson before he died. Fitz corroborates what she says, using his knowledge from looking into the Time Stream. He tells the others that the current meeting in the Krazy Kanoe in the 80s would be the last time the entire team would ever be in the same room together, no matter the outcome of the mission.


After a long moment of silence, Sousa volunteers to stay behind to allow the others to escape. He tells them that he has already received a second chance when Daisy and the others saved him from being assassinated and that it's only right he stay instead of any of the others being separated from the team. Daisy turns to him in shock but does not speak. Sousa takes her hands in his and begins to speak to her about his choice and to say goodbye while the others watch in silence.

Deke interrupts Sousa's goodbye to Daisy and says that he will stay instead. He points out that the person who stays behind has to have the technical knowledge to rig the power grid and connect it to the Quantum Bridge which Sousa as a man from the 50s does not have. Deke says that he can see that Sousa and Daisy have "a real thing going" and tells Daisy that he wants her to be happy. Daisy says Deke's name but does not say anything else.

The team commits to the plan and move the Quantum Bridge to the Zephyr while Deke sets up the power grid. The Zephyr jumps to the Quantum Realm, taking the Chronicom ships with them and leaving Deke behind in the alternate timeline.

Back to the Temple

While traveling through the Quantum Realm the team formulates a plan to defeat the Chronicoms once and for all. However, Mack reveals that in order to do so they have to return to the Temple of the Forgotten, last seen in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 6x13 - "New Life." Mack orders Sousa to go with Fitz, Simmons, and Elena to complete the mission at the Temple while he, Daisy, and the rest will infiltrate the Chronicom ship again.

Sousa and the others put on blue hazmat suits and approach the past Simmons and Enoch who had only just time traveled to pick up the team from the Temple. It is here that the team discovers that the blue hazmat helpers in "New Life" were the time traveling team consisting of Sousa, Elena, Fitz, and Simmons.

Sousa is there to see Daisy cradling May's body as May dies from her sword stab from Sarge. Sousa also assists with drilling some of the Time Monolith for use in the time drive. The hazmat versions of the four return to their quinjet just as the Chronicoms fire on the temple and the past Zephyr time jumps to start the events of Season 7.

Defeating Nathaniel and Sibyl

Sousa and the ground team head to the Lighthouse to clear it of the Chronicom forces that were attacking at the end of Season 6. They barricade themselves in the control against an attacking Chronicom force and Elena hopes they have enough time while the team in space finishes their part of the mission. Sousa tells Elena not to worry about Mack and she replies that he should also not worry about Daisy. Simmons hears this exchange and cries, telling them that Daisy and Mack are their everything and the "stars in [their] skies."

On Sibyl's ship, the team rescues Kora, stops the Chronicoms attacking the Lighthouse, and defeat Sybil and Nathaniel. Daisy is severely injured from being exposed to the vacuum of space although Kora is able to revive her enough to prevent her from dying.

The Astro Ambassadors

One year after the team has defeated the Chronicoms and Nathaniel Malick, they are shown meeting in a modern day Framework version of the Krazy Kanoe. The team has since separated to pursue different paths in life, fulfilling Enoch's prophecy and Daisy's fears. They exchange friendly updates of their lives.

Simmons tells Daisy that she and Fitz received a letter from Sousa instead of a gift for their daughter. Simmons tells Daisy that it's "cute" that he writes letters and Daisy agrees, revealing that she had just got him a typewriter. When Simmons asks how things are going for Daisy and Sousa, Daisy replies that they are "loving the journey together." She tells the team that she showed Sousa E.T. to prepare for their current mission and he cried. However, she assures them that Sousa is made for the work they are now doing together and calls him "solid." Daisy says that Sousa keeps calling them the "Astro Ambassadors" and calls him a dork with a smile. She also tells them that Sousa says hello.

After the others leave one by one from the Framework call, Daisy stays and contemplates the empty chairs alone, still struggling with the separation of the team. She reaches up to remove her own Framework call device and it is revealed that Daisy is physically in the command center of Zephyr Three with agents working in the background and Sousa sitting in front of her, reading "Cosmos" by Carl Sagan. Sousa asks how the others are and she tells him that they're okay, looking down at her hands.

Kora calls to them from the cockpit of Z3 and the two join her to look out of the window. In front of them they see a red nebula into which they are flying. Kora calls the nebula amazing and Daisy agrees, calling it beautiful before looking at Sousa and pulling him closer into her side. Daisy, Sousa, and Kora continue to watch as their ship flies into the nebula.


“We're the good guys, I swear!”
— Daisy Johnson to Daniel Sousa, Alien Commies from the Future!, 7x03
Daniel Sousa“You again.”
Daisy Johnson“Told you we're the good guys.”
Out of the Past, 7x04
“Well, it's easier to let a bad man live, than to let a good man die.”
— Alphonso Mackenzie to Phil Coulson about Daniel Sousa, Out of the Past, 7x04
Sousa“I'd suspected they'd burrowed into S.H.I.E.L.D. but I thought it was the fringes. If someone like Malick is Hydra...”
Daisy“They're dug in deep.”
Sousa“I'm not sure what's more frustrating: that you won't tell me how you know what you know or you're telling me I can't act on it.”
Daisy“Malick is just...a piece of it. If you expose him right now, they'll just go deeper underground.”
Sousa“Then I'll follow them there! Hydra took a lot of good people from me. This is a fight I'll wage alone if I have to. I'd give my life for it.”
Out of the Past, 7x04
“Cool. Writing some new history. Copy that.”
— Daisy Johnson about Daniel Sousa, Out of the Past, 7x04
Coulson“I'm happy to see you healing. At least it feels like happiness. I wonder how many 1s and 0s it takes to achieve that fuzzy feeling.”
Daisy“Well, yeah, I was lucky. Sousa pulled me out of the wreckage, got us home. I'm glad he's here.”
Coulson“That makes me happy too.”
After, Before, 7x08
Mack“What are your intentions?”
Mack“...with Daisy.”
Sousa“I don't have any intentions.”
Mack“Well then you better get some, and quick! Cuz this thing is coming for you.”
Mack“She's into you. And I'm not even sure if she knows it yet but pretty soon she'll figure it out and when she does, hmm, watch out. Cuz when she gets something into her head-”
Sousa“She won't stop. Yeah, I noticed.”
Brand New Day, 7x11

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“But then it just works, and it also, again, mirrors life and what often happens. It’s finally when you work on yourself and when you’re not looking for something… You know the old saying, you get stuck in a time loop and fall in love! Classic, old-time story! I thought they did it in a really clever way....It’s taken me watching [the season] to go, ‘Oh my god, I really loved it for her.’ I thought it was actually — in a weird, sci-fi, nerdy way — totally romantic and totally makes sense. Of course, it would be him! And I actually really find both Sousa and Enver to be incredibly complementing to the storyline and to that character. And to feel her growth. Someone who loves strong women, it’s really fun to watch. So I’m a total shipper!”
— Chloe Bennet on her character's pairing with Daniel Sousa in an interview with Fandom
“I knew the producers had been trying to find a love interest for Chloe for a long time. Watching it with a bit of distance, I can actually see why it works so well. We felt like there was something happening, but then you see it on the screen... There’s something about it that I don’t know how, but it just works.”
— Enver Gjokaj on his character's pairing with Daisy Johnson in an interview with Men's Health
“I full-blown have been fangirling about them on screen, which I haven't done for any of the other people that I- that Daisy was with. It's so sweet. I actually really think it's really, really cute. I don't know, I just think that they're so opposite and they balance each other out so well. And the chemistry worked, like, on camera.[....]But yeah, it's really, really nice to see Daisy finally happy and with the right one. I hope fans like it.”
— Chloe Bennet to Entertainment Weekly
“I think just like in real life, [they work because of] how absolutely improbably the whole thing is. It's just something that doesn't work until somebody comes along and breaks all the rules, you know? Chloe and I had great chemistry. It just felt pretty easy.”
— Enver Gjokaj to Entertainment Weekly
“We were hopeful that [Daisy and Sousa] would have chemistry, and we felt like we could write Sousa into a place, and her into a place, that felt like it would be organic to them....Seeing them on-screen and seeing them play, we were pretty confident that it would work.”
— Jed Whedon on pairing Daisy Johnson with Daniel Sousa in an interview with TVLine
“The chemistry was something that was a hope. It was a hope, but we weren't for sure. But fortunately, because TV is made on the fly, you can react to what you see, and we felt like the chemistry was there right from the start. Once we found the angle, it actually came from Chloe laughing at something Enver said and just laughing at it, like 'This goof', and that was like a light bulb of, 'Oh, she thinks he's a dork.'”
— Jed Whedon on pairing Daisy Johnson with Daniel Sousa in an interview with
“Right. They're such an unlikely pair. And we liked the idea of Daisy, this strong, powerful woman who's been through a slew of failed relationships, doesn't even realize that she's finding him charming. She's just finding him goofy. So she can't quite put her finger on it until it's right there, until she has to go through a time loop over and over and over again, that same moment where she realizes, 'My God, this guy is so solid.'”
— Maurissa Tancharoen on pairing Daisy Johnson with Daniel Sousa in an interview with


Even though the Dousy pairing was introduced midway through the final season, it has been met with positive acclaim. Fans have been frustrated with Daisy Johnson's bad luck when it comes to her romantic relationships as all her previous love interests have either ended up dead or evil.

Daniel Sousa on the other hand has also experienced heartbreak through his failed relationship with Peggy Carter who ultimately ends up with her lost love; Steve Rogers. While many fans of Agent Carter are PeggySous shippers, most agree that Sousa has been a nice foil to all of Daisy's seemingly "bad boy" pairings, seeing as he is more chivalrous and straight-laced.

Their relationship was somewhat foreshadowed back in season 6 when Daisy tells Simmons that what she really wanted was her own "Fitz", referring to their devotion to each other. Since Daisy is often attracted to the selfless and heroic types similar to Lincoln Campbell, fans agree that Sousa would provide a more stable and mature relationship as they balance each other out through their strengths.

On AO3, Dousy is the second most written romantic ship for Sousa and the sixth most written romantic ship for Daisy.



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  • Elizabeth Henstridge, who plays Jemma Simmons, directed the episode featuring Daisy and Sousa's first kiss.[1]
  • Enver Gjokaj, who plays Daniel Sousa, came up with their ship name; "Dousy".[2]
  • Showrunners Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon based the Dousy dynamic of Daisy thinking Sousa is a dork on a real life Chloe and Enver interaction that they witnessed.[3]
  • The time travel events of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 7x13, "What We're Fighting For" revealed that the character Daniel Sousa was retroactively present in the Season 6 finale and that he technically met Daisy without her knowledge before they'd officially met in 1955.



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