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DreamNotFound is the slash ship between Dream and GeorgeNotFound from the YouTube fandom.


Dream is seen in nearly all of the videos on George's channel and George is featured in over half of Dream's videos. They custom code Minecraft plugins which they use to challenge themselves in Minecraft. Their challenges usually involve one person trying to beat the game while being hunted by the other, or working together to beat the game. They also co-own and created the Dream Tech channel together.

In Beating Minecraft With One Inventory Slot..., Dream gives George roses in-game and then spends about five or more minutes trying to get George to say "I love you" to him. Threatening to withhold George's sword if he didn't say it. Though, George is embarrassed the entire time, he eventually agrees to say it when his hunger bar runs low. George cuts it out, but the beginning ("I lo-") can be heard before the cut.

Dream gave his friends Sapnap and BadBoyHalo $500 to spend on Amazon in this video, but gave George $5,000.

Dream and George are linked together in Speedrunning Minecraft As Siamese Twins...: Dream controls the player's body, and George can place and break blocks. Throughout the video, George is repeatedly terrified by Dream's parkour stunts and yells at Dream multiple times to "eat the bread!" The video is supposedly sponsored by George, but it was really Dream trying to get more people to watch George's videos and support him; since as Dream stated at the beginning of the video, he "loves [George] a lot."

At (12:56) in Beating Minecraft, But It Rains Lava..., there is a brief flash of text that says, "It's like a married couple fighting... tsk tsk," while Dream and George argue over Dream's inventory drops. Dream has never announced or said anything about having an editor, so it is likely that the text was put there by Dream himself.

In Minecraft, But A Black Hole Grows Every Second..., there are many moments where viewers joked would've been romantic or sexual if taken out of context. For example, Dream comments on how big the black hole is, and George replies, "are you sure?"

When Dream and George are about to get sucked into the black hole, Dream uses his only Ender Pearl to teleport out, leaving George behind. Despite this, George urges for Dream to survive for all of them. However, Dream gets pulled into the black hole at the end of the video, resulting in the following dialogue:

George“Just survive.”
Dream“I can't. It's pulling me. I'm getting sucked in. I'm- I'm done. I'm done. I'm done. I'm underwater. Oh, I'm in the- I'm in the black hole. I'm in it.”
George“Oh no.”
Dream“I'm in it.”
George“Dream, no. Not like this.”
Dream“I'm in it. I'm blind. I can't see anything. It's dark. I'm underwater.”
George“I'm here. I'm here with you, Dream.”
Dream“I'm dead.”
George“I'm here, Dream. Dream!”
Minecraft, But A Black Hole Grows Every Second... (17:12)

In Minecraft, But We Can't Stop Flying..., at around (17:56), Dream and George's MC avatars end up in an awkward position because of the plug-in combined with Minecraft's sitting position. They, being dirty-minded, end up laughing/wheezing the entire boat trip to find the Stronghold. This moment has been dubbed by their fans as, "the boat scene".

Dream is present with George when he tries on his colorblind correction glasses for the first time in Minecraft, But I'm Not Colorblind Anymore.... When George gets nervous about putting on the glasses, Dream hypes him up by saying that he (Dream) will be the first thing George sees with his glasses. For a couple minutes George is surprised that Dream's avatar is actually green and keeps telling him to stand next to a dandelion so he could compare the colors. Throughout the rest of the video, Dream helps George describe and identify the new colors he's seeing.

George ended up telling Dream he loves him at the very end of his MC Championship stream.


In Minecraft Ultimate Tag..., Dream loses the game and therefore the bet and has to give George $1,000 and his mom's phone number. George lets the comment section decide what he should text Dream's mum, which ended up being, "Hi this is your son's boyfriend". He texted Dream's mum live on his 28 April 2020 livestream. By the end of the conversation, Dream's mum had welcomed him to the family.

In a BadBoyHalo livestream, he asked Dream if he would marry him, Dream replied no. However, when Bad asked if Dream would marry George, Dream paused and then replied "maybe" and that he would think about it. Dream says later in the same stream that he would marry George if he were a woman.

According to Dream on one of George's facecam livestreams, George had tried the previous day to get Dream to marry him off-camera, with the excuse of getting a visa into the U.S. This apparently lasted fifteen minutes, with George telling Dream the benefits of them marrying and that if Dream wanted to marry someone else, they could just divorce. Some fans have described George's reaction to Dream's recount to the stream as embarrassed.

In one of George's facecam livestreams at 1:46:24, he reads "isle of dream" from a donation which sounded like "I love Dream". He doesn't realize what he's said until Dream starts laughing.

During the last two hours or so of an 8 hour stream (MC Championship) on June 13, 2020; Dream and George made a "deal." If Dream facetimed George for at least 30 seconds, George would have to say, "I love you, Dream." Considering that both of these actions were out of their comfort zones, it was considered a big deal for both the streamers and the viewers.

Dream had facetimed Sapnap on stream with no problem, but seemed to be nervous about showing George his face. Dream insisted that George had already seen his face before, but George said that he couldn't "recall" anything like that happening. When the time comes to actually "facetime," Dream shows George his profile picture instead of his actual face, arguing that George had asked to see Dream's face, not Clay's (Clay is Dream's real name). Dream begins to actually get mad at George, saying that even if he had shown him his face, George would've found a way to not fulfill his end of the deal, a scammer, essentially. He bans George from their teamspeak and unbans him a couple minutes later. When George rejoins, Dream seems genuinely upset/angry, and asks George to just end the stream and drop the subject, before leaving the teamspeak. George spends a couple minutes building up the nerve, then turns off his facecam, and says "I love you, Dream." The stream is ended right after he says this.

During the Minecraft Championships Week 6 event, George has trouble identifying a lime wool block for the build battle. Dream tries to help by telling him, "it's the same color as me." Many Dream Team fans found this as a short sweet moment.

When George asks Dream why he refuses to show him his face, Dream says that George "makes [him] shy." George seems confused by his answer and responds that it's fine if he doesn't want to.

At the beginning of the Dream SMP War, Dream named George as his second-in-command.


During the Love or Host Auditions for George, Dream was not invited but due to pressure from both the audience and Dream himself, he was added into the call. Once in the call, he says that he'll be the one to "win George's heart" and "take him to the crafting table." The latter of which is a dirty or suggestive inside-joke in the fandom. He also says at one point that if were a candidate, the girls wouldn't stand a chance against him when he came down to winning George's heart.

In the same audition livestream, Dream says that the only man he's into is George, and tells Sapnap to "fuck off" after Sapnap interrupts his love proclamation with his own.

During George's Love of Host, Dream tweeted four times suggesting George to kick a certain girl off. In the end, JustaMinx won and choose 'love', which led to her and George having a Minecraft date. Despite his earlier tweet, Dream and Minx were friendly to one another and even laughed together at George because he thought Minx would've chosen 'host'. However, their date ends up foiling near the end and Minx leaves the call, leaving Dream and George alone. George tries to give Dream a poppy flower but he doesn't notice.


They have a tendency to defend each other during meetings, but Dream is known to defend George even if he knows the latter is the Imposter. In a BadBoyHalo Among Us livestream, Dream defends George from the rest of the crew by saying he and George were "literally holding hands in the hallway." This is followed by George saying that Dream's hand is warm. During this livestream, BadBoyHalo notices Dream's behavior and says, "Dream knows it's George, he's just simping hard," when the crew almost fails to vote out George because of Dream purposely acting suspicious in an attempt to get the crew to tie their votes.

Dream“Me and George were literally holding hands in the hallway and we saw you.”
George“I was holding his hand... it was so warm.”

While waiting for a game to start, Dream hides behind one of the boxes in the dropship and tells George to hide with him. George joins him and a screenshot of the two behind the box ended up becoming a small meme on Twitter. Also, when Karl joins the two behind the box, Dream stops laughing with George and says, "No, not you."


George once tweeted a link to a "selfie" (a picture of his Minecraft skin at a beach) he took on Instagram, and Dream replied, "wow wanna date?" George then responded, "where you taking me?" It was quite obviously a joke, but many still found it cute.

In late 2019, George posted a questionable mic test in which he yells, "Don't touch me there, Dream!" [1]Ear/Headphones recommended

As an April Fool's Day joke, George tweeted, "Happy to announce that @DreamWasTaken and I are getting married in 2021!"[2] This inspired an influx of wedding fan art. Later on, in Dream's first Twitch stream, George actually built them a wedding altar, complete with a Villager priest and rows of seats. However, after an argument with Dream, George later tweeted that the wedding was off.[3]

Dream replied to a tweet claiming himself to be the OG (original) George simp.[4]

On June 1st, 2020, (coincidentally, the start of Pride Month) George replied to one of Dream's tweets saying "love you dream ❤️" Dream retweeted this.[5] In a later stream, Dream revealed to have paid George to tweet this.

#dreamisoverparty trended in the United States (eventually reaching up to #2 trending and more than 14k tweets) during and after June 13's stream, because Dream tricked George into saying a genuine "I love you" on stream in exchange for a minute of facetime, but Dream did not keep his end of the deal. See Livestreams.

On July 24th, Dream jokingly deactivated his second twitter (@dreamwastaken2) briefly after a thread with Maia, also known as mxmtoon, over her apparent flirting with George where she called him cute and sang him a song. It is important to take away the fact that this whole thing was a joke, and that neither side were actually upset. Following this, fans messaged Dream on various platforms sympathizing over his "breakup."

Dream tweeted saying that George said "I love you" to him privately in a voice channel, and due to odd circumstances he describes, not many fans believe him. George even responded to the tweet and said Dream was writing his own fanfiction. [6]


  • George once stated that if he were to get anything in the world, it would be a plane ticket to Dream's place and a permanent room. Though, this was likely a joke.
    • In another stream, when George was talking about looking for a better place to live, Dream said that he would prefer it here (in Florida). When George asked why, he responded, "because I'm here."
    • They have plans to meet in real life one day. Dream was going to fly George out to Florida (his home state) and meet there, but their plans were interrupted by the international travel ban implemented due to the coronavirus. George lives in Brighton, England, while Dream is in Orlando, Florida.
  • BadBoyHalo trying to get George to call Dream "daddy" on stream.

Love or Host

  • Dream changes his mind about kicking JustaMinx after she says she'd share George with him.[7]
  • Dream tells the girls on Love of Host that George is married to him.
  • When prompted by one of the girls, Dream claims that George has "jealousy issues" which was likely a reference to when Wilbur asked Dream out on a date and George's reaction to it.
  • George following Dream's suggestions and kicking Caprice off.
  • Dream tweets "George left me for some girl..." after he chose Minx as the winner.[8]
  • George gives Dream a poppy flower while he's looking away.


Minecraft Challenges

Dream“Take a screen- oh we're watching the sunset together.”
George“This is amazing.”
Dream“Two... two... two men on a date.”
Minecraft, But It's Infested... (18:28)
George“That was my idea.”
Dream“Yeah, just like last night.”
George(laughs) That sounds weird!”
Beating Minecraft, But It Rains Lava... (20:50)
George“Why am I so messed up?”
Dream“George... George listen, we love you the way you are, even if you're very messed up, okay?”
— Talking about George's colorblindness, Minecraft, But We Are All Colorblind... (18:34)


George“I don't know, I haven't really looked to any other places, so I can't tell.. if I would prefer elsewhere. ”
Dream“You'd prefer it here, trust me.”
George“Why do you think that?”
Dream“Because I'm here.”
— George's Second Facecam Livestream[9]
Dream“George, just tell me you love me.”
Dream“C'mon, I love you. Tell me you love me.”
George“I'm trying to... (ignoring Dream)
Dream“George! Please.”
— Dream tries to get George to say "I love you"
George“What are you doing, step-dream?”
Dream's Twitch
Dream“Dream6d... yeah, I'm leaving you for a6d... he screams better than you anyway.”
— Dream tells George he's leaving him for a6d, Dream's Twitch
“I love you, Dream.”
— George at the end of his June 13th MCC livestream
“George, you are such a cutie. Oh my God. I love you so much, I just wanna kiss you.”
— Dream's Twitch[10]
“George is beautiful, and he's handsome, and he's smart, and he's kind, and he is wonderful. He's a wonderful friend.”
— Dream to Sapnap[11]
“The only man that I'm into is George.”
— Dream, Love or Host Auditions
GoneDoc“So, how long have you been in love with George?”
Dream“I've been-”
Sapnap“Nonono, I've been in love with George far longer than Dream has.”
Dream“Fuck off, Sapnap.”
Sapnap“Listen here-”
Dream“George is mine. Go away.”
Love or Host Auditions


Fan“Have you and George ever kissed on the lips? ”
Dream“Only when we have our socks on.”
Speed Q&A, DreamXD


The ship name "Gream" was the original name for DreamNotFound when it first appeared in July 2019. However, the name started falling out of use after Dream and George made fun of how disgusting it sounded on a stream. In turn, fans joke how- since Dream's real name is Clay- that if he were to go by his real name, then his and George's ship name would've been Gay.

The first post ever created under the #dreamnotfound tag on Tumblr was a piece of fanart by user, 4oh3-dot-zip, on 30 January, 2020.

Fans initially started shipping Dream and George because of their dynamic in videos. One of Dream's iconic lines is him saying George's name creepily during Minecraft Manhunts, usually coupled with him sneaking up on or ambushing his friend. Oftentimes, much to the fans' amusement, George somehow becomes the hunted in any scenario of Minecraft Manhunt, regardless of whether or not he was the hunter. As such, one of George's iconic lines is him screaming Dream's name when the latter hunts him or gets his health low. The ship began gaining popularity when Dream's channel blew up and people started paying more attention to his and George's interactions.

Some fans speculate that by giving George $5000 to spend on Amazon, Dream was actually trying to buy George a new PC in disguise of a video idea since it had been known for a while that George's old PC had been slowly dying.

Following Dream's unexpected appearance on George's Love or Host Auditions, along with his behavior there, many fans cracked jokes how Tommyinnit was right about Dream being in love with girls and GeorgeNotFound in one of his tweets. [12]


As there is some controversy with shipping real people, many fans of DreamNotFound ship them platonically. Most fans also try to keep explicit content to a minimum and avoid tagging them in shipping posts. This doesn't apply for everyone in the fandom, but some ship DNF as a friendship as to respect the creators' existing friendship.

As a result, DreamNotFound is also the most popular bromance in the fandom. Fanworks primarily consist of the artwork of intense/iconic moments from their Minecraft Challenges series, livestreams, or extras. The third member of the Dream Team, Sapnap, and their non-official member, BadBoyHalo, are two who've appeared frequently in DreamNotFound fanworks.

Their friendship is supported by most, if not all of the Dream Team fandom. There are many who, when #lovelettersfordream and #heartsforgeorge were trending, stated that their friendship and genuineness was what made their videos so attractive and enjoyable in the first place.



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  • Dream is 6'3 and 21 years old. George is 5'9 and 23 years old.
  • George is left-handed.
  • Dream has given George an estimated $11,000 in his YouTube videos.
  • They are both staff members on the Minecraft server, MunchyMC. Dream is a former developer and current co-owner, and George is a developer.
  • George is red-green colorblind, meaning that Dream's Minecraft skin looks yellow to him. He revealed on a livestream that if Dream hadn't told him his skin was green, he would've thought it was yellow.
    • Dream was the first thing George saw through his colorblind correction glasses.
  • They both own cats.
    • Dream's cat, Patches, was often featured alongside George's cat, Luca (previously known as Robert or Cat), in fanworks. Unfortunately, Luca ended up having an incurable disease and had to be put down in late July 2020.[13]
    • October 2020, Dream posted a picture of George’s new cat.
  • Dream was the one who came up with George's current username, GeorgeNotFound. [14]



Dream Team refers to the friendship between Dream, GeorgeNotFound, and Sapnap


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