Dromana is the non-binary ship between the Doctor and Romana from the Doctor Who fandom.


Key to Time Arc

The Ribos Operation

In order to help him track down the Key to Time, the White Guardian gives the Doctor a new companion: Romana. Initially the two are hostile, but they begin to warm up to each other.

The Armedagon Factor

After assembling the Key to Time, the Doctor splits it up once again, due to the Black Guardian. The Doctor then sets up a randomiser so the Black Guardian cannot find the TARDIS.

Destiny of the Daleks

Romana regenerates into several different forms. She regenerates several times, as the Doctor doesn't like the new bodies. Before she reveals that she's returned to her original second regenerated form, she wears clothing similar to his.

City of Death

Both the Doctor and Romana take a trip to Paris together. They wander around Paris for a little while before becoming involved in events related to Scaroth.

Warriors' Gate

After a series of events involving the Thrails, Romana decides to leave the Doctor. The Doctor gifts Romana K-9 and tells her, "You were the noblest Romana of them all."


Much of the fandom has noted how the Doctor and Romana are on more equal footing than the typical Doctor-Companion dynamic.


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  • Romana is the Doctor's second Time Lord companion and the first to not be related to the Doctor.
  • Behind the scenes, Tom Baker (The Doctor) and Lalla Ward (Romana 2), temporarily were married. However, the two later seperated.
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