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Duncney is the het shipping between Duncan and Courtney from the Total Drama fandom.


In Total Drama Island, Duncan immediately becomes attracted to Courtney, and she becomes attracted to him as well, even though constantly denying it. In Basic Straining, the two share their first kiss prior to the vents that happened during the episode. However, Courtney is eliminated, courtesy of Duncan's archenemy, Harold. Duncan is shocked and gives Courtney a farewell gift (a wooden skull he carved).

In Total Drama Action, Courtney gets jealous seeing how close Duncan and Gwen started to be. In one of the episodes Bridgette and Geoff, in their own program, show a video of Duncan daydreaming about Courtney and asking Gwen if she thinks that Courtney is looking at the stars now too. For a minute Courtney smiles watching that, however then Duncan and Gwen get quite close to each other on the footage again. Courtney, despite seeing before that Duncan thinks only about her, focuses on that one part and soon afterwards calls her lawyer. Thanks to the call, a few episodes later she comes back to the Total Drama Action show. She lands in the opposite team to Duncan's. We see how the two struggle with their love/hate relationship - as they say in the backroom they're still strongly attracted to each other, but at the same time they "drive each other crazy" in the negative way.

Behind the Scenes

  • According to an interview, Tom McGillis (the creator of Total Drama) prefers this relationship over Duncan's relationship with Gwen.
  • According to an interview with Christian Potenza, their breakup (along with Trent and Gwen's) was an executive decision.[1]


The ship sailed as a result of the canon relationship between the two, starting with the first ship teasing moments in the first episodes of Total Drama Island. The ship became a fan favorite, alongside Gwent, out of six canon Total Drama relationship at the time. Their dynamics of a "Bad Boy and a Nerdy Good Girl" seemed to be one of the main reasons for their popularity.

The ship retained its popularity for the rest of the series. However, with time there were more fans who voiced their opinion about the ship being toxic and unhealthy. Some fans started abandoning it during Total Drama Action era, claiming Courtney became too bossy towards Duncan.

With more and more mixed opinions, their break-up became one of the biggest base-breaking moments in the fandom. Loyal Duncney shippers were sad to see their ship sink. Gwuncan shippers were happy their ship finally became canon. Duncney also appears to be way more popular over Courtney's next canon relationship, Scottney.



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  • This couple, along with Gwuncan, is one of the only two couples in which both members compete in four seasons.
  • They are the only members of the Killer Bass to reach the final four at any point in Total Drama.
  • This couple has broken up more times than any other couple.
  • Both have chosen the million dollars over each other in the relationship:
    • Courtney did so in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, where she ran off with the suitcase full of money instead of aiding an injured Duncan, explaining that "opportunities like this don't just fall out of trees."
    • Duncan did so in Top Dog. After receiving a thirty-two page document of his faults and how to correct them, Duncan was annoyed enough with her to vote her off, citing that, even though he really did like her, he "needs the money more than he needs some high-maintenance chick with a superiority complex."
  • This relationship was part of a love triangle with Gwuncan.
    • This couple, along with Duncan and Gwen forms the first love triangle of the Total Drama series.
  • Both, along with Owen, are the only contestants to reach the merge three or more times.
    • Both Courtney and Duncan returned in the thirteenth episode of a season, with the one who returned either directly or indirectly helping the team with the other on it to win the challenge and, subsequently, going to the other team as a "consolation prize," per Chris' decision.
      • When both returned, the other one of them was the first to encounter them.
  • Both are involved with at least one of each others' eliminations:
    • In Basic Straining, Harold rigged the votes, causing Courtney's elimination as a revenge for Duncan's bullying towards him. In Top Dog, Duncan votes Courtney off after she gave him a thirty-two page letter of all his mistakes. In Chinese Fake-Out, Duncan once again votes for Courtney.
    • In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, Duncan is furious over Courtney and Gwen's quarreling, along with several other reasons, causing him to quit.
  • They are two of only three characters to be on five teams, with the third being Izzy.
  • They have both placed fourth and fifth in two different seasons.
    • In the seasons they placed fourth, they were eliminated in the twenty-fourth episode.
  • Their eliminations in Total Drama Island were from episodes where Chef Hatchet was in charge of the challenge.[2]





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