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EDENSK8 is the slash ship between Ainosuke Shindo and Langa Hasegawa from the SK8 the Infinity fandom.


Episode 1: Langa is a beginner skateboarder with a history of snowboarding. The first time he skates at the underground racetrack 'S', he catches the attention of ADAM by defeating someone with his feat taped to the skateboard.

Episode 2: As Langa learns proper skateboarding techniques outside of S, ADAM is disappointed that he isn't able to catch sight of him, so he sends MIYA to challenge Langa to a beef.

Episode 3: After Langa defeats MIYA, ADAM appears near the finishing line to compliments Langa and insult MIYA. He offers Langa advice on how to do a perfect ollie, asking permission to touch his leg. They're interrupted by Reki, who demands that ADAM apologize to MIYA, and challenges him to a beef.

Episode 4: ADAM accepts Reki's challenge, on the condition that if he wins, he can skate against Langa next. While Reki prepares for his beef, Langa shows interest in ADAM's skating technique, even trying to skate uphill like ADAM is rumored to be able to do, despite having never seen the move in action.

Episode 5: With Reki defeated, Langa prepares for his race against ADAM. While Reki tries to convince Langa to cancel the race, Langa is determined to see it through. Outside of S, while speaking to one of his coworkers as his public persona Ainosuke, ADAM refers to the upcoming race as a date. When he arrives at S for their race, ADAM brings Langa a bouquet of red roses, telling him that they represent passionate love and symbolised their acquaintance. Langa accepts the roses, to the surprise of the spectators. At the start of their race, when ADAM tries to give Langa a head start by taking the time to smoke a cigarette, Langa waits for him to finish rather than taking the head start. ADAM apologizes, and they begin the race again at the same time. During the race, ADAM tries to intimidate Langa by locking their skateboards together and pulling Langa into a dangerous dance while they're speeding downhill. When he taunts Langa about being scared, he notices that Langa is actually smiling, right before Langa pulls himself closer to ADAM to have more control over their dance. ADAM exclaims that this is wonderful, and he separates their skateboards before claiming that he and Langa are the same type of person.

ADAM then attempts his Love Hug move, changing direction to skate uphill towards Langa. Langa then does a flip over ADAM, dodging the Love Hug. ADAM freezes in shock, and we see from his point of view Langa looking like an angel. After Langa skates away, ADAM does an exited tap dance while declaring that he's found his true EVE in Langa. He quickly catches back up to him, and passes him, entering the zone. At this point Langa's heart starts beating faster from the adrenaline, and his focus on ADAM sharpens. Before he can explore the feeling further, their race is interrupted by a police raid.

After escaping the police, Reki confronts Langa, making him promise to stay away from ADAM and not race him again. Langa agrees, but seems torn, placing a hand over his chest and reflecting on the heightened adrenaline he'd felt during the race.

Episode 7: In order to skate with Langa once again, ADAM announces a tournament at S. Langa is excited for the chance to skate ADAM again, but then remembers his promise to Reki. When he confronts Reki about it to try and explain why he wants to enter, he refers to ADAM as an amazing skater, and that it's exciting to race him.

Episode 8: We see in a flashback that ADAM has had prospective EVEs before Langa, but that none of them lives up to his standards as skaters. ADAM begins the qualifiers for the tournament, named "White Eden: Wedding Beef". During this, ADAM explains to MIYA that he does not hurt his skating opponents out of hatred, rather what he is doing is out of love. We then see in a flashback that ADAM was physically abused as a form of discipline by his aunts, who claimed to be doing it out of love for him. ADAM then tells that Miya is still a bud, and when he "blossoms beautifully", he will consider MIYA his skating rival.

After the qualifiers, ADAM finds Langa to congratulate him on qualifying, taking his hand and rubbing it intimately, but when he sees that Langa is distracted, he trails off and leaves.

While drawing names to determine the races for the tournament, ADAM gets giddy and excited after drawing Langa's name, publicly declaring that he hopes he'll be able to go against him, and is then visibly disappointed when Langa's opponent is JOE.

Episode 9: After Langa qualifies for the semi-finals of the tournament, ADAM makes a comment about hearing wedding bells ringing. Later, when ADAM himself qualifies for the semi-finals, he publicly declares that Langa is his EVE over the broadcast at S, which catches Langa's attention.

Episode 10: During SNAKE's race with MIYA, Langa notices that SNAKE's skating style is similar to ADAM's.

While reviewing footage of Langa from S, ADAM notes that he looks down even though they'll get to skate together soon, and wonders if Langa is feeling the "Wedding blues". Later, after Langa and Reki rekindle their friendship, we see that ADAM is watching them from a drone camera, and he expresses jealousy at Langa and Reki's closeness, saying that he doesn't appreciate Langa "looking elsewhere". He then declares that he's decided who will take an injured SHADOW's place in the tournament, as "Love always comes with obstacles".

Episode 11: Just before his beef with Reki starts, ADAM excitedly wonders about what kind of expression Langa would look at him with once he reduces Reki to a mess during the race.

However, things don't go as ADAM had planned because of the rain. Even though ADAM wins the race, he is left humiliated. After the beef, Reki tells ADAM to not end up alone, to which ADAM replies that that he is indeed the only one in his world, but soon there will be another. Pointing at Langa, ADAM announces that they will become ADAM and EVE.

Episode 12: ADAM changes the theme of the beef from wedding to funeral. The race track is also changed from the usual S track to the cliff where ADAM used to skate in his high school days. Langa confronts ADAM who is in a Shinigami outfit and holding a coffin shaped skateboard.

Just before the race begins, ADAM tells Langa that this will be the "day of departure" and that no one can interfere between them here. The race begins and both of them start skating on the cliff at high speed, leaving the spectators perplexed. Once ADAM and Langa enter the zone, ADAM explains that the zone is a world for just the two of them. A place where he can forget anything and everything, where no one will shove their expectations on him. Entering the zone makes Langa lose control on himself and he falls off a cliff at one point. When ADAM discovers that Langa isn't with him anymore, he despairs and realises that EVE never existed to begin with.

Langa, who is still in a trance due to the zone, wonders if he's going to die. However his memories of having fun with Reki brings him back to consciousness and he starts skating down the cliff towards ADAM.

He reaches out to ADAM and pulls him out of the zone. Enraged, ADAM demands Langa to not drag him back to this insignificant world. In response, Langa challenges that he will teach ADAM how to have fun while skating, and says that skating is fun because you do it with your friends. ADAM laughs at this and retorts that friends are there only to betray one day, referring to the way Tadashi had betrayed him in the past. He calls Langa a child for believing in uncertain things like friendship and fun, and tells that he has gotten rid of such "insignificant things". Langa responds that ADAM is still a child too because he attempted to take Langa with him inspite of claiming that he doesn't need friends because he desires someone other than himself in his life. ADAM finally breaks the conversation by swinging acorss the cliff to land a move. They both hit each other with their skateboards and fall down.

Langa gets up first and offers the skateboard back to ADAM. This reminds ADAM of his childhood when Tadashi had first offered to skate with him. Both start racing again, and whenever ADAM tries to refute Langa's words, he gets reminded of Tadashi again. In the end, Langa wins the race and hugs Reki. Tadashi meets ADAM who is returning from S. ADAM walks past him and with a smile, says that Langa taught him once again to have fun, just like Tadashi had in the past.

ies of having fun with Reki brings him back to his consciousness and he starts skating down the cliff with a smile on his face.

On the other hand,


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This ship isn't as popular as some of the other pairings in this anime, and is in fact often considered controversial and problematic due to ADAM being an adult and Langa being a minor, and due to ADAM's obsessive nature. The ship is also rivaled by Renga and TadaAi.

Among fans of the ship, it's become popular to imagine Langa embracing his role as EVE, and getting a costume similar to ADAM's to match. Some also like to think of ADAM being jealous of Langa's relationship with Reki.



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  • The ship name EDEN is a reference to the Biblical Garden of Eden, which, according to Christian teaching, is where the first humans, Adam and Eve, were created. The ship was named this even before the name of the tournament, White Eden, was known.
  • Common symbols used by fans to represent this ship include: 🌹❄️, ❄️🌹💙


EDENSnake refers to the ship between the two and Tadashi Kikuchi


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