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Echori is the femslash ship between Echo and Emori from the The 100 fandom.



Echo and Emori meet at Becca's lab when they both work to ready the pod for launch to save them from Praimfaya. As the only two remaining original grounders in the group, they speak Trigedasleng to each other and seem to work well together. They are both tough and have been used to being outsiders and having to fend for themselves.


After six years in space, they have become like family, Emori especially having bonded with the group after so many years outcast from society. Once Emori and Murphy are separated from the others, they're doing everything they can to rescue Raven and get back to the rest of their Spacekru family. They make a deal with McCreary to be "captured" to infiltrate Shallow Valley and are pleasantly surprised to find that Echo is there too. After Murphy starts the fighting between the Eligius factions, Spacekru and the defectors escape to nearby caves. Following their overthrow of one of the Eligius war posts, Echo sees Raven kiss Shaw. Emori notices Echo's downcast and goes to sit next to her, putting an arm around Echo and telling Echo she'll be with Bellamy soon.


The pairing is fairly new and a rare pair so far in the fandom. The existence of Spacekru has increased the fandom's awareness of this potential pairing. In 6x08, Emori exchanges a long look with Echo, which increased the number of shippers for the pairing.



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