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Edaking is the family ship between Eda Clawthorne and King from The Owl House fandom.


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King is Eda's diminutive sidekick and roommate at the House Owl, even though she does treat him like a baby and pet from time to time. Since King wears a dog collar and Eda was seen carrying him around in a baby carrier in "Hooty's Moving Hassle", and his small size being the main reason why Eda holds him in her arms like he is an infant. Like most people, Eda is taken in by King's adorable appearance and babies him around a bit. King on the other hand hates being treated like an infant and his small form is the reason why people don't take him seriously. A bit similar to how Eda struggles with the curse that turns her into a owl-like beast and is the reason why she has to be careful with her magic, King believes himself to be a once a powerful demon master who now desires to reclaim his original form and title. Even though that wasn't true, Eda allows King to believe in the illusion he created. The two met when Eda was younger and not long after King hatched from his egg. Their first meeting has them getting attacked by a monster that breaks one of King's horns, while Eda spirits the baby demon found away from it. After they escaped to the safety of the Owl House, Eda adopts the little demon and the two have been together ever since. The long years that past since that day has lead to King getting depicted on the wanted poster of Eda, as he helps Eda with her stall, along with making sure that her curse is kept at by. Like Eda, King has no trouble with getting his hands dirty, like pickpocketing, or breaking one or two rules when it calls for it or just for the joy of it.

When Luz the human walked into both of their lives, things started to lighten around the Owl House as the two bond with Luz in their own ways. Along with them becoming Luz's second family beside Hooty and Owlbert. Unlike Eda's staff palisman and the guardian of the House Owl, however, King doesn't have any owl-like treats or matches with Eda's owl theme due to her curse and title as the Owl Lady.

As Eda's addition to the magical card game, Hexes Holdem gets she to forgot about stocking up on the elixir that keeps her curse at bay and starts playing it at random, King scolds her for it. When it later gets both of them in trouble at the Dark Market, Eda apologies to King before promising to give up playing Hexes Holdem ever again. King then gives Eda the elixir and her powers return, along with making Eda's feathers disappear before the curse could finish transforming her. After the two returned home and got Luz and her friends to clean up the house, while they relax from their night out, King's comment about the kids moving the house got Eda to realize that the magic within Luz could be stronger than they assumed.

In "Lost in Language", Eda and King were given the task to babysit the Bat Queen's baby and the reward that the mother is offering for their serves became their main reason why the agreed to it. The two struggled at first, didn't know how to make the baby stop crying and even after the baby started to breath fire, Eda and King reminded themselves of the money they were promised and continued to look after the bay baby. When King couldn't take the cry anymore he begs Eda to do something about it, she reluctantly takes the child and cradles it to sleep in her arms. It worked until the baby multiplied from one to three babies and began to cause habik around the house. Luckily the two were able to keep the babies at bay when Eda read them and King at story. By the time Luz returned back at the Owl House, Eda and King were tucked in with the babies and when the Bat Queen arrived to pick by her little ones up, the two were end to see them leave.

In "Once Upon a Swap", Eda and King swap bodies with Luz, so they can better understand one another's hardships for themselves. That is why Eda got placed in King's body, while King gets placed in Luz's and the later gets Eda's. At first Eda was enjoying the affection that King's body is giving her from passers by, until she experiences the down sides that King goes through. Due to King's small adorable body it gets people like Roselle and Dottie wanting to keep her so they can have a "dress up doll". King learns a similar lesson through Luz's body and has he hides from Boscha and her friends, he gets trapped in the same cat café that Eda is being held at. After Luz saved them from Roselle and Dottie, the three switched back to their original bodies before they return home for the day.


“King and I don't have much in this world. We only have each other. So if that dumb crown is important to him, its important to me.”
— Eda telling Luz her bond with King


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Due to King's short height and is commonly seen as a "pet" than a person to a few fans, they prefer to ship them as friends but there have been those who do ship them romantically, and feature King as a human-like person from the Boiling Isles. On AO3, the friendship ship has 29 fanfics, while FanFiction.Net has 51. Most Owl House fanart of Eda commonly has King by her side, one way or another.

Before the story of how they met was revealed in season two and turned the friendship ship into a family ship, fans featured their theories of how Eda and King came across one another through fanwork or tweets. One of those theories had King coming across Eda in her curse when she was young. As season one had King to believe that he too was a victim of a spell that changed his appearance and makes his life harder, like the way Eda's appearance and life changed after she was cursed. Because of the Howl's Moving Castle trait shown in "Hooty's Moving Hassle", it inspired fans to compare Eda and King with Howl and Markl.



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  • King adopts the Clawthorne name in "Eda's Requiem", as he becomes King Clawthorne.


Ledaking refers to the ship between Luz Noceda, Eda Clawthorne and King
Owl House Family refers to the familyship between Luz Noceda, Eda Clawthorne, King, Hooty and Owlbert


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