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Elastivoyd is the femslash ship between Helen Parr (A.K.A. Elastigirl) and Karen (A.K.A. Voyd) from The Incredibles fandom.


Karen is a super who is a big Elastigirl fan, as she helps her to except who she is and to remind her that she isn't an outcast. Since Supers were forced to hide their powers when "Hero Work" became illegal.

Years after Supers were outlawed, the Deavors, Winston and Evelyn offered Karen the chance to become a superhero and to make them legal again, as the titled superheroine, Voyd. As she and a few other second-rated supers began their mission in the high crime rated city of New Urbem, since Winston sees it as a "superhero's playground", she is letter introduced to her personal hero and idol. Helen (A.K.A. Elastigirl) didn't know that the Deaors had brought in a few other supers to help them in their task, until they introduced her to Voyd and the others. Voyd shows Elastigirl her powers and tells her how she had made her feel less of an outcast, for being her, and hugs her to Elastigirl to show her thanks.

After Elastigirl had defeated the Screenslaver and Winston hosted a party to celebrate her vitory, before they make Supers legal again the next day, Voyd tries to ask Elastigirl how she and a few other supers balance their superhero identities with their secret identities; since she still has a few things to learn about being a superhero. As Voyd asked Elastigirl her question, however, Helen noticed something not quite right in the slow movement recording of her battle with the Screenslaver and pulled herself away from the party to invacuate, all while asking Voyd if she could excuse her for a moment. Helen's digging, however, had gotten her hypnotized by the true Screenslaver, Evelyn, who later placed her Hypno-goggles on Voyd and the other second-rated supers; as she wants to keep supers illegal by making themselves look bad. In Voyd's hypnotized state, she and the other controlled supers were sent to capture Frozone and the Parr children, while Evelyn and the mind controlled Elastigirl took care of Mr. Incredible.

Elastigirl, Voyd and the other controlled supers were later freed from the goggles' controls, and just as Evelyn makes her escape, Elastigirl gets Voyd to help her catch Evelyn. By using her portal abilities to place Elastigirl on her takeaway plane. She had failed to get her in the plane a few times, but Voyd eventually got her on it and later used her powers again to catch Elastigirl and Evelyn when they had jumped from it. In the aftermath of the supers saving the day, they are make legal again.


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Elastivoyd is one of the popular femslash ships of Incredibles 2 and The Incredibles fandom.



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