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Emercury is the het ship between Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai from the RWBY fandom.


Volume 1

Mercury and Emerald were introduced into the series at the same time, in the post-credits scene of the Volume 1 finale "Black and White", but neither had speaking lines.

Volume 2

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In "Best Day Ever", Emerald gets some direction to Tukson's Book Trade and Mercury teases her that he knew she didn't know where it was. Emerald offers to pay Mercury for silence, but he refuses so they talk about Vale city until they reach the store. In the store, Emerald gives Tukson the run around until bring up broken promises and Tukson realizes the White Fang sent them to kill him, which they do despite Tukson's brief attempt to fight back. However, they are later chastised by Cinder because they were suppose to keep their heads down while in Vale since they will be infiltrating the school.

Volume 3

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Volume 5

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Volume 6

When Hazel, Emerald, and Mercury return to Salem's fortress, Tyrian begins to mock them and Cinder's failure which enrages Emerald to the point she threatens him. Tyrian, however, shows he's not afraid of her, continues to mock Cinder's failure and gets up in Emerald face, unnerving her, until Mercury tells Tyrian to back off. Later in the volume, after learn Cinder is still alive, Emerald and Mercury get into argument about how Cinder doesn't care about them and Mercury telling Emerald she needs to realize this. They being fighting, but without really try to hurt each other, until Tyrian interrupts them and tells them they should figure out what they really want. In the post-credits scene of the finale, Emerald goes to apologize to Mercury for the fight, but they both stopped in horror at the new Grimm Salem has created.


The ship has existed since the episode "Best Day Ever" showed they were partners and Mercury jokingly said "You want me" to Emerald. It didn't truly sail until Mercury stood up to Tyrian in her defense, showing that Emerald is one of the few people Mercury actually cares about. After that the ship became more popular then it ever been before. It became even more popular after the sinking of Emberald (Cinder x Emerald) for many fans brought about by the fact that Emerald views Cinder as a surrogate mother.

There are 70 works with the tag Mercury Black/Emerald Sustrai on AO3.



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  • The ship's second name "The Thief and The Butcher" comes from the book Emerald mentioned in Volume 2 episode 1 "Best Day Ever".



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