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Emidus is the het ship between Emirichu and Daidus from the YouTube fandom.


Daidus sometimes appears in Emirichu's videos. There is a video called Childhood Crushes 2, in which the two talk about their childhood crushed along with EroldStory. There's also a video, The Anime Man VS. My Trash Taste in Romance Anime, where the two talk about romance anime with The Anime Man, or Joey. The two were also featured in Joey's video. Along with Joey's video, Emirichu and Daidus are also featured in CDawgVA's videos.

Before the two started dating, Emirichu had a crush on Daidus but didn't want to pursue anything, so she didn't tell any of her friends about her crush. Daidus also wasn't interested in being a relationship. The two went on a trip to New York along with their friends and had lots of fun. Emirichu said she liked Daidus, and Daidus later called up Emirichu to tell her about how he would like to be in a relationship with her. Emirichu rejected him. A day later, Emirichu told Daidus she changed her mind.[1]

On April Fools' Day 2020, Emirichu made a post with her and Daidus. The post contained drawings of them kissing and Emirichu showing affection towards Daidus. The post implied that the two were dating, but many thought it was a joke due to the day it was posted. What further caused people to think the post was a joke was the caption Emirichu used, "Yo what day is it again today i forgot". The post turned out to not be a joke as the two started dating on October 10, 2019[2][3], before the April Fools' post was made. In an interview with shystarfall, Emirichu was asked if the April Fools' post was real or fake. Emirichu confirmed that she and Daidus were dating.

On Valentine's Day 2021, Emirichu posted a video of her and Daidus. The video featured the song "A Lovely Night" from La La Land. The description of the video said, "This is basically how it went down lmao". This is likely referring to how Daidus and Emirichu's valentines went.

Daidus briefly appeared in Emirichu's Falling Into The Genshin Impact Hole video. In the video, Emirichu mentioned how it's nice having friends who played Genshin Impact a year in advance. The video cuts to her calling Daidus on Discord. After Daidus answers, Emirichu asks for help with a boss. Daidus agrees. In-game, Daidus nearly kills a Pyro Regisvine in one shot using Ganyu.

As a Vtuber, Emirichu has made many streams with Daidus. Her and Daidus have played "I Takes Two" together, and there are actually a total of 4 streams of them playing this game together. They've also played Mario Kart together in a stream titled "Stream ends if I can beat Daidus".


“Anyways, we are dating.”
— Emirichu about her and Daidus[4]


Emidus grew in popularity after their relationship was announced. But even after its announcement, many didn't get the news and found out by Emirichu's Valentine's animation. Others still didn't find out about their relationship and were surprised by Emirichu's two-year anniversary post. A reason that people may have not known about Emirichu and Daidus' relationship is the "bullying" that Daidus does to Emirichu in the childhood crushes video. Despite many not knowing about the relationship, Emidus is very popular for the fanbases of the two. Their friend, CDawgVA, is often referred to as a third wheel by both themselves and their fans because of how he appears in videos with Emirichu and Daidus.

Some fans like to think of the Emidus ship as something similar to Kyohru from Fruits Baskets. The idea is encouraged by the fact that Emirichu is very similar to Tohru and she said she had a big crush on Kyo in her video about childhood crushes.



Emirichu x Daidus posts on Twitter


  • Before Daidus did a face reveal, Emirichu thought his hair was blue and she had been coloring his hair wrong the whole time.[5]
    • However, Emirichu continued to color Daidus' hair blue after making it black for a video.





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