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EmmaEmi is the femslash ship between Emily Dyer and Emma Woods from the Identity V fandom.


Emily and Emma’s first meeting, referenced by official art and various lore clues throughout the game, was at the White Sand Street Asylum where Emma (still going by the name Lisa Beck) was Emily’s (still going by the name Lydia Jones) patient. It is shown that Emily gave Emma electric shock therapy when she was a child, most likely under orders from her employers as Emily ran away and changed her identity soon after. It is also heavily implied that Emily accidentally killed Emma’s mother in a botched attempt at abortion, a practice illegal in the time and place where Identity V is set.

Upon their reunion at the manor where both Emma and Emily are adults, Emily seems to show great remorse for her actions towards Emma and tries to act as her guardian. Emma seemingly has no recollection of Emily from her childhood and becomes obsessive over Emily’s protection and guidance, referring to her as her “Angel”.

Emma’s Diary

Emily and Emma first meet during the manor game in the dining hall, they both introduce theirselves right away. Emma questions her outfit, but Emily leaves, saying she wants to go on a stroll. Soon after, Emily come’s back asking her if she knows where her room is. Emma says yes, and tells her to follow her. On the way to Emily’s room, She asks who the man Emma was just talking with Is.

Emma answers, and Emily concerned asks her a question. Once again, she answers but Emily still objects, and tells her to just keep walking. When they’re at Emily’s room, Emma immediately tells her where her key is, and Emily thanks her. When they’re in a match, Emma calls Emily her Angel, saying they’ll share the fruits of her labor, and never be apart. Emma also sees her with Freddy, and thinks of a way to split them up. thinking he’s a serious danger to Emily. Later, she decides to make some noise to try to draw Freddy away from Emily. Emma then later waits at the gate for Emily, hoping she doesn’t disappoint her.

Emily’s Diary

Emily, assuming Emma went to the garden, decides to go wait there for her. But first, she sees her avoiding Kreacher, and she decides to go somewhere else so Emma is able to go to the garden, after she also decides to go to the garden acting natural. In her mind, she hopes that Emma is able to stay away from Kreacher, and wish's she was braver. Some days after, Emma heads to Emily and warns her about Kreacher, bringing Emily with her. The next day, While both are going to the garden, Emma asks Emily where she’s worked in the past, Emily states her answer, and Emma calls her a good person.


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EmmaEmi has many fanart, and is quite popular. On AO3, the ship has 124+ works. EmmaEmi sailed mostly due to both of their Deduction Diaries.

EmmaEmi is considered quite a controversial ship in the fandom due to their age gap and patient/doctor relationship, as well as Emily performing electric shock therapy on Emma as a child and being involved in her mother’s death. While Emily is very caring and protective of Emma, as well as Emma becoming very attached to her during the manor game, it should be noted that Emily never reveals to Emma what she had done and the outcome of their relationship is not known, especially with the implication that Emily was caught by the hunter in her game.



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  • Both of their first name’s start with Em.