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Empire Kids is the friendship between Beauregard Lionett and Caleb Widogast from the Critical Role fandom.


A Show of Scrutiny

As they make their way to the lockward, Beau points out the snake that the man is skinning as the one she punched to Caleb. Caleb asks if she took it on all by herself, but Beau says no. Caleb says that he saw her arms last night, so she most likely took the lead. Beau tells her to give credit to the whole group and move on. Caleb says that he's been away from society for so long and has forgotten how to talk to people, and Beau just thanks him for the complement.


Curious Beginnings

  • Caleb accidentally tells Beau that Nott is a goblin.
  • Beau suggests that Caleb and Nott join them at the Carnival.
  • Beau asks the name of Caleb's cat, Frumpkin.
  • Beau asks Caleb more about the magic cat.
  • Beau and Jester warn Nott and Caleb to stay away from the Baumbauch's.
  • Caleb and Beau ask Molly about not allowing the sick in the circus.
  • Caleb and Beau both believe that the zombie and the singing weren't a coincidence.

A Show of Scrutiny

  • Beau says that the Caleb and Nott left fast, and Caleb tells her that they didn't come to Trostenwald to get arrested.
  • Caleb points out that they would move because Nott is a goblin, but Beau says that people who move around a lot tend to be doing it for a reason.
  • Caleb says that Nott wears the mask to hide that she's a goblin, but Beau is more focused on the travel thing.
  • Beau tells Nott and Caleb not to break anything.
  • Caleb asks if they don't know each other that well, and Beau says that they've known each other a day or two longer.
  • Caleb doesn't understand what Beau means.
  • Beau asks Caleb if Frumpkin's an asshole.
  • Beau thinks Caleb's idea is better, and let's him put up his spell.
  • Beau asks if Caleb's alarm is going off, but Caleb says that he would have brought it up if it was.


On AO3, Empire Kids is the third most written ship for Beau and the sixth most written for Caleb. It is also the ninth most written ship for the Mighty Nein, and the most written friendship in the Critical Role tag overall.



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  • Marisha (Beau) and Liam (Caleb) character we a couple in the previous campaign.



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