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Enabler is the family ship between Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long from the RWBY fandom.


Yang and Ruby are half-sisters and close friends. When they were young, Yang used to read Ruby storybooks filled with the deeds of great heroes, which then inspired Ruby to want to become a Huntress. Ruby also wanted to attend Beacon because her sister was attending said school. Yang is shown as being extremly overprotective of Ruby when they younger. Especially since they both lost their mother at such a young age.

They both attend Beacon Academy at the same time, during which Yang has openly shown her affection for her sister, much to the latter's embarrassment. The moment they arrived at Beacon, Yang tried to pressure Ruby into finding friends as well as a team that did not include her, in order to help Ruby be less socially awkward. Ruby didn't like this and objected when Yang left her alone in the beginning of volume 1. In the final chapter of volume 3, Ruby and Yang's relationship becomes strained after Yang got her arm chopped off by Adam. This greatly crushed Yang's emotional state. Ruby is then visibly distraught by how cold Yang has become towards her, but she eventually respects her sister's wishes to be left alone.

Before leaving though, she tells Yang she loves her. In the final chapter of volume 4, it is revealed that Ruby has been writing letters to Yang over the course of her trip to Haven, not knowing if they have reached her or not. She then apologizes to Yang for leaving home like she did. She then tells her about her desire to reassemble Team RWBY. In volume 5, Yang's sole objective is to get to her sister and nothing else.

In the beginning of volume 5, Ruby is unexpectedly reunited with Yang in Mistral. Upon seeing Yang, she begins to frantically apologize to her for her abruot departure and leaving her behind in Patch. However, her apology is cut short when Yang then runs up to her and hugs her. The sisters then share a heartfelt reunion, where Yang tells Ruby she loves her. In "Rest and Resolutions", Ruby admires Yang's new arm and cheers for her during her arm wrestling match with Nora.

Later, In "Alone Together", Ruby is concerned for Yang when she states that she does not care about Blake anymore. But is then relieved to find Yang calm after she has a talk with Weiss. In "Vault of the Spring Maiden" Ruby saves Yang from Emerald and Mercury and prepares to fight alongside her sister. In "Downfall", she directs Yang to head for the vault to stop Raven and Cinder from taking the Relic of Knowledge. In the chapter finale, after Yang reemerges with the Relic in hand, Ruby is relieved she is ok.

In "Argus Limited", Ruby stops Yang from arguing with Ozpin as they have more pressing matters to attend to. In "Alone in the Woods", Ruby finds herself at odds with her sister and other teammates, who suggest that they leave the Relic of Knowledge in the well of Brunswick Farms so that Salem will have a hard time finding it. After accidentally dropping the lamp into the well, her anger is aroused when Yang tells her that they need to leave. This causes Ruby to lash out at her sister that she's not going anywhere without the Relic. In chapter 12, after the leviathan attacks Ruby, Yang yells out to her in worry.

Near the end of volume 7 when Salem hurts Ruby emotionally and she begins to cry, Yang runs over to her and comforts her. In "Divide", Ruby and Yang get into an argument about whether to prioritize evacuating Mantle citizens or finish Amity Tower. This then results in them splitting up into two seperate teams. In "Fault", despite their argument, Ruby still cares for Yang deeply. She tries to contact Yang if she and the others are alright in Mantle, but she wasn't able to get a signal.

In "Ultimatum" Ruby is relieved to see Yang safe during Blake's call, and later tearfully embraces her sister as they reunite at the Schnee manor, showing that they have fixed their relationship. In "Risk", Ruby rejects Yang's gesture of comfort when contemplating Ironwood's ultimatum. She later tells her sister of what she thinks their mother's fate was and admits that her plan for Amity failed. Yang then tries to comfort her by telling her that her plan didn't work either and that they need optimism and hope. Ruby is then brought to tears when Yang hugs her and proclaims that Summer is her hero and implies that Ruby is her hero too.

In "Worthy" Ruby witnesses Yang taking a blow from Neopolitan that was meant for her, causing her to fall into the abyss. Ruby reacts with shock and horror as her sister disappears into the void.

Volume 1


On the trip to Beacon, Yang hugs Ruby, extremly happy that they'll be attending the school together. Ruby tells her to stop, but Yang pulls back and says that she's just so proud of her. Ruby says that it was nothing, but Yang says that everyone at Beacon will think she's great. Ruby doesn't want that, but Yang asks why she's not excited. Ruby says she is, but with moving ahead two years, she doesn't want anyone to think she's special. Yang then gives her a side hug and says that she is special.

When the ship flies over the academy, Ruby points out that she can see Signal from there. She says that home isn't too far away afterall, and Yang says that Beacon's their home now. They then see Juane almost throw up, and Ruby says that it was a nice moment while it lasted.


Volume 1

Ruby Rose

  • Yang asks Ruby who Glynda is.


While Yang and Ruby are sisters, there have been fans who treat Enabler as a femslash ship. For some feature them as non-sisters or ship them as incest. Before the series began and it was revealed the two were sisters, there were some that shipped them. Then there are those who strongly prefer to keep Enabler as a family ship, and hate the idea of pairing them romantically due to them being siblings. Regardless, most people can agree that the two have a healthy sisterly relationship. It has a small fanbase on Tumblr.



Enabler tag on Tumblr



  • Their ship name comes from an inside joke between people online


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