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“I thought it could be you. You could have been the one... to reach my eternal goal (Surpassing All Might). My frustration... my envy... the ugliness in my heart... you could have been the one... to smash it all to dust...”
— Enji in thoughts of Touya

EndDabi is the family ship between Enji Todoroki and Toya "Dabi" Todoroki from the My Hero Academia fandom.


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Toya is the first born son of Enji Todoroki and after Toya's quirk was shown to be more powerful then his father's, Enji believed Toya will become his successor child who'll become the number one hero in his place. Even though Enji was satisficed with Toya, he granted Rei's request of having more children so Toya can form bonds with them. Toya was born with red hair like his father but at some point during the days that Toya enjoyed being trained by Enji, his hair began to turn white. When Enji pointed this out to his son, Toya joyed about him becoming a grandpa. The two appeared to have a good and steady bond, until the weak constitution that Toya inherited from his mother began to cause his blue flame quirk to injure his own body and Enji's selfish goal caused him to become abuses towards Toya and the rest of their family. This had Toya turning to his young brother, Natsuo for support after a hard day with their abusive father. After Toya's youngest brother, Shoto was shown to have the ideal hybrid quirk that Enji was aiming for, he casts Toya aside and makes Shoto his successor in stead. Toya was upset by this and longs to have the attention that Enji is now giving Shoto while he becomes an after thought. Wanting to continue his training Toya heads to the location he and Enji have their training sessions at, but a fire stared there and only Toya's lower law bond was found. Believing that Toya is dead, Enji and the rest of the Todoroki family placed a shrine in Toya's room so they can pay their respects to him.

Due to the burn scars across his body, Enji has no idea that Toya is alive or had retreated into the shadows where he becomes a hero hating villain named Dabi. Blinded by the hated he developed towards his own pro hero father, Dabi vowed to tear down hero society and to make Enji pay by killing Shoto once he becomes the number one hero. Suffering abuse from a pro hero has Dabi looking up to the Hero Killer, Stan who targets false heroes like his father and wants to make Stan's ideals a reality. Years late and shortly after Endeavor assisted in the capture of his vigilante idol, Dabi joins the League of Villains in order to complete his goal. Even though Endeavor's duties has him assisting the other pro heroes in finding and capturing the League shortly after Dabi helped them to kidnap Katsuki Bakugo, their paths didn't cross at all. After Dabi killed the pro hero, Snatch Endeavor does get informed about the burned villain who killed him.

Once All Might retired and Endeavor becomes the new number one hero, Dabi changes his plans and begins to send villains and Nomus after him. Knowing that Hawks was sent to spy on the LoV and he'll agree to any kind of villain actions to gain his trust, Dabi uses the winged hero to set a trap for Endeavor. After Endeavor defeated the high powered Nomus that Dabi sent after him, he and Endeavor finally meet face to face as Dabi arrivals to retrieve the Nomus. Because the injury to the right side of his face and is exhausted from the battle, his vision was blurry and had trouble seeing the villain clearly; he was only able to identify Dabi as the villain who murdered Snatch. Due to the description he was given of the scared villain who killed him. With the arrival of Mirko, Dabi knew that the battle between him and Endeavor will have to wait for another day; before he leaves Dabi tells the pro hero that he'll be seeing him again and addresses Endeavor by his full civilian name. Like he did with Shoto.

Before Enji completed his goal of becoming the number one hero, he realizes that it was time for him to atone for the pain he inflicted on his family. With Natsuo being the one who was the closest to Toya, he blames Enji for his brother's death. Enji agreed with Natsuo, as he was the one who pushed Toya too hard before he began to neglect him for not being able to reach his expatiations. In a dream Enji has been having of his wife and children smiling and laughing at the dinner table, he and Toya were the only ones who are absent from the happy scene. As he pays his respects to Toya through the shrine they placed in his old him, Enji shares the dream with the photo of his son and how he wishes that Toya could have been part of it.

In the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, Dabi knew that it was time for Endeavor to learn that he is his dead son. He also set up a broadcast to damage Endeavor's image and destroy people's true in heroes when he reveals his true identity and plans to harm his father. This shocked Endeavor and had trouble believing the villain's clam. As Dabi was nothing like the happy little boy he remembers Toya to be. In his past with Enji, Toya wanted to surpass All Might while training with his father. After Shoto, Enji's "perfect" creation, was born, Toya felt a bit jealous of it, while trying to tell his father that he was able on creating powerful flames and that he could defeat All Might, while trying to beg Enji to look at him. Nevertheless, Enji worried about Toya as he injured himself everytime he wanted to be more strong, telling him that he had to play with his siblings, making friends, and plus that there were more worlds outside of being a hero. Toya, hesitating, told Enji that every kid wanted to be a hero just like him, and he wouldn't understand it, because he was his son. Toya tells Enji to look at him, and then proceeds on showing his power to Enji by heading towards where Shoto was, on Rei's arms.


My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising

  • To keep Endeavor from catching the League of Villains, Dabi unleashes his flame towards the pro hero and after Endeavor sends out flame attack to counter the villain's they clash.


Enji“Toya...!! You... need to look elsewhere. Play with Fuyumi or Natsuo!! Make some friends at school! There are other worlds outside of being a hero... don't you understand?!”
Toya“Eventually you'll forget all about it but everyone at school says they're gonna be heroes...! ...There's no way you'd understand...! Because i'm your son. Dad ignited it in me...! It won't go away...!! I can't... get it out of my head! Look at me...!! Endeavor look at me!!!”
— Toya and Enji's conversation in their past right before Toya headed to Shoto on Rei's arms.
“Come dance with your son in hell!!”
— Toya to Enji


Long before Dabi finally revealed his true identity as Toya Todoroki, fans have expected this ever since Dabi addressed both Endeavor and Shoto by their full names, along with Dabi having a fire quirk, his eyes being the same color as Enji's and the other hidden signs that indicated this. A few of the earlier "Dabi is Toya Todoroki" theory fan work have Enji recognizing Dabi as Toya during a battle, Dabi wanting to kill his father in order to save his siblings from him and Enji wanting to save the son he failed from himself so he can bring Toya back home. In order to help the Todoroki family to feel whole again. After a flashback scene revealed the fact that Toya's quirk is stronger that Enji's, fans began to assume that Enji might had placed Toya the special hero training program that Hawk was recruited into, so Toya could serve as insurance encase something happened to Shoto.

Some None-Villain Dabi AU's have Toya becoming a pro hero like Enji wanted him to be. There are also a few Todoroki Family AU's that have Enji placing their family over his own goals a lot sooner than he did in the manga; and prevents the harsh events that turned Toya into a villain. After the War Arc shows some happy moments between Enji and a young Toya it inspired fans to draw the two from that happy time, like in some of earlier fanart between Enji and a young Toya. Some EndHawks fans like to Dabi in their fan work of the said ship and vice-versa with adding Endeavor in Hot Wings, due to the fan theory of the father-son relationship that Hawks might have shared with his father possibly being not too different to the one that Toya had with Enji[1].

On AO3, the ship has 167 family fanfics under the Toya tag and 149 under the Dabi character tag, along with some cest fics under both names, while FanFiction.Net 49 fanfics under Dabi and only 16 under Touya. Along with both Tumblr and Deviantart having a large amount of fanart images of Enji with his oldest son.



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EndDabiHawks refers to the ship between Toya, Enji and Keigo Takami
Todoroki Family refers to the ship between Toya, Enji, Shoto Todoroki, Rei Todoroki, Fuyumi Todoroki and Natsuo Todoroki


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