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EndDabiHawks is the poly ship between Enji "Endeavor" Todoroki, Toya "Dabi" Todoroki, and Keigo "Hawks" Takami from the My Hero Academia fandom.


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Enji is the pro hero, Endeavor and the father of Toya Todoroki. As for Keigo, he is the son of a villain Endeavor took down and after Keigo learns that his abusive father was arrested by the said hero he originally believed to be a myth, Keigo began to idolise Endeavor so much that his mother buys her son an Endeavor doll to please him. When Keigo was given the chance to become a pro hero himself, he looks at his Endeavor doll as he asks his trainers will they'll help him to become the type of hero who beats up bad guys, like how Endeavor had once saved him. Toya had also looked up to his father and enjoyed the days when Enji would train Toya to become his successor, because Toya's quirk is strong than his own fire quirk. Enji's goal and plans for Toya, however, causes him to act abusive towards his son and the rest of his family, along with Toya's quirk beginning to harm his body. This got Enji to stop their training and cast Toya aside as a failure. Toya was hurt by this and one day he went out to train on his own, but a fire brakes out and only his jaw bone was found. Causing everyone to think that Toya Todoroki is dead, but was secretly alive and ended up become the scared villain Dabi. While Keigo Takami becomes the pro hero, Hawks, and like Toya his true identity is kept a guarded secret because of their family history.

As heroes, Endeavor and Hawks are required to take down any villains who are a danger to the public, like Stain the Hero Killer and the League of Villains. Dabi looks up to Stain and wanting to make his idol's ideals a reality, he joins the League of Villains. This has Dabi becoming a high profile villain and member of the League, just as both Endeavor and Hawks are high ranking heroes.

For a long time Dabi had made plans to kill his youngest brother to hurt his father, but after Endeavor became the new number one hero, while Hawks rose up as number two, Dabi began to change his plans. When Hawks was tasked to infiltrated the League of Villains, he gets approached by Dabi who gives Hawks tasks to prove himself while secretly using the hero pro for his plan to harm Endeavor, along with tricking Hawks to create a bad image of himself for his master plan to destroy the people's trust in heroes. Believing that Dabi was keep his word to the terms they agreed upon, Hawks asks Endeavor to lunch so they could talk while keeping his mission a secret. Because is younger than him and the stunt he pulled at the ranking amusement, Endeavor views Hawks as a cocky kid and had trouble believing his clam about the number of Nomus; until the High-End Nomu Dabi sends after Endeavor attacks them. Hawks helps Endeavor fight the said Nomu who gives Endeavor his own scar. Once the High-End Nomu was defeated and Hawks tends to the injured Endeavor, Dabi surrounds them in his blue flames as he comes to collet the fallen Nomu. The injured to Endeavor's right eye kept him from seeing Dabi clearly while Hawks stays close to the flame hero on standby, encase Dabi tries to attack them but the arrival of Mirko causes Dabi to retreat. Before Dabi leaves Hawks and Endeavor, he addresses the later hero by his full civilian name. Because of the lives that the Nomu placed many people in and the fact that Dabi broke his word, Hawks confronts the villain about it, and Dabi clams that it was a test of loyalty and how he chose a power hero like Endeavor another a weaker one. Due to his mission, Hawks has little choice but to stay on Dabi's good and hopes that he'll be able to convince the scared villain to allow him into the League. Even thought he wants to tell Enji that he is sorry.

In the end, Hawks was able to pass Dabi's other tests of loyalty and before the hero is finally welcomed into the LoV, Hawks pays Endeavor a visit. Enji notices that there is something different about Hawks, and during the Paranormal Liberation War he realises what Hawks was trying to tell him. Dabi kept the fact that Hawks is a mole a secret so he'll have no trouble in keeping an eye on him, while the war between heroes and villains gives Dabi an excuse to get rid of Hawks. Just as Dabi's actions in Pro Hero Arc led to Enji receiving his own scar, the Paranormal Liberation War Arc has Dabi giving Hawks burn scars on his back. While Endeavor is fighting along side the other pro heroes. That attack allowed Hawks to blow his cover so he can aid them, but Dabi knowing that Hawks is a mob kept the said hero from doing so when he attacks him. Hawks was shocked that Dabi knows his true name while he had trouble in uncovering the villains, he musters enough of his remaining strength to ask Dabi who he really it; and is shocked by his answer. After the villain unleased his fury upon Hawks, Dabi sets up his hero damaging broadcast to not only reveal Endeavor and Hawks' dirty secrets as an abusive father and the son of a villain, but to also reveal his true identity as Toya Todoroki. This shocked Endeavor and he had trouble in believing Dabi's clam. Even though Dabi had failed to kill Endeavor and Hawks, he was able to throw gasoline on their respected hero reputations.

With Toya running free with his villain allies, while Enji is recovering in a hospital that is surrounded by reported who want to know if the clams in Dabi's broadcast are true or not, a patched up Hawks goes to see his mother. Toya's broadcast has also forced Keigo to hide his face from the public. After Hawks remembers the day he learns that heroes like Endeavor are real and how the said hero saved him and his mother by arresting his abusive father, Keigo learns how Toya uncovered his true identity and origins through the letter his mother left him. Even though both Keigo and Toya have suffered abuse from their fathers, Keigo believes that they aren't the same. Despite not being fully sure if Dabi's clam on the Todoroki household is true or not, Keigo does know that Endeavor is in danger and will need his help in order for the now freed Hawks who want to re-start at the beginning.


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It is rather a rarepair in the fandom, due to Endeavor and Hawks being pro heroes while Dabi is a villain. People tend to rival EndHawks and Hot Wings with each other, while EndDabiHawks allows Keigo to be both Todorokis. Before it was officially confirmed, there were many signs that Dabi is Enji's oldest son, Toya Todoroki and some of the "Dabi is Toya Todoroki" theories have him knowing Hawks before he became Dabi; and both his scars and dyed hair are the reasons why Enji and Hawks didn't recognise him. The theory of Enji placing Toya in the same hero training program that Hawks was recruited into began to hold some merit, after Dabi dresses Hawks by his full true name and the way his hero damaging broadcast also reveals that Hawks has villain blood. This theory, however, was disproven in Chapter 299 when a letter from Keigo's mother reveals how Dabi truly uncovered the winged hero's true name and origins. The chapter also reveals that despite Dabi's clams about Enji in his broadcast, Keigo doesn't think less about the flame hero and believes that he and Dabi aren't the same.

Months before the manga has Dabi airing the broadcast that has no doubt endangered Endeavor and Hawks' hero careers, there were rumours that Dabi might have burnt away Hawks' wings and how it might force him into "retirement". There have also been fans who have joked about the three becoming Scar Buddies, since there is a strong chance that Hawks might have sustained his own scars from when Dabi attacked him.

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  • In the Season four end credits, there is a burnt photo between the ones of Enji and a young Hawks. There are theories that the burnt photo was of Toya before he became Dabi, due to the photos that are of the other members of the Todoroki family. [1]
  • Hawks mentions in a flashback that fire is his weakness.


EndDabi refers to the ship between Enji Todoroki and Toya Todoroki
EndHawks refers to the ship between Enji Todoroki and Keigo Takami
Hot Wings refers to the ship between Toya Todoroki and Keigo Takami


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