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Endersmile Duo is the friendship between Ranboo and Dream from the Dream SMP fandom.


Ranboo was a fan of Dream. Before being added to the Dream SMP, Ranboo planned on running for president of L'Manberg which gained the attention of Dream. Ranboo also tweeted out "ALL 14 Reasons i should be added to the dream smp". On TikTok, Dream replied that Ranboo would have to beat him in a 1v1 duel to get added. On stream, Ranboo got messaged by Dream asking for his IGN. Dream whitelisted Ranboo on the Dream SMP and Ranboo pretended to have accidentally hacked into the Dream SMP.

Dream SMP

Ranboo hacks into the Dream SMP and is killed by Dream twice as a result. Ranboo learns more about the history of the Dream SMP and begins to like Dream less. Ranboo says multiple times that Dream is what he fears most. Ranboo is overwhelmed by the amount of power that Dream has. Dream later reveals that Ranboo is the traitor of L'Manberg to Tubbo by giving him Ranboo's memory book.

Technoblade breaks Dream out of prison on November 28, 2021. Before breaking Dream out, he notices Ranboo being put in prison and decides to break out Ranboo too. While Dream is escaping with Techno, he tells Techno to leave Ranboo and that they can come back later. Techno insists that they are breaking out Ranboo no matter how long Dream was in prison. When Ranboo asks a question, Dream tells Ranboo to shut up. Dream says that he could have just left and that Ranboo was lucky he and Techno got Ranboo. Ranboo replies by saying he would rather stay in the prison if he had to be with Dream. Dream tells Ranboo to go back before being interrupted by Techno.



Dream[1]“I'm free”
Ranboo[2]“IM DEAD!!!!!”
— Dream and Ranboo after Dream's escape from prison on the Dream SMP


Endersmile Duo is well-liked within its fandom, though not as popular as other friendships such as Bee Duo, Allium Duo and Disc Duo. People like how Ranboo was a fan of Dream and got added to the Dream SMP afterward. Because of this, some people bring up Ranboo when people say that Dream shouldn't add a stan to the Dream SMP. Endersmile Duo was popular during Minecraft Championship 19 when Dream and Ranboo were on the same team. The friendship has 1139+ works on AO3 currently.

A few people headcanon Dream and Ranboo's Dream SMP characters to be siblings, sometimes because of the scene where they're fighting while escaping the prison. The Dream and Ranboo are Siblings tag on AO3 currently has 174+ works.

Ranboo and Dream are called the Endersmile duo because of Ranboo being an enderman on the Dream SMP and Origins SMP and Dream being associated with smiley faces. They are also called Mask Duo and Faceless Duo by some fans. Though the names aren't used often since the two names are also the names of Dream and Corpse's duo. Faceless Duo also refers to Ranboo and Crumb's duo sometimes. The two ship names may not be used at all in the future with Ranboo doing an eye reveal and Dream about to reveal his face.

On Twitter, people are apart of "endersmiletwt," a subtwt in which people are interested in the Endersmile Duo. The Tumblr counterpart is called "endersmileblr", though the term is not often used.



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