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Entrapdak is the het ship between Entrapta and Hordak from the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fandom.


Season 1

Hordak and Entrapta's interactions in Season 1 are limited to indirect conversation. But it is worth noting that when she is accused of tampering with the Black Garnet by Shadow Weaver, Hordak defends her, and bluntly states that she is allowed to tinker with whatever she wants. They would not exchange a proper conversation until Season 2.

Season 2

While the two are aware of each other's presence prior to their first actual encounters, as they do meet briefly in "The Frozen Forest" discussing Entrapta's new bot designs, "Signals" marks their first actual outside-of-business-hours interaction. After being strictly forbidden from entering Hordak's sanctum, Entrapta disregards Catra's warning and intrudes anyway. She is caught in the act by Hordak, who approaches her from behind while she tampers with his latest failed experiment. While Hordak was initially angered by Entrapta's intrusion into his sanctum, after she solved the minor energy problem of his, Hordak was impressed with Entrapta and, after much prodding, explained his plans of building a portal. Entrapta is mystified by his knowledge and demands to help him, so Hordak allows her to be his lab partner, much to Entrapta's delight.

This relationship becomes a roadblock for Catra, who attempts to collect Entrapta thinking she is disturbing Hordak. Hordak instead orders for Catra to leave, and asserts that Entrapta is assisting him. A similar occurrence happens in "Light Spinner", and when Catra is on her way out of the sanctum after being dismissed once again, Entrapta can be seen talking closely with Hordak while sitting next to him on the arm of his throne.

Season 3

In "The Price of Power" Entrapta interrupts Hordak in the middle of one of his illness-borne fits to show him data she has compiled. When she learns of Hordak's plans to banish Catra to Beast Island, she quickly intervenes and insists that Catra has improved the Horde in multiple ways. He dismisses all of her attempts in convincing him while she is present, but once she stalks off in defeat, he quietly accepts that her words hold weight and decides against his original punishment. In "Huntara", when their first attempt at opening a portal drastically fails, Hordak shields Entrapta from the blast, harming himself in the process. After being dismissed by Hordak in a fit of anger, Entrapta sneaks back into his lab, to which she witnesses Hordak fall unconscious due to his weakened state. Entrapta rushes to his aid, and when he comes to, wrapped in a blanket, Entrapta greets him with soup. When he attempts to dismiss her again and make nothing of his condition, she pushes him against a vitrine and demands he tell her what's happening to him. He then goes to explain his origin, being a genetically imperfect clone of Horde Prime, he was viewed as worthless to Prime and was sent to die on the battlefield but ended up on Etheria instead. Entrapta then builds a new exoskeleton for him while explaining that to her, imperfection is beautiful. The exoskeleton is powered by a First Ones' crystal engraved with the word "loved" (LUVD). When Entrapta admits that she feels like a failure too because her previous friendships did not work out, Hordak assures her that she isn't a failure and that anyone who discounts her is a fool, to which she smiles and thanks him, expressing that she, too, likes being friends with him.

Entrapdak Gallery Photo 1

In "Moment of Truth", Hordak's exoskeleton malfunctions while he is lifting heavy weight. While she fixes the bug, she absently narrates to Hordak about the progress of their portal. Hordak explains that they wouldn't need to make a portal that carried people, just one that can carry a signal. Entrapta looks visibly saddened at the idea of Hordak having to leave Etheria with Horde Prime, she indirectly expresses this concern to Hordak by insisting they take their time to finish the portal rather than rush it to completion. Surprisingly, the previously hellbent Hordak seems to share her sentiment strongly enough that Horde Prime would later mention his wish for Horde Prime not to come for him in passing. When Catra storms into the sanctum with Adora and the sword of She-Ra in tow, he is obviously displeased that she was able to find the missing piece to activating the portal, even smiling when Entrapta lightheartedly tells him she has no idea how to work it. Unfortunately, this does not last, as Adora sets him off by mentioning the word failure. He reverts back to his aloof self, shakes off Entrapta's attempt at comforting him after his exoskeleton recoils on him again, and firmly orders Entrapta to get the portal to work. When Entrapta is about to warn Hordak that the portal is unstable, Catra stuns her to prevent her from doing so and arranges for Entrapta to be exiled to Beast Island. Afterwards, Catra lies to Hordak and tells him Entrapta let the other princesses in and betrayed him. Hordak looks extremely hurt by this, as Entrapta had come to be one of the only people he considered a friend.

In "The Portal", in the perfect reality, one of Entrapta's robot friends look like Hordak. Hearing Hordak's name allows Entrapta to remember the real world, and she smiles when she recalls that she had a "lab partner". After She-Ra destroys the portal, Catra insists that she and Hordak must go before the sanctum collapses. He tenderly touches the First Ones' tech on the armor she made for him, gives one last glance to everything they had made together, and makes his escape.

Season 4

In "Coronation", Hordak is emotionally devastated by Entrapta's supposed betrayal. Catra finds him brooding in the wreckage of the portal machine that he and Entrapta built together.

Several moments indicate that Hordak still has feelings for Entrapta, despite everything that has happened. In "Flutterina", when Hordak examines a piece of damaged machinery and asks, "Was this your doing, Entrapta?", Imp repeats Entrapta's name over and over, causing Hordak to blush. Hordak asks Catra to find any of Entrapta's recordings under the pretense that he wants to use her notes to perfect his war technology, but it's strongly implied that he just wants to hear her voice.

In "Princess Scorpia", Scorpia is shown to be aware that Entrapta was fond of Hordak. When trying to think like Entrapta, Scorpia lists Hordak among the things that Entrapta would be constantly thinking about.

When the protagonists rescue Entrapta from Beast Island, it's implied that she is hurt that Hordak did not rescue her (not knowing that Hordak was tricked into thinking she'd returned to the Rebellion). She describes her friendship with him as "confusing".

In "Destiny, Part 1", Double Trouble tells Hordak that Entrapta was not among the princesses, and that Catra had Entrapta sent to Beast Island. Hordak weeps, damages his sanctum with his arm cannon in a fit of rage and grief, and attacks Catra. Hordak chases Catra through the Fright Zone in "Destiny, Part 2", destroying large swaths of the city in an attempt to punish her for what she did to Entrapta.

At the end of "Destiny, Part 2", Horde Prime performs a terrifying mind probe on Hordak and learns that "There was even a time you wished I would not come for you, is that so?" while touching the opening in Hordak's armor for Entrapta's crystal. He then mind-wipes Hordak and sends him off for reconditioning.

Season 5

SheRa Hordak Entrapta Failsafe

Hordak and Entrapta meet near a Horde spire.

In "Save the Cat", viewers learn that Entrapta found the "LUVD" crystal that once powered Hordak's cybernetic exoskeleton. While on board the Velvet Glove, she shows the crystal to a clone, thinking he is Hordak and trying to stir his memories. The clone is not Hordak, and after "Wrong Hordak" becomes emotionally overwhelmed at his separation from the hive mind, Entrapta and the protagonists escape with him on Mara's ship. After they escape, the real Hordak finds the "LUVD" crystal and asks, "Entrapta?", suggesting that he still remembers Entrapta despite Horde Prime's mind-wipe. Even after Horde Prime subjects Hordak to a second mind-wipe in the form of baptism in a pool of clone life force, Hordak's love for Entrapta persists. While Horde Prime is distracted, tapping into memories from a previous host body, Hordak delves into his own memories of Entrapta.
SheRa Hordak Entrapta HeartPart2

Hordak and Entrapta are overjoyed at being reunited.

In "Failsafe", Hordak and Entrapta meet at night near a Galactic Horde spire. Hordak recognizes her face and shows her the "LUVD" crystal in his hand, after which she places her hand in his. Bewildered by his love for Entrapta, Hordak asks her, "What have you done to me?" Swift Wind quickly drags Entrapta away, but she reminds Hordak that his imperfections are beautiful. Later, at the Rebellion hideout, Entrapta pulls up data on Hordak with a loving expression on her face.

In "Heart, Part 2", Horde Prime takes Entrapta prisoner on board the Velvet Glove and orders Hordak to execute her. Hordak refuses, killing Horde Prime instead. Unfortunately, Horde Prime's consciousness possesses Hordak, and he beams down to Etheria with Entrapta in tow. After She-Ra exorcises Horde Prime's spirit from Hordak's body, Entrapta throws her arms around Hordak, who warmly laughs. The two walk off together, overjoyed at being reunited.


This ship sailed as a result of Entrapta working with Hordak in Season 2. While it was a relatively small ship in the beginning, it exploded in Season 3 after the mounds of subtext and chemistry the two had together. It's without a doubt Hordak's most popular ship and likely Entrapta's most popular ship as well, since her voice actress and character designer both confirmed that Entrapta is in her late twenties to early thirties, sinking most of her other ships (especially the ones with the other princesses who are all mid-teens). Entrapta's other ships also declined in popularity due most of the others character involved in them not interacting with Entrapta since Season 1, with the few exceptions being brief and lacking development.



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  • The First Ones' writing on the crystal powering the exoskeleton Entrapta made for Hordak spell out "loved" (LUVD) when translated.
  • In a post-series interview with showrunner Noelle Stevenson, at the mention of Entrapta and Hordak alongside multiple other implied or canon relationships in the show, Noelle indirectly addresses that each relationship that was listed is a couple. [1]
  • Showrunner Noelle Stevenson joked on a post-series GLAAD live-stream that Hordak would need to be sent to Beast Island after the series to do community service as punishment, and that if Entrapta went with him, that would likely be the place the two would officially get together. [2]
  • After Season 5 aired on Netflix, storyboard artist Emily Hu released an alternative extended version of the climactic "Heart, Part 2" scene involving Hordak, Horde Prime, and Entrapta. The original scene involved Hordak feeling anguish after killing Horde Prime, followed by Entrapta touching his face with her hair, comforting him, and reassuring him that he can become anyone he wants now that he's free of Prime. Afterwards, the two tenderly run hand in hand out of Prime's throne room, with Hordak smiling lovingly at their joined hands. Suddenly, Hordak collapses, and Entrapta looks on in horror as Horde Prime's spirit possesses Hordak. [3]
  • According to lead character designer Rae Geiger, Entrapdak was officially planned to be a relationship during the production of the second and third episode of the series. [4]
  • According to lead character designer Rae Geiger, a sort of exchange ritual was instituted between most couples on the show to make the relationship official in place of rings. For Hordak and Entrapta, this came into play with the armor Entrapta made for him and the LUVD crystal that powered it. However, what Hordak gave her in return remains a mystery. [5]
  • When prompted to speak on Entrapdak in a post-series fundraiser live-stream, showrunner Noelle Stevenson stated: "She's so weird, and he's just trying really hard to be like, a normal evil villain. And then he's like why are you being so weird, but also like, I want that, for myself. I do think that like, Entrapta has a lot of robot boyfriends and girlfriends, but, I definitely think- Entrapdak is canon, and they'll have a good life." She also goes to say that Entrapta was the one to teach Hordak how to love, "The robots learn to love because of her, and that's like Hordak (...) He was just supposed to be this clone of Horde Prime, but he became something more because of Entrapta." To close up the discussion, she recalled on her previous statement of Hordak and Entrapta restoring Beast Island, and believes that they would add the rescued inhabitants to their "weird clone family." [6]






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