Entraptia is the femslash ship between Entrapta and Scorpia from the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fandom.


Season 1

After Entrapta joins the Horde, she and Scorpia are shown to form a friendship.

Season 2

Entrapta, Scorpia, and Catra work together on missions- forming what is the "Super Pal Trio". Entrapta and Scorpia quickly become best friends.

Season 3

After Catra tazes Entrapta and banishes her to Beast Island, Scorpia defends Entrapta. In the parallel universe, Entrapta created a robot version of Scorpia because she missed her.

Season 4

While Entrapta was at Beast Island, Scorpia protects her robot "Emily" and treats it as a pet. Scorpia refers to Entrapta as "the only best friend I've ever had" and decides to leave the Horde with Emily so that she can find a way to rescue Entrapta. A flashback shows Scorpia and Entrapta preparing for an expedition, where Scorpia will bring hot cocoa and Entrapta will bring miniature mugs, claiming "It's a date!"


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Super Pal Trio refers to the ship between Scorpia, Catra and Entrapta


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